A Powerful Digital Music Library Manager Program

If you have an extensive collection of digital music, having a music library program is an absolute must. While there are many established players out there (Winamp, iTunes, Song Bird, etc.), one which you might want to look at is MusicBee.

MusicBee is a free music library program which offers a pretty impressive feature set, including:

  • CD ripping
  • Extensive tagging functionality
  • File reorganization (for example, create a Windows folder structure organized by artist and album)
  • Format conversion
  • Sync with portable players

Currently I am a Winamp user and the interface to MusicBee looks very similar (I really like the Winamp library functionality). I plan on giving this a try in the near future to see how well it works.

Is anyone out there already using MusicBee? If so, what do you think about it?


  1. MediaMonkey is much better!

  2. Another thing that should be mentioned in the features is that it syncs with iPhones. That’s been something I’ve had difficulty finding.

  3. I agree. MediaMonkey has been around a long time now and is very comprehensive. I use it a lot.

  4. Pretty awesome title for a software you have not even tried yet.
    I suppose you base that on the advertising hype since by your own admission you haven’t tried it yet. Please next time have some facts to backup the claims. Makes me think this is an advertisement.

  5. MuiscBee is the best music manager out there – and I have tried them all! Seriously, this program is awesome and it is completely free, so really, what have you got to lose in giving it a try. I cannot praise this software enough!

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