New Google Reader Looks “F*cking Awful”

imageGoogle just did a big changeup with their Google Reader product, and it’s ticked off a lot of people. Arguably, Reader was one of Goog’s most successful products. People who use it loved it, it worked without complaint, it was fast and there was literally nothing wrong with it.

Well, of course, things must “progress”, and that’s what Google did. Reader now has very strong ties to Google+ and has a match to look. The reaction?

The new Google Reader looks f*cking awful. Any way to change it to the previous version?

From that thread, alternatives were mentioned, so here are a few just in case you want to switch to something else:

…and of course someone has already programmed a user style called Google Reader+ Minimal, which still uses Google Reader but cuts out a whole bunch of crap.

On a final note, watch out for HiveMined; a site currently in development but intends to be the replacement for what Google Reader used to be – complete with the social options just like it was in the old system.

  • David M

    Another case of preserving ones job by keeping busy tinkering with what is already good enough.

  • David M

    This is also how we get bloat ware.

    • Rich

      Bloat! It’s not just for locally-intsalled apps anymore (unfortunately…)!

  • Johanpublisher

    I enjoy the fresh stuff from my Newsletter of PCMech

  • Hi guys,
    looks like Google is putting an effort now to conform all the different user interfaces available for their products…
    I understood the effort and o be honest I don’t mind the minimal style of the new reader!


  • After using it for a few days, I can’t say I mind it. I do prefer the previous version of Google Reader though.