Author: Chris Stobing

What Killed Moore’s Law?

If you paid any attention to the news this week, you might have heard a little something about Moore’s Law finally breathing its last, exasperated breath. Of course, Moore’s Law has been declared “dead” several times over now, only to be resurrected by a new type of silicon, a refreshed diode manufacturing process, or the great white hope of quantum computing. So what makes this time different? Nanometer Roadblocks First coined back in the earliest days of computing, Moore’s Law suggests that the amount of available computing power on any given chip doubles once every 12 months. This law has remained...

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How to Manage Ease of Access Features in Windows 10

  If you’re someone who struggles to use a computer at its default settings due to problems with vision, hearing, or the ability to type, Windows 10 comes with a range of helpful features that you can use to make the process of surfing the web or viewing your favorite content a breeze. Open the Ease of Access Panel To start, you’re going to need to find the Ease of Access settings. These can be located by going down to your Start menu, and selecting “Settings” from the menu, seen below: Once settings is open, click the “Ease of Access” button, and you’re ready to start the configuration. Managing Your Settings While most of the Ease of Access settings available on Windows 10 are carried over from earlier editions of the OS stretching all the way back to Windows XP, there are still a few fresh additions that people might want to know about if they’re working with someone who’s either visually or audibly impaired. The five key features that are made to help those specific conditions can be found in the Narrator, Magnifier, High Contrast, Keyboard, and Mouse tabs. Narrator The Narrator feature is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a narrating voice that will automatically read any content you highlight or click with your mouse. Here you can change things like what type of voice the Narrator...

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Facebook’s New Digital Assistant – Is It Worth Using?

Cortana. Siri. Google Now. It seems like every month there’s a new app or piece of software that tech companies are trying to pitch us that will “revolutionize the way we interact with our computers”. Now the social media giant Facebook is stepping into the ring, and its “M” service is the company’s latest attempt at creating a digital assistant to help us with every part of our lives online. But will it be worth it to adopt the technology by the time it’s released, or just another app that we install and ignore after using it twice? Read on...

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Home Automation and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things. It’s a term you’ve probably heard kicked around a hundred times since this year’s CES, and manufacturers from every end of the industry are eager to ramp up production on everything from smart thermostats to smart toasters as soon as they’re able to get them off the factory line. But what is the “Internet of Things”, and what does it mean for home automation? Read on in our guide to find out. Gadgets Galore At its most basic, the Internet of Things can be described as any home-based devices that come with an internal component which...

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How to Configure Your Notification Center in Windows 10

Tired of being constantly pestered by annoying notifications all throughout the day and night on Windows 10? Well then check out our handy guide which will give you the lowdown on how you can easily manage all your alerts in an instant. Open Up the Notification Center To start, it helps to know what notifications you’re already receiving so you know what can be turned off, and what can’t. To do this, navigate to the bottom right-hand corner of your Windows 10 taskbar, and click on the icon highlighted below: Here you’ll see all the apps, programs, and Windows 10...

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