Locking your computer can be one of the most basic, yet important security features, especially when you’re in, say, a public office. Normally, you might set a timer to lock your PC or manually lock it with Windows Key + L. But, with the Creators Update, there’s an even better way to lock your PC — Dynamic Lock.

Using Dynamic Lock

Basically, Dynamic Lock works with your phone’s Bluetooth connection to automatically lock your PC. So, first thing’s first, you’ll need to connect your phone up to your computer by way of Bluetooth (instructions here).

Once Bluetooth is setup, you can go ahead and enable Dynamic Lock. You’ll want to open Settings, and then head into Accounts and find the Sign-in Options tab.

Next, you’ll want to find the Dynamic Lock header and make sure the box that says Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device is turned to the “On” position. Whenever you want to turn it off, it’s as simple as moving the slider to the “Off” position.


With Dynamic Lock turned on, whenever your phone loses its Bluetooth signal with your PC, Windows 10 will automatically lock the PC just a few seconds afterwards.