How To Remove Microsoft OneDrive From Windows 10

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Cyber Security Insurance: What It Is, And Why It Should Be Scrutinized

It’s a story we’ve heard all too many times. “Company A has been hacked — change your passwords now!” Normally, that simply results in some bad press and perhaps a loss in the number of users, but sometimes it goes a little above and beyond that. When something like that happens, companies generally lose money, and […]

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Review: Pokemon Go Reawakens My Inner Pokemon Master, But Not Without Flaws

A bit about me: I’m 22 years old, which means I grew up eating and breathing Pokemon. Whether it was the Pokemon TV show, the Pokemon trading cards, or Pokemon Red Version on the Game Boy Color, Pokemon played a huge part in my childhood. And, while I perhaps haven’t kept up with the latest games […]

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What Is Machine Learning And How Is It Used Today?

Machine learning is a phrase that’s getting bandied about increasingly often, yet many still don’t know exactly what it is. Of course, there’s a reason for that. It’s still in its very early stages, and many assume it’s not something that affects the general population just yet. In fact, that’s perhaps not as true as some assume. So what is […]

Congress Needs To Implement A Policy For Computer Science Education

We have a problem, and that’s that there is a shortage of people to fill computing careers. It may take an an act of Congress for things to change.

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