5 Quicken Alternatives – Intuit Isn’t The Only Company That Does Personal Finance Software

When it comes to desktop finance software, Intuit has pretty much become the standard. Quicken and Quickbooks are perhaps the best known applications for keeping track of your finances.

But, are there alternatives?

Some people find Intuit’s products to be a little… bloated. Intuit releases a new version every year, but really all it is is slight visual changes and more bloat. Most Quicken users use only the basic functionality, so most of those updates are fairly meaningless. Which makes it all the more annoying when Intuit decides to force you to upgrade in order to keep downloading from your bank account.

So, let’s check out Quicken alternatives and see what we find.

jGnash Personal Finance

jGnash is a free, open source personal finance manager which is said to boast many of the same features as the likes of Quicken. It will run on any operating system which is running the Java 7 Runtime Environment.



GnuCash is named such because it is distributed under the GNU GPL open source license. It has all the features one would expect, including double-entry accounting, reports, graphs, etc. It also has the ability to connect to your bank and download transactions as long as your bank supports it. One of the supported formats is QIF, which is Quickbooks. So, if your bank connects to Quickbooks, it should connect to GnuCash.feature_graph-report


AceMoney is NOT open source. In fact, it will cost you about $40 (as of this writing). That said, you will usually get the best software when you pay for it. AceMoney looks to be much more on par with the likes of Quicken or Microsoft Money.

They do have a LITE version which is free, however it is limited to tracking only two accounts.

AceMoney will help you track multiple accounts, do budgeting, track your investments – and a lot more.



While there are a number of desktop software alternatives to Quicken, there are also online versions. And, one of the best known ones is operated by Intuit itself. It is called Mint.

One of the nice things about Mint is that it does a lot of the work for you. It auto-downloads from your bank accounts and auto-categorizes transactions. It is also all totally free. Mint makes their money by making periodic recommendations to you on how to save money. If you are OK with your financial data being on a remote server (and, when you get right down to it, it pretty much is anyway), then Mint offers a LOT of conveniences.



MoneyDance is a pretty full-featured option. It isn’t free, but that reflects in the polish of the program. It is updated regularly, well supported – and in many ways, seems to have the reputation for being all the things that Quicken isn’t. It is popular among Mac users, but it is also available for Windows and Linux. Also syncs with your mobile device – for free.


One thing to bear in mind with any accounting software use…


Specifically, if you hire somebody to do your taxes for you, make sure that you’re using tracking software which your accountant can work with. Since Quicken and Quickbooks are the standard in many circles, you’ll want to ensure that you will be able to get your data to your accountant in a format they can work with if you are using an alternative.

But, Intuit by no means has a monopoly on this area. As you can see.


  1. Great rundown of alternatives. One thing that has always kept me from making the switch (and I do hate Quicken) is the lack of support for legacy data. I’ve got almost 20 years of data in Quicken now, including retirement fund transactions, and so I’d like to make sure they are imported and treated correctly by new software. So far, no success.

    • David Risley says:

      Yeah, that’s how they keep a lot of people. Historical data. πŸ™‚ Including me. I am still using Quicken and Quickbooks.

    • Ask yourself an important question. Do you REALLY need 20 years worth of personal finance data? In most IT systems / databases, I would recommend dumping most of that into an archive if not getting rid of it all together. I think if you kept 10, you would be safe with the IRS. Otherwise, why?

    • too worried about new version of quicken to upgrade fro 2012 version. so now downloading moneydance now….trial version. thanks to all for recommendations.

  2. Old Dinosaur says:

    I also continue to use Quicken because I have not found an app for the Mac that is better. This requires me to maintain a Windows computer just for that reason. Any suggestions? I am not confident in the safety and efficiency of parallels.

    • Nathan: Possibly Quicken Essentials for Mac might be applicable. Much in the same way as you using a version of Quicken that works, I have been using MacMoney for years and I have been stuck with it even though it is truly obsolete. I attempted to switch over to Quicken Essentials for Mac around the time when Quicken for Mac was transformed into Quicken Essentials. The one feature that was deleted was the ability to print checks so that version of Quicken Essentials for Mac was useless for me.

      Just lately I read a blurb that the latest version of Quicken Essentials for Mac included the ability to print checks from within the program. I bought a copy and if in fact check printing is a feature then I’ll give it a try. You might consider seeing if the latest version of Essentials will work for you. If so you could stop having to use that windows machine.

