CoolerGuy’s WindTunnel2 Gamer’s Case

Just when you thought cases have served their purpose, out comes new ideas that give new life to the \”box\”. Most of us have seen some pretty cool cases with some decent \”mods\”. I want to show you something that brings the \”modded\” case to a new level! The new \”WindTunnel2 Gamers Case\”.

The case comes complete with the following:

  • BONUS: Built in USB, Sound, Mouse and Joystick Ports in front of the case!!!

  • Two High Speed  92x92x32mm, 55.1 CFM Sanyo Denki fans at 2900 rpms.  These are for the intake. 

  • Three High Speed 60x60x10mm, 21.19 CFM Delta fans at 4800 rpms.  These are for the exhaust.

  • All fans are high pressure to prevent against back air pressure.  Air is forced into the case and not back out the fans.

  • +173 CFM of total Air movement!

  • 300 WATT Power Supply Standard

  • Four  5 1/4 bays

  • Three 3 1/2 bays

  • 92mm removable intake filters

  • Laser cut 92mm and 60mm Fan Blow Holes!!!

  • Fans and grills pre-installed and ready to go.

  • Completely rounded edges for safety

  • Includes Thumb screws for easy panel removal

  • Finger ring for easy side panel removal!

  • Added Fan shims so fans are sealed up against the panels

  • ATX style case

  • 100% CoolerGuys Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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