According to a story on AppleInsider, Apple exec Tim Cook recently said that the iPhone isn’t destined to remain a single-carrier phone, even if it does make business sense for Apple.

"We’re not married to any business model," Cook explained. "What we’re married to is shipping the best phones in the world."

This could be a response to troubles with Apple’s stock value amid rumors that Apple was going to miss it’s 10 million Iphone goal by more than 2 million units.

iphone_home Cook explains that Apple is committed to meeting that 10 million iPhone goal even if it means changing strategy. Could this mean offering unlocked phones to multiple carriers?

According to Apple 2.0:

He also described the surprisingly large number of hacked iPhones turning up around the world as a good problem to have. When users are “stepping over each other” to get to a device, it’s a sign of pent-up worldwide demand.


Also interesting is the fact that this was a no-hype talk from somebody OTHER than Steve Jobs. Said one person on the MacObserver forums:

For the first time, listening yesterday to Tim Cook at the Goldman Technology Investment Symposium webcast made me feel confident that in him was a person who could ably step in if Jobs fell off the earth, or could progressively assume more of the duties of CEO if Jobs chose to downshift his involvement in Apple.

I am hoping that they soon divorce the iPhone from AT&T. Not so much switch to another carrier, but allow the consumer to choose. I think locking the iPhone to AT&T was a stupid move and I can speak honestly for myself in saying that is reason #1 why I am not buying an iPhone.

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