Firefox 3.5 (Stable) Is Now Available

Today’s tip will be a quick one as the much anticipated Firefox 3.5 is now available for download.

This new version boasts a faster javascript engine, HTML 5 support, private browsing and overall faster performance. If you are interested you can read about all the changes here.

Before upgrading, make sure all the add-ons you use are compatible with the new version. Personally, I like to hold off on new releases until a few service updates have been released, so I will not upgrade immediately. Of course, that is my personal preference so if you want to be on the bleeding edge, go get it.

  • Justin

    Just finished installing Firefox 3.5 after seeing this post.

    Be warned that your firefox add-ons will be gone, but for me it wasn’t bad.

    I only have 4 add-ons, 1. No Script, 2. Xmarks 3. Ebay Sidebar 4. Logmein Plugin.

    Within a few minutes I am back up and running.

    • Justin

      I just noticed that my extensions are back. So they do reappear.

      • What exactly happened? This?

        You upgrade FireFox; having checked that all your add-ons are compatible, and – “OH F-F-foxtrot! My add-ons have vanished! They’re just gone; vamooshed, disappeared, not there.”

        (- “I must make a quick post to PC Mech”: {type, type, etc.})

        ” – Having done that I now need to somehow get them back. Let’s see now… -OMG they’re back! – That’s weird; they vanished and then suddenly came back – ?”

        I’m just curious to know for when I upgrade so that I don’t panic.

  • No problems whatsoever except Tab Mix Plus won’t work with 3.5. Managed to find a pre-release and seems to be working as before with no issues. Yipeee!

  • Larry Thompson

    Out of 20 extensions and 3 themes only 3 extensions and 1 theme did not work not bad and I am running it as a portable app.