2CoolPC Casefan Reviews

Heat…One of your pc’s worst enemies…

In the world of computers, this statement holds true for all of us. So what can be done about it? Well, first of all, you can research different methods of cooling your pc. Whether it be a cpu cooler, hard drive cooler, or add an extra case fan.
In this article, I am reviewing a couple of case fans, not your ordinary fans at all.
The units I will review are the “Plus” and “Turbo” models they offer.
The idea and units themselves are rather simple, blowing cool air where it is most needed, at the hotspots of the inside of your pc, the video card and he processor.
The models of these units vary according to the fan…

  • “The 2COOLPC-PLUS has a server quality, double ball bearing fan that pushes about 50 CFM with a .3 amp power draw and a life expectancy of 64,000 hours MTBF (About 7 Years). “
  • “2COOLPC-TURBO 60 CFM POWER!Made with a 60 CFM 92x92x25 mm Double ball bearing fan.
    2900 RPM.39 Amp Power Draw. 55,000 Hour life expectancy
    (Has Y Style Molex Power Connection)”

    For specs on dimensions of units:

www.2coolpc.com is an outfit out of Gardena, California. A small operation with a knack for making a simple device with effective results.

South Bay Engineering, Inc.
13200 S. Western Ave.
Gardena, CA 90249
310-366-3399 Fax 310-366-6911


Installation of these device is very simple. 
1. Turn off your pc.
2. Open your pc’s case.
3 Make a little room at the bottom of your case.
4, Find a power source, (a free one or one in use, units come with a 2-way plug for convenience)
5. Plug in unit.
6. Attach Velcro “buttons” to stabilize unit.
7. Sit unit in place.
6. Replace case cover, restart pc.

It really is that simple.

For the tests, I conducted them on my pc: 
Athlon 750
2x 12 gig ata66 7200rpm
Mitsumi 24x cdrom
Plextor 12/10/32 cdr
GeForce2 GTS
Ensonique sound card
3c509 nic
Modem Blaster 56k
Standard case fan
Golden orb (on Athlon)
Rear duct fan in case
300W p/s
Windows ME

(PC setup given for reference only)

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