What are transistors and how do they work?

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What is TCP/IP and how does it work?

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SLI vs. Crossfire: What they are and how they work

SLI and Crossfire are two great ways to implement a dual graphics card setup on your computer. But how do they work? And what’s the difference?

What is PCI Express 3.0 and how does it work?

Looking to expand on the peripherals your computer can currently offer? The PCI slot has been designed exactly for that goal — expanding your peripherals. But what exactly is PCI Express 3.0, and how does it work? PCI Express, or Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, is a high-speed bus standard, and it was developed to replace […]

Overview of Processor Thermal Parameters and Their Meanings

The processor is an important part of your computer, but it’s a very complex aspect of how a computer works. Here’s an look at processor thermal parameters.

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What’s the difference between the CPU and GPU?

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Computer Memory Types And How They Affect Your Computer

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From Flights, To Hotels, To Sightseeing, Here Are The Top Apps For Getting Through Your Vacation

Traveling can be a real pain in the butt, however new technology has made it a lot easier than it once was. Sure, it’s never going to be pain-free, but at least it can be pain-minimized. In fact, all you really need to completely plan a holiday is your smartphone. We’re put together a list […]