This week’s PCMech “Rig Of The Week” comes from Kenny, in Oviedo, FL.

Kenny is an avid gamer, which I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from the photo. He’s running an AMD FX 6200 processor, 16GB of RAM. The video card is an MSI N560GTX-TI, and he’s running a 60GB SSD drive for his OS while running a 1TB platter drive for everything else.

Aug Rig Of The Week

The Back Story

I got into PC gaming a while ago, maybe around 9 or 10 when I was playing Halo: Combat Evolved on my old deskop. It was barely enough to run any games (installed an extra gig of ram and an nVidia 6200 GT vid card just to get Halo to work) that were coming out when I was using it. I ran on that for about 5 years (maybe 2 or 3 were after I upgraded it). My next main computer was a laptop that I used for about 4 years. It was great, though the hard drive would fill up rather quickly with all the games that I played and eventually the inability to truly upgrade it killed it off, though I still use it for LAN parties at my friend’s house where we just goof off on MapleStory.

Around my freshman year of high school I started shopping for computer parts because I had been dreaming of building my own computer since 7th grade. My buddy Marc helped me out because back then I wasn’t too knowledgeable about much. After about a year and a half of research and saving I managed to get all the parts for my build. Marc came over one day and helped me with putting it together which actually wasn’t that hard. Finished in around 15-20 minutes. Worked great (and still does) till the 1TB hard drive filled up with something or other. Reformatted. Got an SSD to install Windows to and left the sATA to hold everything else. Just recently added the “speakers” which are actually just the speakers to a radio that I run my computer sound through.

My current full setup is my desktop, one Dell 22″ HD monitor, a Razer Deathstalker keyboard (the “cheap” one), a Razer Taipan mouse, a Rosewill webcam for when I’m in a vid-chat with my gaming buddies, an Electro-Voice N/D767a Mic (for all my mic-based needs), an old RCA radio for my sound, a Sennsheiser HD 280 pro headset for when I’m recording, and the small M-Audio Fast Track as my mic, and headset audio interface.

Thanks so much for the submission, Kenny.

Send in your own “rig of the week” to [email protected]. Ideally, send in:

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  4. If you want, you can share any background on the machine.

We’d love to see some of the rigs of our PCMech readers. 🙂