Apple Music For Android Review

In a move that may surprise some, Apple has released an app to Android. This is one of only two Android apps released by Apple, the other being an app that helps users switch from Android devices to iPhones. Apple, however, is trying to take the streaming world by storm, and it can’t do that […]

Is it Worth Upgrading To Windows 10?

The launch of Windows 10 was anything but smooth, with tech journalists and consumers alike digging through the guts of the OS to find problems in everything from the way the Settings app is laid out, to all the different little tidbits of information that your computer is communicating back to home base that violate […]

Announcement: 2015 MammaTech Holiday Gift Guide

For those looking for holiday gift ideas for younger members in your family, I wanted to let you know that we recently posted our first annual MammaTech Toddler Holiday Gift Guide over at, PCMech’s new network website that was launched just a few months ago.  Included are a great variety of gift ideas, so be sure […]

How To View Wikipedia Offline With Kiwix

Living in a world where you have access to high-speed Internet almost anywhere has a lot of advantages. You’re able to consume content on the fly, catch up with family, and in some cases, even work remotely as you travel the world. However, there are places where Internet isn’t readily available, notably airplanes, third-world countries, and so […]

Wireless Networking Guide – Overview of Current Standards

What exactly is WiFi, and where did it come from? How does it work? Read on in our guide to find out how this helpful – yet mysterious – technology has evolved over time to become an integral part of all of our daily lives. Tropical Beginnings While it didn’t look anything like what we […]

An Overview of ATX, Micro-ATX, and ITX Motherboards

There are many types of motherboards out there with striking differences, largely depending on the manufacturer. However, there’s one aspect of motherboards that are pretty much universal: the form factor. Here’s just an example of different form factors: AT, ATX, Micro-ATX, and ITX. If you’ve ever built a computer before, you may have seen these letters […]

Pros And Cons Of Going Landline Free – Should You Make The Switch?

The telephone has evolved a massive amount since it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell back in 1876. We’ve gone from rather large machines with operators having to patch you in under the hood to a rectangle that can fit in your pocket and do much more than just simply make calls. Because of that evolution […]

How to Customize the Windows 10 Action Panel With Your Own Buttons

Of the many improvements made to Windows 10 out the mistakes Microsoft learned from the debacle that was 8.1, some are more noticeable, while others are a bit more subtle. One of the biggest pains in the average user’s side in Windows 8.1 was the messy, disorganized Notification Center that had no way to customize […]

Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5 Android Developer Preview Review

Mozilla has released the latest iteration of the Firefox OS software, Firefox OS 2.5. The software is designed to be an Android-killer, and to help push the operating system, the company has released a version of the software that essentially acts as an Android launcher. This version is a developer preview, and can run on […]

Buying vs. Leasing: What’s Best For Your Next Smartphone?

As we approach yet another year in the cycle of smartphones, devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S have got consumers around the globe opening up their wallets en masse to get their hands on the newest and latest jump in mobile technology. But unlike so many years before, this time many of […]