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A Quick Site Status Update

Hi Everyone, I wanted to go ahead and take a minute and wish everyone a very Happy New Year and break the silence that has been present on the PC Mechanic homepage since October of last year. Just to update everyone briefly on the status of the site:  David Risley and I are currently in […]

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Being Acquired By A Long-Time Member Of The Community

16 years ago, I began as a hobby. It was simply a young guy’s little side project and an experiment into doing something worthwhile on the Internet. That it would lead to what I do for a living today just never dawned on me. However, it did. 16 years later, I am making my […]

Resource Monitor

Understanding The Resource Monitor In Windows 7

Today, we’re going to talk about the Windows Resource Monitor. What is it? How do you use it? Most importantly…what’s it actually good for? We’ll start with that last question. The Resource Monitor is a built-in Windows utility that provides you with real-time feeds related to all the critical systems on your PC and how […]


So Is Bitcoin Actually Safe To Invest In?

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin seem to be all the rage these days. It’s not all that difficult to see why, really. The Internet is a global entity, without roots to any one nation. The problem, of course, is that even though the Internet is global, online commerce isn’t. Not really. There’s exchange rates to consider. […]

Internet Law Feature

What Net Neutrality Means For You – And Why You Should Be Worried About The FCC

There are times when I feel incredibly lucky to live in Canada. This is one of them. Between the Comcast/Time Warner merger and the FCC’s blatant mishandling of net neutrality (do they even understand what it is?), the Internet down in the States seems poised on the brink of war. In a way, it is. And […]

PlayStation Plus

Why You Should Shell Out For PlayStation Plus (If You Haven’t Already)

Until fairly recently, Sony’s PlayStation network was completely free to use. So long as you had a functional Internet connection and a legitimate copy of your game, you could play online to your heart’s content. Back in 2010, Sony announced a new service, known as PlayStation Plus. I marked the occasion with some curiosity, but […]

EFF Logo Plain Black

Want To Get In Touch With Congress About Your Privacy? The EFF Just Made That Easier

A few days ago, the Electronic Frontier foundation put out a call to developers across the web. They were looking for help with the creation of a system which would make it easier for everyday people to get in touch with members of Congress. At the time, they already had a working prototype, but it […]

Considerable Graphical Glitch

Six Signs Your Graphics Card Might Be Dying

Ever since I purchased my new computer, I tend to be a little paranoid about my hardware. I’m constantly monitoring everything for signs of failure, remaining vigilant even when there’s realistically no reason to be. One of the areas where I’m most worried about seeing signs of failure is in my graphics card; it wasn’t […]