      • I just found out just by going to the quicken community to ask another question, that quicken essentials for mac will be shut down at the end of April forcing us to upgrade to the 2015 version with all kinds of new features like bill pay all of which I don’t want. I use the checkbook to download my transactions which I have done since 2006. That is all I need. But it bothers me tremendously when suddenly (and I have yet to receive a formal notice aobut this) they take a working piece of software and MAKE you upgrade in order to continue using it. I would like to change to another software and may try one of the ones here. I can probably keep my quicken for historical puposes but it just won’t connect to the bank.

        • They just won’t do updates for it. You can use it till you die

        • I am with you 10000 percent. They forced us into an upgrade in 2012 the same way…by cutting off your ability to download transactions, upon which I rely heavily. I did it then, with gritted teeth, because it had been several years since I had done so. To see them use the same ploy again already really makes me angry. Futhermore, they say they have sent numerous notifications that was going to happen, but when I go online I discover they used an email address I haven’t had for years. On top of that it won’t allow me to CHANGE said email address until I upgrade!!! I am very nervous to change programs since I’ve used Quicken 20-25 years, but I do NOT like being held hostage.

          • I agree with you that they cut me of from downloading my transactions after 5/1/2015 with out any warning. Its just a ploy to make more money with out doing much for you ar the programs

      • Gregor Lake says:

        I have been using Quicken for almost 12 years and only in the last 6 months have I had pretty severe issues with downloading transactions. I’m looking for an alternative; is not worth it for me to spend almost all day with tech support trying to resolve my problems. For the past several days I’ve had to reset two of my three accounts and its still not working.

    • Rolf Mash says:

      Moneydance… I’ve been using it for many years with no problems or complaints. Can’t beat it!

    • I’d recommend VMWare Fusion that runs inside your Mac, then you can run Windows apps without needing another computer. Not that I’d recommend keeping Quicken, but at least you’ll only have one computer. πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with the others using Quicken it is so easy and logical. Nothing comes anywhere near it.

    • Others? I don’t think there were any others that posted they liked Quicken.

      • Quicken is terrible. My husband and I started with Mint and loved it but wanted a few more features. Quicken was NOT the answer. The updating is clunky, you can’t see in the app what you can on the software as far as reports and it takes a long time to get setup.

        We’re going to try Moneydance and see how that goes. What a pain.

        • A pain indeed! I do love Quicken, but I do NOT like being forced into an upgrade. Did you try Moneydance? What do you think? What did Mint not have that you wished for?

  4. Nice list of free personal finance software, but I will add Money Manager Ex and Express Accounts Accounting Software. Both have nice features applicable for personal and small business money management.

    • Thanks for adding the (2) accounting programs because I did not know about them. If my attempt at using the latest version of Quicken Essential for Mac does work out I may explore using either or the other of your suggestions.

  5. ace money is a good one i used it in the past and liked it ,

  6. Chris Lord says:

    I have used MoneyDance on my Mac for all of 2013 after using Quicken from 1994 or 1995. As much as I was sick of Intuit and running software on Windows, I’m probably going back as MoneyDance has been a train wreck. Yes it seems wonderful to manage finances on other devices, but postings duplicate while others disappear.

  7. I replied to Nathan concerning using the latest version of Quicken Essentials for Mac to allow him to drop having to use a windows machine. Possibly my suggestion might be applicable for you too.

  8. As a dedicated user of Quicken for decades I became too frustrated with Quicken’s constant changes and bugs. I decided to move to the cloud. I tried Mint but didn’t like the non-Quicken like features. Since I couldn’t find anything else in the cloud that was like Quicken I decided to make my own. CountAbout was the result. No advertising, complete privacy, add OR delete categories, running register balances and automatic account downloads.

    • Terrible sign up page. Capcha unreadable. Password requirements not displayed to start only after failing. Go back and reset ad they say email already in use. Use a different email. Go to sign in say, ‘Invalid email contact Support’. Arg, I’m out of here and back to Quicken.

  9. avoid Ace Money. Terrible support, and if you forget your password, you’re stuck, since there is no recovery option.

  10. Bruce Eldridge says:

    I’m out of here with Quicken. First I was forced to update to Q14, I did and now I can’t even open the program. Quicken is very bloated. With every update simple things become ever more complicated requiring more mouse clicks. Cut and paste methods are archaic. They select the defaults (auto downloads from banks before reconciliation) requiring ever more mouse clicks.

