Mass Image Resize Tool

If you have a lot of images you need to resize and don’t want to go through the hassle of having to open each in your graphics program to resize and then save, then check out this image resize tool from Microsoft.

This tool allows you to resize any number of selected images by simply right clicking on them. Keep in mind if you are resizing to a specific size you will want to make sure all the selected images are roughly the same size, otherwise they could turn out disproportionate. If you have a lot of images you are having to get “web ready”, this tool can be a huge time saver.

Note: This application is only listed as being supported on Windows XP so it may or may not work if you have a different version of Windows.


  1. try this, it’s a much better alternative to MS’s tool…

  2. its very helpful to me put my pictures in the web faster

  3. please give links that give access to the site so people can make a choice whether or not to download a tool and not just a link to the tool itself. the website link would be useful as further reference for someone wanting a resizing tool and there’s no commentary here on whether or not it can batch.

  4. Thank you for sharing!

  5. It does the basic 4, but if you dive into custom it pretty much sucks. It would be great if it held the aspect ratio. I give this one a D+.

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