BFG Tech Going Out of Business

According to a very recent article by The Inquirer, graphics card maker BFG Tech is going out of business. While that may not be a big deal (it has been known for some time), what matters is that BFG has stopped honoring any product they labeled as having a “lifetime” warranty on it.

What really makes this crappy is that there are tons of BFG video card products still on store shelves, and are easily spotted at large electronics retailers.

You’ll probably be able to buy a BFG video card at a fire sale price soon enough, but be aware that you have basically have no warranty other than a standard 30-day in-store return policy – assuming there weren’t any special conditions at the time of sale.

If you just bought a BFG video card and it’s within the in-store return period, see if you can get your money back for it. If you bought one online and you’re allowed to return it, do so even if you have to take a hit on shipping and/or restocking fees.

Or if you’re OK with what you have, keep it. Just remember that any BFG product labeled with a “lifetime” warranty is probably invalid at this point.


  1. Hi Rich,

    Sings of the times I guess. A bummer really I like the BFG cards (have two of ’em) because they have the NVIDIA chip set and a lot of games are written for NVIDIA.

    Even though the card takes up two slots it still runs very cool even when overclocking the Core. A nice feature of the 200 series is the ability to set the speed of the fan.

    During normal operations I don’t overclock the Core clock and run the fan at 50%, the card runs cool.

    When I play a games some of them need a higher Core clock speed for the video to display properly. When I overclock the Video I also increase the fan speed, the noise level goes up also, the only draw back.

    I would consider upgrading if the price is lower, not having waranty for me is not a deal killer.

    • I’ve never been that much of a believer that a company who manufactures a tech/electronic product will support it “for life” (would Sony still honor the “lifetime warranty” stamped on so many floppy disks they used to make?)

      Regardless of that, if your BFG products are over 90 days old and still running proper, chances are they’ll stand the test of time, as in 4 or 5 years assuming non-constant “heavy” overclocking.

      Don’t buy new unless it’s so cheap they’re almost giving them away. I doubt that will happen, but you can forego the lack of a lifetime warranty if the price is right.

  2. holy crap… That is such sad news…
    I bought my Nvidia Geforce 9600GT OC (BFG tech) about 2 years ago and it broke this summer…
    I’m pretty sure it could be repaired with a bit of touch…
    Can anyone please tell me where I could get this card fixed??????
    Thank you…

    • If the card is broken due to some bad soldier joints in the BGA for the GPU you could try to carefully “reflow” the card in a household oven. If you Google “reflow graphics card” or “reflow nvidia” you should find some good articles. I think youtube has some vids about it too. If it’s something other than that you might be SOL depending what is broke.


  3. They all should get sued for not accepting repairs for lifetime warranty products. That’s a contract type of thing, that’s consumer fraud or something.

    And to think that they made decent video cards, shame on them.

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