    • Have the same problem with Quicken 14 …forced to update, and now the program won’t work, won’t reinstall, at a standstill here, and not sure what to do next!

    • Same problem for me, forced to update. It did install and it does work. The file conversion was fine, but it has negatively impacted EVERYTHING else on my pc. Q2011I could leave running for weeks on my pc 2014 I can’t even let it run overnight without causing my browser windows and Outlook email and even MS Word documents to freeze and crash. I have to reboot my PC almost everyday now. The only reason I’ve kept using it is to download my banking transactions the way I’m used to doing it.

  11. Using Quicken for many years. Each Yearly iteration becomes worse. Old flaws remain and new ones are created. I am now very concerned each time I use Quicken. I have lost confidence in the program. Is there an alternative – I am looking.

    Quicken/Intuit have littles reason to actually spend the money to improve the products. Most of their profits come from getting people to use Government programs while they skim fees for “assisting” them. I hope I can find a comparable product in function but without the numerous flaws.

    • Same concerns here, dickhb. I decided the incessant need for balance adjustments of late was due to me switching from paper reconcile to online, so I started afresh with my register 01/01/13. I can’t get the account to balance and I have painstakingly checked each and every transaction, even to the point of running my own tapes of the totals. Quicken has lost it’s accuracy in basic math! I refuse to resort to having to add a balance adjustment every month. That defeats the purpose of reconciliation.

      • This is what I have had to do numerous times: Reconcile using “paper” balance but use today’s date. mark all transactions and then unmark all transactions. Get out of that and open it again using your bank statement or online bank balance. That should get you back to reconciling. FYI: My problem was that my beginning balance per quicken on the reconciliation page was incorrect.

  12. I just quit Quicken when I couldn’t install Q15 because Q14 won’t uninstall, and why would I want to. Also hated Q14 and upgrading to Q15 was a vain hope that it would somehow be better. Sheesh! Hate Quicken, but not sure what I’m going to do next.

    • Totally agree, Linda! I always upgrade because I love change but even I, after using Quicken 2015 and having it freeze up on me, went back to Quicken 2014. I wish there was a better alternative or even an equivalent alternative!!

      • Katherine says:

        Quicken 2015 does not work. It will not update transactions from my bank. Freezes. It will not update prices in portfolio view without freezing. And the portfolio view information on gains and losses is totally inaccurate. I can’t figure out what program to switch to. And, whichever one it is, it has to be able to import 20+ years of data from Quicken. Any advice?

  13. quicken no longer has phone support (quicken bill pay does) SPENT OVER 6 hours today chatting with quicken support and talking to bill pay support – help not good + at times a language battery. I have now purchased 2015 deluxe and I think I am ok (fingers crossed)

  14. I migrated over to Q2015 and something as simple as converting my data file password from 2014 to 2015 didn’t work. I had to uninstall Q2015, re-install Q2014, delete my file password and then install Q2015. How ridiculous! I wish there was a better or similar product to try and cannot understand how something so simply didn’t pass quality control. Very frustrating.

  15. I “upgraded” from Q2013 to Q2015 and was immediately disappointed. The printed check register prints garbage amounts instead of the true check amount, and the “C” column for cleared transactions prints a lower case “r” on every line item, cleared or not. I have used Quicken for more than 25 years and don’t know what to do next. Chat support has wasted several hours and 3 requested callbacks have failed to occur as scheduled. In fairness, the calls come from the Philippines and I received an email that the last one would have to be rescheduled because of the typhoon this week. However, two requests to reschedule have been ignored. In my opinion, Quicken support would have to improve mightily to achieve the level of Pathetic. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’d move to other software as long as I can convert my Quicken data, print checks, the check register, and a year end transaction report by category.

    • I feel your pain Tom. I upgraded my Quicken 2015 to v-2.3.1 and found that my reports didn’t have a number of categories even though they were checked in the customize menu. I have wasted a couple of hours on chat sessions and have been stood up for 2 scheduled calls. They claim to have eliminated any phone support. Does anyone know if way to talk directly to a real person? I am hesitant to use a use another program since I have 19 years of history with Quicken.

