Author: Rich Menga

The 12 Computer Key Characters Everyone Gets Wrong

There are 12 characters on a standard computer keyboard layout (as in QWERTY) that a lot of people get wrong as far as what to call them. And it is pretty much guaranteed that every person that reads this has probably been calling at least half of this list by wrong names for years. And here they are: Open and Close Brace There are [brackets] and then there are {braces}. Most people mistakenly call the brace a bracket. Oftentimes most will just call them “curly brackets”. Good enough, I suppose, but they are called braces. Hyphen Often called “dash” or “minus sign”, the proper name for this is hyphen. You will be amazed at how much people will understand you better in spoken word (such as over the phone) when you refer to this character as a hyphen. If you say “minus sign” or “dash”, people will screw it up from time to time. Use “hyphen” on the other hand, and the likelihood of someone understanding what you’re saying increases dramatically. Underscore Most people just call this “SHIFT-minus” or sometimes “long dash”. Incorrect. It’s called an underscore. Tilde This character is almost universally called the “squiggly”. Incorrect. It’s called a tilde, which is correctly pronounced as “till-deh” or “till-dee”. The incorrect pronunciation is the monosyllabic “tild”. Pipe This is the character generated by pressing SHIFT and backslash. Almost nobody...

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Why Is The Linksys WRT54GL The Best Damned Wireless Router Ever?

I made the decision recently to purchase another Linksys WRT54GL wireless router. My first one got zapped by lightning, and I replaced it with a cheap-o TRENDnet that’s about to bite the dust, so I made the decision to go with another WRT54GL. Now to note, the WRT54GL is arguably the best consumer wireless router, as there is business-grade stuff that obviously is built much better with a rackmount steel chassis. But when it comes to something that “just works” in the home, the WRT54GL is it. What’s the differences between the WRT54G, WRT54GS and the WRT54GL? It’s more...

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.Mail Will Become Available Soon

One of the new top-level-domains that will be available soon is dot-mail. This means if you wanted to register the domain you.mail, you could, and you could assign the email address [email protected] if desired (with “you” being replaced with the name of your choosing, if available and not registered by someone else. I’m actually amazed it took this long for the dot-mail TLD to actually exist, because it’s one that makes total sense. True, it would suck for a web site (such as because that would confuse the crap out of everyone, but for an email address, yes...

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Do You Even Have To Bother With Firefox If Running Iceweasel?

In most (if not all) Debian based Linux distributions, the default browser is Iceweasel. What is Iceweasel? A rebranded Firefox. Why does it have to exist? Read this. (I honestly don’t know how accurate that is, but I’m assuming it’s at least mostly true.) Here’s a screenshot from CrunchBang Linux, which is Debian based and therefore comes bundled with Iceweasel: The Big Question however is if you’re running Iceweasel, do you even need to bother using Firefox at all since it’s more or less the same thing? Answer: A conditional no. The only time you would ever need Firefox...

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Have You Noticed Your Yahoo! Mail Has Been Downgraded?

I have two Yahoo! Mail accounts that I log in to a few times a month just to “keep them alive” so they don’t auto-delete themselves. I had to reconfigure one of the accounts and noticed something as shown by the screenshot above. Only 1TB of storage. If you’re thinking, “Isn’t that good?” No, because all accounts used to have unlimited storage. 1TB is actually a downgrade. As far as I’m aware, the largest email attachment has a maximum limit of 30MB for most systems. If you had a ridiculous amount of emails that had 30MB each of attachments...

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