$35 Tablet Might Be The Real Deal

You may have heard rumors of India being able to product an ultra-cheap tablet computer for $35. Everyone dismissed this as nothing but fantasy, but it may actually turn out to be real. Per the video in this article, you actually get to see it in use.

The tablet does use the Android OS, and gets along with basic functions with what can best be described as OK at best. Bear in mind the selling point of this device is the price and not necessarily what it can do, or more importantly not do. For a basic overview of what it’s capable of, watch the video.

What I find one of the best features is that you can actually use it with a stylus. I personally believe all slab-style tablet computers should be able to do this because it just makes sense.

Yeah, it looks kinda cheap. But it is cheap to begin with, so you really can’t complain.

With tax and shipping, this $35 device would most likely be just under 50 bucks. But still, c’mon.. 50 bucks for a fully operational touchscreen tablet computer?

I’d buy two!

  • I find it funny that they sped up the video a little to make the tablet look like it runs faster. It looks like a pretty cool device though, especially at it’s price point.

    • Rich

      Yeah, they did speed up the video. Good catch. 🙂

  • Feels like a big April Fools joke to me. The lapel mice that dude is wearing to talk costs more than $35.

    • Guest777

      Are you sure? Because the audio is crap.

    • lol,It’s a real deal.
      In India people have an average salary of $200-$300.
      this tablet pc is meant for students. and will not be available commercially. The Govt is selling it at subsidized rates