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How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Infected With Malware

In the first part of this series, we took a brief look at the many different ways that hackers of the internet are scheming up to spy on, infect, backdoor, and ransom off your computer to the highest bidder with Bitcoin. So now that you know what to look out for, it’s time to learn all […]

Smart Doorbell Comparison: Ring vs. Sky Bell

Smart doorbells are basically peepholes and intercoms connected to your smart device. Imagine this, the doorbell rings while you are comfortably seated on the couch watching your favorite TV show. With a traditional doorbell, you have no choice but to get up and check who’s at the door. But with a smart doorbell, you can […]

All About Multi-Core Processors: What They Are, How They Work, And Where They Came From

While in the past most computers have only had one single processor core to do all the work, nowadays it’s not uncommon to see computers, phones, and other devices with multiple cores. These cores reside in the same, single, CPU, or Central Processing Unit. Having multiple cores is a big advantage. With only one core, […]

Three Ways To Free Up Storage Space On iOS 9

It’s a wonder as to why Apple continues to sell devices in 16GB storage options. In 2015, you don’t get much to play with storage, especially after calculating how much space the operating system and preloaded factory apps take up. On average, you’re left with 10 – 12GB of space, which isn’t much when you […]

Android Pay vs. Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay: Battle Of The Mobile Payment Platforms

Mobile payment platforms have finally started becoming popular, only a few years after the initial release of Google Wallet. Now that the idea is secure and the public is ready to start using mobile payment apps, it’s important to consider which is the best one. Arguably the most important mobile payment platform is Apple Pay, […]

Google Fiber Review: A Customer Service Love Story

It was one of those moments we all dread. On Monday, I was in the middle of an intense game of Madden 2016 on Xbox Live when the game froze, followed by an ominous message: “The connection to your peer has been lost.” Usually, this means my opponent quit the game early, but this time […]

How to Protect Your Privacy When Using Windows 10

It’s finally happening! You’ve upgraded to Windows 10, and you’re excited to play with the shiny new features and click on all the icons. Unfortunately, the rumors you may or may not have heard are true: Windows 10 is collecting a ton of information—information about you. The good news is that Microsoft is generous enough […]