So…Google’s Chromebooks didn’t make as big a wave as they were hoping – which is to say that they’ve barely even made a ripple. It was definitely a cool idea, to be fair: unfortunately, it was one which only caught the interest of a very niche market. The problem, after all, with an ultra lightweight notebook like the Chromebook is that, well…

It can be a bit too lightweight for most users.

Anyway, we’re getting off track. Today’s article isn’t about the successes or failures of the Chromebook. Rather, we’re going to talk about something any enterprising user could do with their Chromebook (or a Chrome browser, if one’s so inclined.). Some time ago, I made a post about Google Chrome’s Native Client. Today, Reddit’s JulietteStray reminded me of one particular use for Native Client: playing old school DOS games in Chrome.

The website is known as, and it’s just the ticket if you feel like the game selection on your Chromebook is a touch sparse. Basically, it’s a cloud-based DOSBOX for Chrome. Right out the door, you’ve got a decent selection of DOS games to choose from, and the website, which is entirely cloud-based, offers a number of subscription plans for those of you who want to upload your own old-school titles. Sounds pretty good, right?

The whole project was designed by a fellow named Robert Isaacs who, to hear the poster on Reddit talk about it, is quite dedicated and hard-working.

So…that’s…pretty much all I’ve got to say about this one. If you’re looking to play a few awesome old-school games on your Chromebook, NACLBox is probably one of your best bets – particularly if you’ve a bit of money to spend on a subscription. Might be just the ticket to spice things up if you feel your Chromebook’s getting a little bland.