    • Good news. Quicken released update R4 on January 13, 2015. It resolved the issues I had with Quicken 2015. I’m still unhappy about the number of hours of my life they cost me…

  16. I have v13. After reading the above, what I’ll do is NOT upgrade and stay with v13. All I do is reconcile credit card purchases and update my quarterly stock account. Bank accounts are reconciled the old way. Big deal! so I have to waste 2 mins more time instead of being forced to a “new and improved” versions which, according to the above, is not worth the hankering with non-English speakers!!!!

    • Good news. Quicken released update R4 on January 13, 2015. It resolved the issues I had with Quicken 2015. I’m still unhappy about the number of hours of my life they cost me…

  17. I’ve been using Quicken since the days of DOS. It has been getting worse with each new release. Recently updated to Q2015 and have regretted it. Am kicking myself since I already hated the product. I have spent INCREDIBLE hours over the years with support. I NEVER get the problem solved in less that an hour. But mostly it takes more than one session since the support rep cannot solve the problem(s). What I find terribly frustrating is that in the last go around, when the update was installed settings where changed willy nilly. I will look at these alternatives but wonder about the functionality

  18. There’s a big opportunity for sw designers to come up with something to really challenge quicken!

  19. I have been using Quicken since 1995 or 1998. .Not sure of the year but a long time. I have Windows 7 now.Since I updated from Quicken 2009 to 2012, I wish I had never left 2009.Then I updated to 2013. When I print up my register like for the month of December 2014 ,about 10 transactions from 11.2013 will appear but when looking at the register on the software the 2013 dates are not there. Unable to get ANY support from Quicken. Yes when I updated to Q 2013 is when all the issues started and I starting downloading transactions
    from my bank. I had to stop that because of all the issues I encountered again no support from Q. Does anyone recommend another software program? I just want a basic program with managing 3-4 accounts and printing checks. Also to export transactions to excel and use pivot tables to analyze the budget. HELP!!

  20. Also have been using Quicken since DOS, an now unable to log in to m checkbook in 2014 Deluxe. Spent 3 hours with three different persons in chat sessions yesterday. Making statements to them is as if they did not know that they work for Intuit. Was disconnected 3 times suddenly, without explanation. Guess my questions were to complex for them to comprehend. Looking for alternative money program which will accept Data backed up on a
    flash drive Suggestions appreciated.


  21. I have been a Quicken User since Quicken 3 for DOS and am ready to dump them.and all my other Intuit products. I have never had an issue reconciling my investment accounts until I migrated from Quicken Premier 2014 to 2015. Now Quicken is not ignoring certain (but not all) transactions downloaded or entered after the statement end date. This has been happening since the 2015 upgrade. Three excruciatingly long chats and two phone calls so far and all they’ve told me to do is manually unclear all post-statement date transactions and then reconcile. One follow-up Support response from them actually told me to make sure I “enter the correct amount for the beginning balance” when Quicken actually does that automatically from the last reconciled balance. Amazing. I believe my data file got corrupted when I converted in November and now I have three months of data (including a ton of year-end data) entered in a potentially corrupted file. They basically told me that I’m SOL on the data file (even if their program did the damage) since they don’t offer a file recovery service. Interesting because something similar happened about a year ago with a Quickbooks upgrade and they DID fix my file then. I am looking for alternatives for anything Intuit now..

  22. I’ve been using Quicken since about ’91. I’m not one to update every time a new version is released. If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it I’m using Quicken2007 now. I manage 20 accounts; checking, savings, credit cards, stocks & mutual funds. I don’t download bank data. I used to update stock/fund prices, but sometime (after 2007) ability to do that was dropped. Now I do that manually. It’s somewhat of a pain, but better for me than buying unwanted/undeeded (by me) features. Some of my account names have changed over the years. When I change in Quicken, all historical entries reflect the new name, so I just enter “reminder” transactions indicating the old name & date of change. It still works with my tax software. It’s got shortcomings, but I figure changing (even upgrading) is too much of a hassle.

  23. A lot of Quicken bashing for which I agree, but no comments about the suggested alternatives to Quicken

    • Is there really an alternative to quicken that will keep track of your banking and download it to a checkbook like
      form? That is all I want. I am tired of the non transparency of quicken. I finally did go to a chat site and told the rep. there how frustrating it is to have software that works and then be FORCED to upgrade with all kinds of new features all of the which I do not want. So for macs what else would work and would my bank be even able to download the information?

