Better Gmail (For Firefox)

I posted a few days ago about making Gmail the default mail handler for HTTP (mailto tags), which is working great for me, but more ambitious users of Gmail and Firefox should take a look the Better Gmail Firefox extension (Note: If your Gmail account has been upgraded and you are using Gmail 2.0, you need this version of the extension).

Better Gmail further leverages functions of Gmail not available through the standard interface, including (but not limited to):

  • Moving the new message count in front of “Gmail – Inbox” in the title.
  • Removal of the annoying spam message counter.
  • More descriptive icons for attachments, instead of just the paperclip.
  • More macro key shortcuts.

If you are a heavy user of Gmail in the web interface along with the Firefox browser, this extension is definitely worth having.


  1. Keith Evans says:

    I tried the Better Gmail 2 extension and it is nowhere near as good as the new style (Better Gmail 2 Skins Fe Mail) available for people using the Stylish extension. Now that is coooool!!

    I don’t know if you already have, but I think you should post a comment on the Stylish extension explaining the wide choice of styles available for most of the popular websites around, and some of the not so well known too.

    I have nothing to do with the extension personally, I’m just an avid fan of the extension.


    Keith Evans
    North Wales

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