Do You Know Who’s Watching You? [Infographic]

Some might say we’ve moved past the Information Age – that we’re now living in an age of digital surveillance.

Monitoring systems are virtually everywhere. Iit’s gotten to the point that you can’t even turn your head without being watched by someone, somewhere. Whether offline or online, in public or on the Internet, you’re being watched in just about every venue aside from your own home (and even then, your browsing habits and social media behavior are both being directly monitored).

The worst part is, most people simply put it out of their minds. They don’t really think about how many eyes are on them at all hours of the day – nor do they question where the line should be drawn between convenience and criminality, between public safety and a gross invasion of one’s privacy. Google, in particular, has had an all-seeing eye focused on its users for well over a decade.

With the construction of such facilities as the NSA Spy Center, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Unless people stand up and start taking notice, our personal information isn’t going to be as personal as one might expect. No organization is innocent – not government, nor business, nor law enforcement. They all engage in their own methods of surveillance, for their own ends.

That’s what today’s infographic -┬áDo You Know Who’s Watching You? – addresses. There are a number of startling (though not terribly surprising, in retrospect) statistics listed by the graphic. The average U.S. Citizen is caught on camera approximately 200 times daily. Over 200 million citizens had their call records monitored since 2001, and the NSA is in the process of building the largest database of personal information in the world. A little chilling, no?

The infographic can be found below. As always, you can click to enlarge it.


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