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PCMech Staff Announcement

As part of my effort to continue to grow and expand PCMech, I’m happy to announce today that Brad Ward will be taking over duties as Editor-in-Chief for the site. Brad’s diverse writing experience in the technology field (including over two years at PCMech) will greatly benefit and guide the content direction of PCMech of going forward. Please join me in congratulating Brad on his new position!...

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WiFi Cameras That Do Way More Than Just Surveillance

By now you’re probably familiar with WiFi security cameras that you can control with your smart phone, but you would probably assume advanced features are reserved for full, monitored security systems. That assumption would be wrong. Most people are familiar with the standard security cameras like Nest, D-Link, and Dropcam Pro. But the range of quality and features in WiFi cameras is huge—with prices from just $40 up to $250. Some cameras have very little security features, while others are heavily encrypted on a secure private cloud. Video and audio quality also ranges from abysmal to clear HD. At...

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The First Steps To Securing Your Small Business Online

If you own a small business, then you know the true value of some of your electronic and digital assets. Your customer information and sensitive business data cannot be leaked, or else your goals could be set back months. A small business could even go under if they are the victim of a large enough cyberattack. You need to protect yourself, your employees and your computers. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available to you, and it isn’t difficult to set up a good system. Yet sometimes a wealth of information can seem overwhelming. If you haven’t really created...

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Amazon Echo: Is it Worth Buying?

Alexa is here to stay. After beating out Bose, Sonos and Logitech in 2015 speaker sales, Amazon Echo is now on track to be Amazon’s third billion-dollar company. Amazon is so dedicated to the product that they even aired their first Super Bowl commercial featuring Alec Baldwin and other celebrities using the Echo. According to reports, the next version of Amazon Echo will be announced soon as a smaller and cheaper alternative. So, yes, Amazon Echo is here to stay, even if you were one of those who initially mocked the Echo. But is it really worth the $180...

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How To Capture Text From Images With OCR Software

One of the things that has often frustrated me is the inability to easily copy text out of images and certain PDF files (e.g. those that may have been created from scanned documents).   Thankfully, over time software solutions have been developed to address this issue, allowing for significant time savings that would have otherwise been spent manually copying and re-typing the text.  In today’s tip, I’m going talk about a free software tool called Capture2Text that uses an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithm that will allow you to capture text from image and PDF files. Installation and Setup To...

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