Last month’s Computex saw the announcement of AMD’s first run of Radeon Vega cards. The workstation and early adopter-focused Front Editions have been shrouded in mystery. However, a couple of retail listings have come out that suggest that the company is looking to start selling them without much fanfare – or perhaps more likely, the retailers simply jumped the gun. SabrePC has posted listings for both of the Frontier Editions cards that AMD announced – with the air-cooled and liquid-cooled models each costing a pretty penny. The air-cooled model will set you back $1,200, while the liquid cooled variant is $1,800.

AMD may not be releasing any official information, but with viable retailers showing the cards off, it does seem to be that these are the final prices for them. The cards are expensive on one hand, but not as pricey as one might expect. The $1200 card is slightly less than the similar Radeon Pro and Nvidia Quadros cards, while the $600 premium pricing for the liquid cooled card may be tough to justify for some. On a technical level, both cards feature the same memory bandwidth, with 483 GB/s of memory bandwidth and a GPU clockspeed of 1.6GHz and 13.1 TFLOPS.

The specs being identical for the cards could be an error on SabrePC’s part, but it could be that AMD is willing to make the liquid-cooled card seem like a more premium product simply due to the liquid cooling. The cards themselves aren’t set for release until June 27, at which point, all of the rumors will be put to rest and the cards themselves will be put to the test.

Given that the cards are currently just meant for professionals and not general consumers, it may take a while for full testing to conducted on them them – but when that happens, it will be interesting to see how they stack up.