    • agreed

  24. I have used Quicken since Microsoft dropped Money, which I used from it’s beginning, and loved. 5 Car Loans, 4 Home Loans, 8 Bank accounts at 3 different institutions, and numerous credit cards. Every change of account or name or card number is an absolute pain in the *** with Quicken – I am determined not to buy 2015. I have hated Quicken since the first install, and it gets worse with every version. I am going to purchase and install MoneyDance, after researching all the options discussed here – I will report back.

    • How did it work out, Barry? I am mired in a fog of information, but can’t seem to find any SOLID recommendations…

  25. I have used Quicken since mid 90’ties and in my opinion it got better and better for a few years and then started a long but persistent decline. I’m an auditor so I know my turf. Quicken constantly introduce new interface and different ways to get around the same content and that’s a big drawback. They are basically wasting your time. And on top of that there are still areas that are far from optimal but Quicken does not pay attention and they certainly don’t improve. One of the areas that are a big mess is printing to PDF. After so many years they still can’t get that fixed. This is a basic function and there is no reason that a user should pay $100+ almost each year to save a file to PDF. For the above reasons I am now switching to another program. It might take a bit of time but Quicken is dead to me. They have proved over the last many years that it’s about profit for them only and not so much about having a quality program anymore.

    • I agree with you totally, Richard…100%! Can you tell me to what program you switched and how you like it? I am desparate here…

  26. Quicken is fine, but I am fed up with their requiring us to buy a new version every two years in order to maintain online capability. I don’t even use quicken.com, all I want to do is download bank and credit card transactions but they the ink they are entitled to charge me to keep using software I pay for. Screw that.

  27. I agree with Alma – Paying every two years for an update – I only use if for my checking account – onto Money Dance – Thanks for the recommendation

  28. Considering this is software they have been selling for years, you would think by now it would be bullet proof. I have found that the changes year to year require the user to re-learn where to find critical bits. The changes in recent years have been huge time wasters for the user. The bugs in 2015 have left me unable to open my data files because the program has me trapped in an error loop at registration. Support is only available through a chat page. I spent hours on there with a tech only to be told that this is a problem they are aware of and that many other users report the same thing. They assured me that every effort would be made to correct it and wished me a good day. I asked if I would be contacted when they fixed it? I was told there would probably be a email or the fix would be posted as an update. Then I was politely thanked for allowing them to be of service to me – meanwhile I have no clue if, or when, it will be fixed and I can’t get back to my old software which was an online download.

  29. OMG I am so fed up with Quicken. I’ve used it since 1993! On to Money Dance. Downloading now …

  30. Another long time Quicken user here–since the early DOS versions–with all that historical data that’s about to go to waste because I simply can’t stand using the program anymore. Thank you, Intuit, for providing business schools with a textbook case of how to ruin a once great software program.

  31. Had my info from turbo tax hacked and couldnt get anywhere them. turbo tax is part of intuit and so is quicken. Went to intuit.com and found an email address for president of company. Emailed him and within 6 hours I was getting phone calls to help me with my problems..

  32. For well over 20 years I have used Quicken, recommended it, taught it to students, and touted its virtues among the easy to use, accurate, and user friendly personal and small business accounting programs. I have gone through over 15 Federal audits using Q … all without misplacing a penny. However, it is obvious to us all, the current users, there is no such thing as customer loyalty within Intuit any longer – or perhaps there never was. I agree to move on and let Q die – no need of beating a dead horse and lamenting any further. I too am on to Money Dance. Let’s keep the simple simple (kiss) and say goodbye to Intuit.

    • How do you like MoneyDance?

      • Somebody who just switched, please report on how you like Moneydance on Mac! I’ve been going round and round with Quicken just to get my Windows file converted, and they are taking their sweet time. I want to hear that Moneydance is awesome. I want to hear that you will never look back. πŸ™‚

        • ARCreative says:

          When I imported my accounts to Moneydance, the balances were all incorrect, and I wasn’t about to spend a bunch of time figuring it out! I’m coming up with my own solution instead, want my accounting accessible from anywhere πŸ™‚

        • Avery Smith says:

          Not on a Mac, but I had no problem bringing my Quicken files in to MoneyDance 2015. It is very easy to use, easy to set up reports, and I love being able to sync my AND my wife’s phones via dropbox sync. I use it for personal and business checking records. Won’t ever be going back to Quicken….

