Automatically Refresh Any Page In Firefox

If you frequent websites where the pages are constantly updated and you have to click the refresh button to get the latest information, rather than manually clicking it yourself, check out the ReloadEvery Firefox add-on.

Reloads web pages every so many seconds or minutes. The function is accessible via the context menu (menu you get when you right click on a web page) or via a drop down menu on the reload button

This add-on is very useful for sport scores and stock quotes (just to name a few) but it will work on any page. Simple, but very useful.


  1. Charles Kane says:

    This is exactly what I do NOT want – fortunately Firefox has a preference to block some page refreshers (Tools ->Options->Advanced->warn me when websites try to redirect or reload a webpage). After all think what this is really for – its to Refresh and add to the count of ADVERTISEMENTS.
    Jeez – how long are you on a web page a – few minutes, 10 minutes say – in that time if I’m so concerned of missing something I can Ctrl->R – big deal – I do not want to be unexpectedly be interrupted by an auto refresh.
    Not useful at all Jason.

  2. Lespaul20 says:

    Some people do more with browsers than to visit ad filled pages.

    So it can actually be useful.

    Opera has this feature built in by the way.

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