PCMech.com will help you build, optimize and USE your computer to its fullest potential.

Our website offers you the ability to:

  • Keep up with the fast-changing world of technology
  • Learn to build, upgrade, and optimize your computer & mobile devices
  • Learn about new software and hardware trends
  • Access technology How-To & Do-It-Yourself Guides
  • Get help to your tech support questions from our large community of enthusiasts

PCMech started back in 1997, making it one of the longest running technology websites on the internet today.  PCMech got its start explaining computer technology in a simple, plain-English way. It then expanded into the arena of building computers, and still publishes its pioneering Do-It-Yourself guide, How To Build Your Own PC, to this day.  The site has expanded and evolved over the years to cover all different aspects of technology today.

It is our vision to create high quality, engaging content to improve and simplify our ever evolving, technology-centric lives.

PCMech was founded by David Risley, an online entrepreneur and professional blogger.  After almost two decades, the site was sold to long time member Timo Mechler and Mechler Enterprises in the fall of 2014.

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