One of the new features in the Creators Update is Game Mode, a way for your video games to run a little smoother on your machine with some behind-the-scenes software magic. Follow along below, and we’ll show you how to enable this so you too can have some smoother gameplay.

Enabling Game Mode

Game Mode will improve your video game’s performance by reducing the amount of system resources background processes and other apps are eating up, ultimately leaving more resources available for your game. If you have a high-end PC, this likely isn’t going to do much for you, but if you have a lower-end budget PC, Game Mode could potentially have a huge impact on the performance of your games.

In most cases, you have to activate Game Mode on a per-game basis. So, enabling it one game doesn’t mean it’s enabled for another.

To enable Game Mode, you first need to open the Game Bar. Keep in mind that you need to be in a game to mess with these settings. To open the Game Bar, press the Windows Key + G. One the Game Bar appears, you’ll want to select the Settings gear icon on the far right.


This will open up the Settings menu for some gaming-related features. Under the “General” tab, make sure the box that says Use Game Mode for this game is checked.


With this enabled, Game Mode will automatically be activated every time you launch this specific game. Again, do keep in mind that you will have to follow the above steps for every new game you play, but one you enable that first time, it should enable automatically.

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