With Windows’ fairly recent releases, there’s been a huge learning curve for all of their customers. From trying to figure out how to get back to the lock screen to simply finding some sort of search bar, it’s been a new experience for everyone. While different actions are easy to do once figured out, they can prove to be tricky at first. So today, we want to show you how to connect to Bluetooth, which is actually extremely easy.

Connecting a Bluetooth device in Windows 10

First, you’ll want to go into your notifications/action center near the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

From the action center, you’ll notice several boxes near the bottom of the page. Press the one that says “connect.” In some cases, you’ll need to press the little “Expand” button to show the “connect” option.

Next, your desired Bluetooth network should pop up as available right away. If it does, just click on it and then press connect. But if it doesn’t come up right away, you can click the “search for other available devices” button, or redo the process to try again.

And if at any point you want to disconnect from the Bluetooth network you’re on, just click the network, and hit “disconnect.” Or, you can just simply press the “Off” button on the Bluetooth device itself.

It’s an extremely simple process once you find out where things are in Windows 10. If you get stuck or have some feedback, be sure to leave a comment below or join us over in the PCMech forums!