Here’s a list of free games you can get right now. All of them are ready for download and don’t cost a dime.

I’ve made a point to choose games that are at least somewhat recent (if not very recent concerning releases) so that they run a-okay on your computer.

Note: Many of these games run on Windows, Mac OS X and/or Linux. It’s not just “Windows only” stuff here.

image Armagetron Advanced

Remember TRON? Remember the cool light cycle races in that movie? That’s what this game is all about. It’s a TRON clone, multiplayer, 3D and all about light cycle racers.

image Assault Cube

This is an FPS (first-person-shooter). It requires the cube engine to play.

Here’s a video of the gameplay. Looks pretty darned good for a freebie.

image Battle for Wesnoth

This is an RPG (role-playing-game) and has been mentioned in comments here and there on PCMech from time to time. If you play Runescape but wanted something a little different, BoW is for you.

image Crossfire

This game is billed as a “cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game.” A huge plus of this game is that the hardware requirements to play only require a PC with a 200MHz processor and 128MB of RAM.

Note: This is a very “old school” looking game – but it has a good following nonetheless.

image Darwinbots

Billed as an “artificial life simulator that merges the gameplay of C-Robots type arena with adaptive asexual population dynamics.”

Don’t worry, I have no idea what that means either. 🙂 But it’s there if you want to try it out.

image FlightGear

Billed as a flight simulator. If you like flight simulators, you will like this. It’s very detailed and very cool for those into this sort of thing.

Be sure to check out the gallery of screenshots for this game. Darn good looker.

More to come!