Attache Laptop Stand from Lapworks – Review

Lapworks is a big name in the field of ergonomic laptop desks and desk stands. I have been a long-time user of the Futura laptop stand from Lapworks. It is simple and is great for using the laptop on my lap. It helps with cooling and it saves the family jewels.

The Attache is a new addition to the Lapworks lineup. They sent me a unit to review and I thought I would make it my first review recorded on PCMech LIVE. So, the recorded video is below.

The Attache is a beefier laptop desk than the Futura. It is made in a more solid aluminum with a plastic bottom. It has 2 cooling fans embedded into it and it does seem to help with cooling of my DV6000 (a laptop that gets super hot underneath). The stand also has a 4-port USB hub built right into it. This is super convenient.

The power fans both draw their power right from the USB port on my laptop, using the provided USB cable. This would obviously be enough to run simple USB devices over the hub (like a mouse or keyboard). Since the hub is not independently powered by an AC adapter, you would not be able to run devices which requires more power yield.

If you use your laptop as a desktop replacement, the Attache laptop stand is a pretty good way to go. I like it much better than the Aluminum Desktop stand I reviewed for them a few months ago. They charged the same amount of money for that stand, and I thought it was overpriced. The Attache is offered at the same price, yet I see much more value here with the included USB hub and the cooling fans. Besides, I can actually figure out the Attache! The other aluminum stand was confusing at first. Looked like a big hunk of metal hinges!

All in all, I give the Attache Laptop stand high marks.


  1. Looks like the Attache is better than the Futura judging from your explanation.

  2. Rio Benson says:

    Hello David,

    Just a short, to say you would think that Lapworks would at least have given you a promo code (they have a place for entering such on their site) for you to post for your readers. I thought not giving this was kind of cheap on their part – it’s a pretty healthy price they’re asking for the Attache stand!


  3. mike schriner says:

    I prefer a product I purchased last month called Laptop Smart Feet. They raise your laptop with Rubber feet and a built in cable organizer. Found them at

  4. I watched your video on the Attache cooling stand. Did i hear you correctly that the Fans on this unit “Suck Air” rather than “Blow Air”. I like the unit but i need one that Blows air. Plaese email me with a clairification. Thanks

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