Picture 5One of the most exciting things you will ever read in the world of technology is a keyboard review. I was, however, super interested because my Microsoft keyboard failed – yet again. What to replace it with? And this time, no Microsoft crap.

Picture 4 My last several keyboards have all been Microsoft keyboards. All failed, some much sooner than others. This time around, I did not want to get another Microsoft keyboard. I checked out Logitech, but nothing there had the laptop-style keys which I like. So, I checked out Apple. I really liked their wireless keyboard, but it requires Bluetooth (this is stupid). Then I saw the wired, USB keyboard from Apple. $50 is a bit high for just a keyboard, but I bought it. I was originally looking for a natural, ergonomic keyboard but decided to sacrifice it for the low profile keys.

Apple has always been known for putting a lot of thought into design, and this keyboard is no exception. Offering low profile, white keys on an aluminum case, this keyboard really does look nice. The keyboard is very thin and is certainly the smallest keyboard I’ve used, but it is not too light and it does not move around the desk when you’re using it.

The keyboard comes with the USB cable pre-attached. As is typical of Apple products, the attached cable is often to short, but at least they include a USB cable extender with the package. The keyboard also acts as a USB hub. There are two USB ports on the sides of this keyboard. I find the placement of the ports very odd. The previous Apple keyboard had USB ports in the back and this makes more sense when placed on your desk. Side placement of the ports might be nice for device hookup such as for your MP3 player, but it is not convenient for devices which are always attached (such as a mouse).

Picture 6 Personally, I really dig the feel of this keyboard. I have always liked typing on my notebook computer more than the desktop. I like the low profile keys and I find that I can type much faster on them. This new Apple keyboard gives my big Mac Pro the feel of a laptop. I can type very quickly on it and the keys are not loud and obnoxious.

The real test will be how long the keyboard lasts for me. Unfortunately, this is not a question I can answer yet. 🙂