  33. I, too, am walking away from Quicken. Just updated it this a.m. – then this afternoon, tried to log on and the automatic update to No. 5 got caught in a loop. My computer message was to reload my current 2015 version or call help. I called the Quicken Help Number only to hear from them that my data was corrupted ?!?!!! To fix it, the charge would be $399.99 (one year of tech support). On to MoneyDance….

  34. Russell Alexander says:

    I was about to “upgrade” to 2015 when I saw this thread. I’ve been using Quicken since the early 90s. I’m download GnuCash, and will write back on how it’s working.

    I, too, would appreciate someone reporting on MoneyDance or any of the other options. I just use Quicken for my checking accounts and a couple of credit cards, not for investments or real estate. I’m self employed, so I made up basic categories for that.

    • Russell Alexander says:

      Well, so far I’ve had a couple of issues:
      1. For some reason, the import of Quicken data resulted in some payments to my Chase credit card, from my Chase bank account, being listed twice. Of course, that screwed up the balances, but I was able to hunt them all down and fix them.
      2. I just can’t seem to get the bank download to work. I’ll keep trying, but if this doesn’t start working, it’s a deal breaker. I’m trying to do it with my Chase account, which should be pretty straight forward.

      I’ll write back as things progress…

      • Russell Alexander says:

        Well, I’ve given it a good shot. I just can’t get the online banking to work, and that’s a deal breaker. I realize it’s an open source project, and it WILL get better as everyone contributes, but I’ve got a pretty full plate right now. I just can’t spend any more time on it.

        I’m going to try AceMoney. It’s free for 30 days, then it’s $40. I don’t think it does the quicken “3 years and you’re out” nonsense. I’ll write back after I use it for awhile to let anyone who is interested know if it’s worth buying.

        • Neil Mahoney says:

          Thanks for sharing your progress, Russell. It was very helpful. I’m willing to pay for something that works. How did you like AceMoney?

  35. As Intuit expands its profit model customers will find an alternative. Personally I am quite fond of a simple spreadsheet.

  36. Was a DOS user also and started my business the same year Intuit started Quicken Home & Business. Been using it ever since. Didn’t update every year until the last three but my 2015 just need an update and now will randomly add a password to the data file which locks me out. Takes me about an hour to recover from the backup file, entering all my invoices from memory and matching them to my deposits. Just off the chat to hear the problem has been escalated and I should get an email in one or two business days. Interesting there was a password removal tool for removing this password but it didn’t work, so now I am stuck and looking at my options. If there is anything that has a Home and Business option, I would like to try it. Several have asked for feed back but I have seen non, hoping people will write back.

  37. Just tried GnuCASH and MoneyDance (PC) – Neither will download from my bank like Quicken does. Too bad as Quicken sucks…just everything else sucks more. That’s Intuit’s marketing message.

  38. I have been using Quicken since the 1990s, but when I upgraded my operating system to Windows 8, it was no longer supported. I tried to upgrade on the internet and found that by not being resident in the US or Canada, it was no longer available to me. (So much for customer loyalty). I don’t want to lose several years of financial history. Is there any software that I can use where I can migrate my Quicken d/b? And will this software be as easy to use as Quicken was. I am not a financial guy, so I need to keep it dead simple.

  39. Sue Eilers says:

    I need a program that will let me import my quicken data and download my credit card and bank statements. Do any of these qualify?

    • Yes, almost all do – some flawlessly, and others not so much. In part that
      is dependent on how well you set up the Quicken accounts to begin with,
      and how complex your financial records are. Read the reviews on the product you are interested in. Go to the website of the
      product you are interested in and verify it.

  40. I have had Quicken for ever and even though buying a new version every three years is OK, now with 2015 and updates I have problems open it and opening the files. I am fed up with them. Comments ay Gnu Cash and Money Dance cannot download from the banks. What real alternative is there to Quicken

    • Double check the presumption you cannot download directly into these programs at their respective support sites. Both seem way too seasoned to not be able to do so using quicken formats, etc. from your bank. I think you can. MoneyDance used to offer a free trial – with limited downloads. Try it. GnuCash seems very well liked by the Linux users, but limited to Linux OS. At some point I might try it and configure my laptop to dual boot.

  41. After a phone conversation with Quicken I got the system up and running. However, now when it downloads from the banks occasionally it reclassifies transactions that I had previously done. Now each time I download from the banks I have to watch the classifications so my accounting does not get screwed up. Anybody else having that problem?

