10 Awesome Facebook Pages for Science and Technology

Social media has created a new way to communicate with millions of people at the touch of a button. This has opened up a tremendous opportunity to share knowledge and bring attention to the latest trends. The US Government has taken full advantage of social media to promote its work in the science and technology […]

Google Fiber Goes Down in KC During World Series, Gives Customers 2 Days Credit

It was widely reported yesterday that Google Fiber had a service outage in its Kansas City market at a particularly bad time. It just so happened that Game 1 of the World Series was being played between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals in Kansas City when the outage occurred. The downtime […]

Google Fiber Review: A Customer Service Love Story

It was one of those moments we all dread. On Monday, I was in the middle of an intense game of Madden 2016 on Xbox Live when the game froze, followed by an ominous message: “The connection to your peer has been lost.” Usually, this means my opponent quit the game early, but this time […]

Growing Up with Technology: The Vision behind MammaTech

I was sitting in Kansas City International Airport waiting on a delayed flight to take me to Chicago when I heard something that caught my attention. A few rows down from me, three older ladies were chatting about the issues of the day when the topic of kids and technology came up. They expressed disbelief […]

Announcing MammaTech.com – A PCMech Sister Network

Over the last several months, Timo and I have been working on ways to re-energize the PCMech community and capture the energy the do-it-yourself community had in its earliest days. One of those initiatives is to diversify our audience. As a result of that effort, we are pleased to announce the addition of MammaTech.com as a […]

Review: Is Google Fiber Worth the Hype?

Last week, Google announced that they will be bringing Google Fiber to four additional communities in the United States. Residents in Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham are next on Google’s list of expansion cities, and as a result, these residents might be curious just what Google Fiber is, how it works, and whether they should […]

Build Your Own Mac – Apple’s Key to the Future?

I saw someone over at DailyTech ask a question about building a Mac and watched him take machine gun-like shots over and over from PC and Mac fanboys for asking a stupid question. You know it’s bad when you have both sides of the computer world bashing you. Of course you can’t build your own […]

Edifier E3350 Speaker Review

When it comes to computer speakers, a few names typically come to mind. The first ones, Creative and Logitech offer decent sound at a middle-range price. I have owned sets of both speakers, and they are, as I said, decent. On the high end, the first name that comes to mind is Bose – they […]

Text Messaging via Email

Did you know it is possible to text message someone from your email account? Almost all of the major cell phone providers have an email address set up so that you can send and receive texts to phones. Let’s say for instance you need to get in touch with someone, but you have your laptop […]

Make your Home Network go Gigabit

If you have ever noticed, almost all current network cards support 10/100/1000 ethernet, but very few routers actually support the /1000. The last /1000 is actually called gigabit networking, allowing you to transfer 1 gigabit per second – which is the same as 1000 megabits per second or 125 megabytes per second – over your […]

What Do Your Kids Do Online?

The internet can be a great resource, a valuable tool to do research, learn new things, and associate with new people. The internet can be a lot of neat things – but it also has a bad side; the porn, the child predators, the cyber-bullying. Kids have curious brains, and often time curiosity can lead […]

Buyer Beware: Walmart Site to Store, An Open Letter

 I believe it is important for anyone who is considering using Wal-Mart’s new Site to Store service to read the letter I sent Wal-Mart Corporate early this morning regarding my family’s significant problems with their service over the past week.  Please read below.  “Wal-Mart Corporation: My name is Tyler Thompson, a resident of Derby Kansas and a […]

What to get your Geek / Nerd / Techie for Christmas

As a geek, all I ever hear about around this time of year is how difficult it is to shop for me for Christmas. What do I already have? What do I want? What would I use? All of these questions float around my house as my family tries to decide what they think I […]

Do Not Trust ATT

When I walk into a store, I expect an honest salesperson to greet me and tell me the best options for my particular need. Yes, I expect them to be biased, but I also expect them to be honest. I guess that is giving companies too much credit nowadays. My family had just gotten 4 […]

Information Warfare

Information and technology are fundamentally connected, as technology is used to more efficiently store, modify, process, sort, and analyze information. Information systems, when combined, often store personal information, control mission-critical processes, and are vital to the everyday lives of Americans as well as the global economy. To maintain such networks, people must create and manage […]

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