Author: Jeremy Peeples

Justice Department Takes Down Kelihos Network

The Kelihos network used more than 10,000 infected computers to deliver spam, deliver ransomware, and steal login information as far back as 2010. Yesterday, the US Justice Department took them down after authorities in Spain arrested their alleged operator Pyotr Levashov. He was traveling with his family from Russian to Spain, and due to Spain having an extradition treaty, was arrested. Kelihos is believed to infect computers and then take control of them to take over systems for their nefarious deeds. They sent millions of fraudulent e-mails and used them to try and access bank accounts. A criminal complaint...

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Outlines Plan to Future-Proof Xbox Platform

Since the first time Project Scorpio was announced, it seemed like the Xbox platform was becoming more multi-faceted and going from one generation to something that is going to transcend traditional hardware refreshes. Phil Spencer shed a bit more light on this during a recent interview, stating that gaming hardware needs to be multi-generational because many of its games are. Titles like GTA, Destiny, and Call of Duty were cited as games that succeeded across multiple generations and their goal is to make sure that their goal is to make things easier for developers to figure out the best...

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