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How to upgrade your iPhone 6 to the iOS 9 Public Beta

iOS 9 is just over the horizon, however, Apple is letting just about anyone test the new operating system version in advance. Unfortunately, installing it can be quite a daunting task, given all of the risks involved. You could lose data if it isn’t installed properly, and as with all betas, your iPhone or iPad […]


How To Effectively Use The Windows Task Manager in Windows 10

Although there have been a lot of big changes made to Windows 10 from the days of 8 and beyond, one tool of the operating system’s trade has remained almost identical throughout its many life cycles: the task manager. It’s the tool that everyone desperately clicks for when their computer freezes up on a YouTube […]


Xiaomi Yi and GoPro Hero 4 – Battle of the Action Cameras

Have you ever noticed how some people call every kind of tissue “Kleenex”, even when it’s from another brand? It’s sort of like that with GoPro and action cameras. They are practically synonymous. And there are really good reasons why GoPro is on top. Since the release of the first GoPro in 2012, it has […]


Announcement: Website Improvements

We are continuing to implement infrastructure improvements on the PCMech website to ensure an even better site experience for all users.  I wanted to take a moment to share a couple of them with you.  Over the last couple of weeks we have upgraded both the commenting and site search systems on PCMech.  For article […]


Robot Vacuum Review: Neato Botvac vs. iRobot Roomba

Walking around a room while dragging an air-sucking vacuum machine really isn’t that fun. What is fun is owning a robot that does all the vacuuming for you. I think most people are familiar with the Roomba by now, but there’s a new competitor vacuuming people’s attention – Neato Robotics. Will Neato Robotics out clean […]

Logitech G502 gaming mouse.  Image Source:  Logitech

Gaming 101 Series: Choosing A Gaming Mouse

Picking a new gaming mouse can be a daunting task.  With lots of fancy buzzwords and features listed on gaming mice pages, it makes the already difficult task of choosing a gaming mouse even harder for most people.  The industry has gone on a bit of a DPI (Dots Per Inch) binge over the last […]

Open Harddrive

A Tale of Sadness, Frustration, and Data Loss

It started on a Saturday evening with my wife asking why our DVR suddenly stopped playing a show she was watching. I told her it was probably just some glitch, but I’d take a look. I walk into the family room to look, and the error basically stated that the underlying disk was no longer […]

Microsoft Windows 10

Preview Windows 10 Using VirtualBox

Microsoft has announced that it will release its next Operating System – Windows 10 – at the end of July of this year.  Like its predecessors, this version of Windows is also going to include a host of new features and capabilities, including increased security (i.e. support for two-factor authentication), virtual desktops, a personal digital […]