This isn’t the first time Android tops iOS in the US because this happened in January this year but as latest data shows, Android is increasing the gap and is headed to become the unchallenged leader in mobile platforms.

Rather, the news from the latest ComScore survey on mobile trends is that Blackberry is going down further and now it is the third largest player, overtaken by iOS. With Android at the top with 36.4% (up from 31.2% in January), followed by iPhone with 26% (up from 24.7% in January) and Blackberry with 25.7% (down from 30.4% in January), the market is getting more and more interesting to watch.

Microsoft and Palm come fourth and fifth respectively with 6.7% (down from 8.0% in January) and 2.6% (down from 3.2% in January).

What can we say? The battle between Android and iOS will continue but isn’t it a lost battle? I mean for iOS, Android is in top shape and advancing like crazy. Well, maybe if Nokia didn’t choose Microsoft for their OS, then the leadership of Android would have been even more clearly expressed but even without Nokia on their camp, Android devices are doing pretty well and gaining more and more market share.

Will we see Android devices grabbing more than half or even two thirds of the market, or do iPhones and Blackberries have their devoted fans, who won’t ditch them for Android for dear life?