Are You Hot For a Tablet Yet?

If you pay attention to what the corporate mucky-mucks say, they feel that people want and need tablet computers. The one you see in the video above is the Samsung Galaxy which uses Android (watch for the little green Android character at the end).

I have two questions for you guys and girls out there.

1. Do you plan on buying a tablet, and if so, which one?

2. If you already have a tablet (such as an iPad), has it lived up to expectations?

While you’re thinking about that, here was my most recent experience with a tablet.

I went to a local auto repair center to have the axle seals replaced on my truck. Knowing this was going to take at least three hours, I brought my netbook with me. The place had free wi-fi, but unfortunately my Dell mini would not pick up the signal.

The owner of the shop runs in the back and comes back with an iPad.

Yes, the guy at the auto repair shop had an iPad and was totally willing to let me use it for as long as I wanted.

It was able to grab a wi-fi signal with no problems at all compared to my netbook, so I said sure, I’ll go ahead and use it.

What I did was basically read Reddit for three hours straight. General operation of the iPad was easy enough and I purposely used it in “horizontal” mode so I could get the most text across the screen. Scrolling was okay. Not great, and certain doesn’t replace a mouse. But it did the job.

I think the best part of the experience was the fact I did not care it was made by Apple. As long as I could fire up a browser, that was the only thing I actually needed to work. And I honestly believe that any other tablet user would feel the same way. If it can browse, you can do stuff. Doing other things like reading e-Books, using a weather app and so on, yeah, that’s all well and good – but it’s all about the browser. iPad’s browser gets the job done on an above-average level.

This is the second iPad I’ve used. The first was Dave‘s, and now a second one. Worth $500? Not to me. I’m happy to use someone else’s iPad, but I’d never buy one because 500 smacks is just way too much for such a limited device. Oh, and by the way, that’s $500 starting price. They go up from there.

Fortunately however there are alternatives like Samsung Galaxy Tab as shown aboveĀ  and the recently introduced Dell Streak. Personally I think the Galaxy Tab is the better of the two, but I haven’t used either yet so I can’t say for certain.

Tablets be they big or small are essentially the modern version of a PDA, with the added advantage of better apps, easy-read screens and Internet connectivity. That’s how I see them. I don’t see any of what’s out there as “magic” or “revolutionary”. I see a modern PDA. When I put tablets into that category, they make a lot more sense to me because at that point they actually have purpose. “Oh, okay.. I get it. I could use this little 4 or 5-inch screened thing for to-dos along with some e-reading and web browsing.” Right. There’s your advantage, and there’s where it can actually serve you better than a netbook in some respects.

But what do you think? Will you be buying one? Or have you already?


  1. Joshrules001 says:

    I can see some uses for a tablet PC so I probable would get one but I won’t be getting a Ipad if I would want I would just get a iphone same thing cheaper.

  2. I have an ipad that I purchased when they were released, it is the wifi ver 64 gig. I also own 2 dell laptops pcs and 6 desktop pc’s all running windows of different vintage. I have to say, when it comes to using the web I prefer the ipad. Looking back on everything I have ever owned computer wise, the ipad is the only device that is instant internet. Soon as you turn it on if you are in a wifi hotspot, you can connect. PC’s on the other hand must go thru a long tedious boot process to get stated up, then you must configure the wifi adaptor to get to the internet. As you mentioned, it gets tedious and down right frustrating using a pc in a hotspot. I much prefer to just turn on the ipad and browse. No boot up requiered, what a relief. So in regards to tablets, I think ipad wins.

  3. I will absolutely be getting a tablet, but I’m waiting for a little while longer to allow a few more offerings in the market, hopefully driving the price down some. I don’t want to pay more than I would for a basic PC (desktop or otherwise) for a device that is far more limited. Not sure which one, but I’ll want to get my hands on an iPad and a Galaxy to try them out.

    I also want to upgrade my phone to a touchscreen android this year. While functionality comparisons to tablets and phones can be made (iPads are often called ‘big iPhones’), I want a tablet for it’s compact size (not carrying around a notebook), but not so small that there is no screen real estate for web browsing. Web browsing on a 5″ screen sucks. The screen is too small for me, but big enough to make the device too large for me to want it as a phone.

    Good call on thinking of these devices as the modern PDA. I think the line has been blurred between PDAs and phones because the functionality of smartphones is so diverse (I remember old Palm PDAs, and I’m currently using a Palm smartphone that can do way more than the first PDAs). Now the same thing is happening with tablets, which are being thought of less as computers, and more as phones (Josh can’t tell the difference between an iPhone and an iPad).

  4. I just got an Ipod touch for free I know its not a full size tablet but it fits in your pocket and is a lot cheaper than the Ipad and the Iphone if you where to buy it . I got mine with bonus points from a local grocery chain .

  5. Iphone and Ipad are completely different beasts. The screen size makes a lot more difference than you might realize.

  6. Yah but my Ipod touch was free . If I bought an Ipad id have to spend $600.00 = dollars and also buy a larger purse for my wife LOL

  7. I feel the same as you. An iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch may be “different beasts,” but it feels like you’d be doing the same thing with each of them. Screen size doesn’t matter to me, so I’d much rather get an iPod Touch over an iPad. I’d almost prefer the smaller screen because then it would mean I can bring it around with me more easily.

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