As we wrap up another year of technology here at PCMech, I thought it would be fun to look back at where we’ve been this year on PCMech.

The year started out normally for us, but content was slow. I was not personally running the site day to day, and it was showing. But, around the beginning of the year, I was turned onto blogging. I had been aware of blogs well before that, but I had not switched my publishing model over to the platform. Around August or so (seriously, I can’t remember the exact month now), I made the decision to convert PCMech over to a blog.

The decision has proved to be one of the best I ever made. Along with this conversion, I have also taken over running the site on a day to day basis. Now that PCMech is a technology blog site, our quantity of new material has gone into the stratosphere compared to what it used to be. We are now bringing you sometimes several posts in a single day.

This is a big transition for this site, and my only regret is that I was so damn slow to make this conversion. I should have done it sooner.

So, looking back, here is my hand-picked list of my personal favorite posts for 2007.

What will 2008 bring for PCMech?

  • Unique editorial coverage of the latest tech news and issues
  • More how-to and PC tips (the daily tips have been brought back to PCMech!)
  • More coverage of the news in the PCMech Wire
  • Unique content only available in our RSS feed (subscribe to the feed now to partake)
  • New products in our PCMech store

If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, feel free to let us know. I welcome it! Use the contact form or post a comment on this post.