  42. artischocke says:

    Neither of the two links you posted works, fyi

  43. Well I had been a Quicken user for 15+ years, and I have watched it go from bad to worse over the last 10. Most recently it was actually screwing up my account records. When I searched around for an alternative, I came up with CountAbout. It does everything I need to keep track of my accounts. I never did use Quicken for investment tracking, so this was not important to me.
    What was important was the ability to access my info from my Android phone. Of course you can do this with Quicken if you go the “sync with the cloud” route, but if you are going to do that why not have it in the cloud in the first place? I find it liberating not to have to worry about a locally-based database, with all the backup implications.
    I have been an “early adopter” of Countabout for almost a year now, and I have to say that I am very happy with the product, its capabilities, and the incredibly rapid support response. For me there is no looking back.
    I have not opened Quicken for at least 6 months. I am not concerned with importing all my old Quicken data. I keep it around for historical reference purposes, but that’s all.
    Of course CountAbout has just released the Quicken import feature, for those who need it, along with a limited inclusion of investment balances, and multi-factor authentication.
    I’m very happy with CountAbout, and as long as they keep it as clean and light as it is now, I’m sure I will stay with it.

    • Gretchen Horn says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write this! It helps me out. I too can no longer stand Quicken after 15+ years.

    • Suzanne Hallam says:

      and now countabout is also owned (powered by) Intuit. Just curious, how much did you make off the sale?

      • I think that refers to the fact that CountAbout uses a service from intuit to update accounts. As far as I know, they are still independent.

  44. Barbara Hess says:

    Do any of the above software import Quicken files – so you don’t have to start over?

    • Almost all do – some flawlessly, and others not so much. In part that is dependent on how well you set up the Quicken accounts to begin with, and how complex your financial records are. Go to the website of the product you are interested in and verify it.

  45. Harold Voss says:

    Quicken said I could change the name of an account, but it just started a new one!!! I pushed update on one of my accounts and after that tried to reconcile … Quicken put that as my last statement date, so I can’t reasonably reconcile the account. A few months after I had upgraded to Q15, it told me I need an update. The update cleared upteen years of data. Even though I had been sync’ing, they said I’d need to spend $400 to get this help, which restored to last statement .

    I DON’T WANT ANY SOFTWARE ATTACHED TO MY BANK .. just give me straight forward accounting system that works on, for, and within my computer!!!

    Is there one out there?

    • I’m with you, Harold. I don’t go online to any of my financial providers. I need simple, for Windows, with expense classifications; like groceries, take-out/restaurant, entertainment, grooming, etc. For insurance co-pays, charitable, Schedule A, I want to print reports for my tax lady.

  46. William McKinley Ryan says:

    I’m in a quandry. Help! I live in Brazil and have been using Money since 2003. Just bought a new pc, which doesnt have a dvd slot so I can’t install the old Money software (not sure if Money will even run on Windows 10). I tried a free trial of Mint online, but one of the first steps is that you need to hook into your US bank, which I don’t have, my acct is here in Brazil. Does anyone know of a good downloadable program that will handle basic personal finance and account management?

  47. Mike Sogi says:

    Quicken 2016 is the absolute worst version of Quicken I have used. Do not upgrade from 2015 at least until Intuit has worked out some of the bugs. On R3 and still hate it … reconcile feature no longer works and there are some other irritating bugs. Customer support was unable to assist in correcting these.

    • The Gentle Grizzly says:

      I agree completely. 2015 had some issues but at least it worked. I moved to 2016 and it’s been nothing but issue after issue. The non-native-speaker tech support just makes it worse.

  48. Has anybody tried Money Manager Ex (http://www.moneymanagerex.org)? I’m starting to like it, although I don’t think it can convert 17 years of data from my Quicken AU 2007 data file…

  49. Scubaray InAlaska says:

    Quicken 2016 forces online login to do any processing. I’m definitely not happy with being forced to let them into my financial transactions and have uninstalled 2016 and gone back to the last version. I’m looking for an alternative. Suggestions welcome.

    • Donald Mayfield says:

      I don’t think they force you to use any feature, it is a choice.

      • One buys the damn software to automatically download transactions. If they shut it off after 3 years, the software is worthless unless you use it as a glorified checkbook ledger. If THEY shut off pieces of their software to force you to upgrade to a poorly written POS, I have a problem with that. BTW, I find a new bug each day as I try to get this turd to work.

