Adding Album Art To MP3’s

Something which would be of use to podcasters, musicians or anyone who wants to put some “cool factor” into their MP3’s is album art. Popular MP3 players like Windows Media Player 11 will recognize album art and show it as the file is being played. Using a utility called MP3-Info it’s easy to insert album art into any MP3.


  1. ive done this to and it works but if i try to transer it to my phone (W910I) it doesn’t show de album art, does anyone know why???? please???

    • DarkReaper says:

      i guess it’s the problem on most se phones…mine doesn’t work sometimes too. should be a glitch. maybe restarting phone would help.

  2. Diego Vega says:

    Don’t download this. It sometimes changes the file time so It will not register on your phones Media Player. It works well sometimes. But on your Ipod, or my MyTouch it still doesnt show album artwork.

  3. Very interesting stuff about Adding Album Art To MP3’s | PCMech . Thanks and keep up the good work. Merry christmas to u all 😉

  4. if you have iphone then why are you using this stuff….use itunes instead

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