3 Alternatives To CCleaner

ccleanerCCleaner isn’t bad, and in fact is one of the best registry cleaners for Windows there is. However people do like to have other choices just to see what else is out there; here are 3 alternatives you can try:

Glary Utilities
Site: www.glaryutilities.com

This set of utilities packs quite a punch as far as fix/speed-up/maintenance options are concerned. GU does optimization, spyware/adware blocking and more.

Site: bleachbit.sourceforge.net

This software is a very quick way to free up your cache and cookies as well as a lot of other browser junk. It also works on both Windows and Linux.

MSCONFIG (System Configuration Utility)
Site: None, it’s in Windows

"I can troubleshoot/clean/maintain my Windows from Start/run/msconfig?" Of course you can. It’s not absolutely required to have third party software to maintain a computer. MSCONFIG is a fast way to see exactly what’s going to run on boot and selectively disable whatever you wish. Granted, it’s not the most user-friendly thing in the world, but you already have it.


  1. I love BleachBit and use it often with Linux machines, but prefer to use CCleaner for Windows since it has a registry cleaner.

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