        • Donald Mayfield says:

          I use it as such. I track transaction of spending and report on them. It is very useful as such.

  50. Used to use quicken a LOT, I really liked how I could search for a phrase and recategorize or add a memo to every item that the search came up with, or just some of those items. Does anyone know of another software that will allow me to do this now that quicken’s gotten greedy as $**t?

  51. CTracyIII says:

    WOW – and I thought I was the only one feeling alienated by Intuit. Hate Quicken 2016 especially after Intuit required me to upgrade from 2013 (they literally turned off the bank download feature). If I could hack Quicken 2013 OR find a clean copy of Quicken 2015 and hack it – I would turn off that 3yr timer.

    Anyway, thanks for the alternatives and feedback. I’ll be looking into them once again.

    • Donald Mayfield says:

      I am still on 2010 version. The bank keeps track for me for the investment part. I keep track of the spending on Quicken and do my own reports which have been worked on and added to for 20+ years now.

    • Keith Hopkins says:

      I simply refuse to be strong-armed by Quicken or any other software company…I too have 2013 and I’ve simply been entering all the data myself.

  52. KimLetkeman says:

    I am forced to give up on Quicken. They extorted me to buy 2016 to continue to download from the bank, the force the login, and that does not work. Everything in their community points to the mondo patch that is supposed to fix everything and it comes back with “not for your version of software” … and the fact that they have no online or telephone technical support at all for consumers tells us everything we need to know about their commitment to anything but the almighty dollar … ao thanks very much for the article …

  53. robert schader says:

    will any of the open source programs read and interface with existing quicken files?

  54. I went to Quicken after Microsoft stopped supporting Money. There are many things I like about Quicken, but there is no consistency that these things will work. For instance today it will not let me download from the bank without reentering my password with Intuit. I have used three different logins all with correct passwords and every time I get their error message. I’ve had it. Thanks for all the feed back, I will switch to CountAbout ASAP.

  55. I have Q10 installed and am still using it. I use my credit card much more than my bank accounts. I simply download my card info to a QIF and then manually import it into Q. I manually input and chequing/savings info into Q10. I actually own Q12 but never bothered updating it…and based on this thread I likely won’t bother since my system is working fine for me. I must admit I was thinking about buying Q16 to get into downloading my banking accounts again likely, but based on the horrible reviews and poor/non-existent customer service exhibited by Q in these posts. Thanks for the warning!! I hope to find a free program that will seamlessly upload my decades of Q data and will allow me to download from Canadian banks.

  56. Frank Lategano says:

    You didn’t specify, but do any of these alternatives work with TurboTax? Also, my Quicken backup files are QDF. Moneyspire won’t accept that. Will any of the others?

  57. I detest Quicken, always asking for a password of some kind and nothing gets downloaded from the bank
    in the correct category. I’m searching for another personal financial software that will work as quicken and allow me to track my rental properties. I’ve been researching Banktivity which was once I Bank, and Money dance. Has anyone tried using any of these two software’s.

  58. Ronald Geiken says:

    Like everyone else out there, I hate quicken since it has really screwed up my accounts. It has no flexibility and makes it hard to organize the way you really want it to be. For some reason there does not seem to be another program that does what I want. With Quicken 2013, things were working pretty good, but Quicken 2016 is the worse version I have ever had. I would like to start over and just import the past 5 or 6 years from my Credit Union and start there. I don’t want the program downloading any information for me. I will do it myself manually since I only update me accounts on my computer about once a month. I have given up on using the check book recorder method and keep it on my computer. I keep a log of my CU on my computer in Word and it is easy to see where things are. I update that ever month from the CU. Like so many other things in Obama’s World keeping track of your money seems to be getting harder and harder. I just want something simple that does not make it almost impossible to update information. I keep looking at the Quicken Alternatives and not sure that any of them are much better.

  59. AuntieMom says:

    I’m another long-time user of Quicken who will never again open it. When I bought the update from 2015 to 2016, I expected improvements. Instead I discovered that they had switched the category and memo columns — without warning.. Since I had data for the first quarter of 2016, it was impossible to post to those two columns (and it was impossible to switch them back!) and still get reports that made sense. Since April 2016 I have been using Excel and a homemade workbook there. It’s not as sophisticated but at least it doesn’t carry a hidden sting.

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