Google Chrome (Video)

Google Chrome is a web browser very recently released by Google. While Dave concentrated more on the “guts” of the browser, I concentrated more on its usability. What I discovered is that while Gmail and Yahoo! Mail work, the full version of Hotmail does not. The bookmark import from Firefox on initial install didn’t work. There’s also some Java stuff that doesn’t work and the zoom feature isn’t too great either (compared to IE or Firefox). However I will say that yes, it’s really fast, zippy and easy to use.


  1. I found that the bookmark import did not work until I tried it in Safe Mode with the networking option. Apparently some service I have, and I have too many as I test a lot of applications for my office uses/emulates/ makes chrome think Firefox is running when it is not. I imagine you have the same issue. Everything imported correctly in Safe Mode and I am now happily using/testing Chrome.

  2. There is a bug with Flash based sites and Kasperky Anti virus 7 you need to disable some features in web anti virus to get flash bases Videos like Youtube to load other wise it says The video is unavailable

  3. Hey Rich, I noticed you said that the Zoom in Chrome is broken but unless Google itself tells me otherwise, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. If you look under the “control current page” bottom on Chrome the feature is called “Text Zoom” (identical to the Zoom Text Only option in Firefox 3) so although Text Zoom breaks the pages and makes it look terrible, the feature is not broken. I do hope they add the full page zoom since text zoom is kind of pointless (for me at least). Other than that, great video review of chrome, glad to know what did and didn’t work for you.

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  5. google chrome is good but it has a few bugs!

  6. lol dont use chrome unless u want to get too attached to it like i did hahahaha. love chrome but.. wish it had some fixes that firefox has

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