Big Problems with Wireless in HP Pavilion Notebooks

Several months back, I bought an HP Pavilion DV6000 and reviewed it here on PCMech. I gave it a pretty good review. I was happy with it. But, that review has garnered a LOT of traffic. So much, in fact, that it now finds itself as the ninth most popular article on the website according to the “Most Popular” list on the homepage. Now, why is that? Mainly because of all of the user comments complaining about various things failing on the unit. Most prevalent among them: wireless.

notebook.jpgThen a reader by the name of David (not me, I promise) pointed over to the Berlind’s Testbed blog, by ZDNet. He talks about how he has seen a lot of complaints about failing wifi in the Pavilion notebooks and that the HP support forums are being flooded with such complaints. Take a look at this support thread at HP for the wifi problem on the DV6000. I caution you, the thread is PACKED with comments and may take a while to download if you are not on a fast internet connection.

The same blog from ZDNet asked HP about it and eventually got a response where HP admitted to the problem with the wifi on these Pavilion models. Apparently, HP posted a BIOS fix in the support forums to this problem, however it is said not to work very well and doesn’t solve the problem for most users. In fact, most users who have had this fixed ended up getting a motherboard replacement or a replacement system. This is a hardware problem, not something that can be fixed with a mere BIOS update.

Is HP Support Really Supportive?

There has been a lot of expressed disappointment and anger at HP over this. Not only because the problem exists in the first place, but because HP has been completely silent on the issue (up to very recently) even while their customers are flooding the support forums with this issue. The perception has been that HP does not monitor it’s own forum. And, quite frankly, recommending a BIOS update for a wireless card failure is practically laughable.

But, HP’s support is on the verge of laughable anyway. Just yesterday, I had to call HP because of a failing battery in – you guessed it – my DV6000. While the Indian guy I spoke to was quite nice, he ran me through diagnostic steps that were kind of stupid. I have also wrote in the past about my experience dealing with HP support on my laser printer. This is admittedly completely subjective on my part, but it seems as if HP technical support has a habit of grasping at straws and ignoring common sense when it comes to troubleshooting. Perhaps they need to use their heads more than the corporately written flow charts that their technicians no doubt use.

Reality Check

So, while I am writing this article based on other people’s observations, the volume of posts about this problem, both on PC Mechanic as well as on HP’s site, indicate that there is a fairly widespread issue of failing wireless cards in the HP Pavilion notebooks. I hope HP takes proper responsibility for this. If you have the problem, just make sure that you contact HP before your warranty expires. HP is really good at throwing hardware at the problem, so chances are you will get a free replacement.

The harsh truth is this: You can’t buy an all-in-one notebook computer with those kinds of specs for ~$800 and expect it to be the highest quality in the world. The attractive price tag given the specs is why so many people are buying these Pavilion notebooks. But, just buy it knowing that it will have a failure point.

Update May 30, 2010

Comments for this article have been closed. This was done because people were using as a means of getting HP support. This article is not an official HP support channel for problems that may occur with the HP products. If you would like to contact HP for support, please visit HP Customer Care at, thank you.


  1. I had the same problem with my dv6000 over the summer.

    I called support and they had a Fed-Ex box there that afternoon and I had my laptop back in less then a week.

    To be honest, I was quite surprised it was that efficient.


    • Adam Rumpf says:

      My wireless whent out the day one year from purchase. I didnt know what was goign on by the time I found out and contacted hp all they could come up with is pay your own way to fix it! I think if you sell something and you know it will probley go out you sure as heck better be willing to fix it! Dont think Ill buy another HP and I have 4 of them. Best of luck with the software updates they didnt work for me. What a joke!

      • Allie Town says:

        I don’t know which model you have, but my DV6000,along with thousands of others, lost its wireless in Nov. 2007, six months after I bought it. Since then, HP has extended the warranty on numerous models, for that specific problem. The mother board needs to be replaced. As long as you haven’t had your notebook for more than 2 years, you should be covered. If you go to, you can search warranties and you should be able to find out if your model is included. I just tried to look for you, but of course, that kind of info probably isn’t easy to find! I printed it out so I had proof, but don’t have it handy. Anyway, there is a link below to one of the forums as well…you will see that you are amongst many, if you care to check it out. For the record, since having the repairs I haven’t had wireless problems, but an entire host of others which have yet to be resolved. Good-luck. (I too tell everyone to never buy HP.)

    • I did that too, but it went bad on me again right after the warranty expired. So trust me, the fix on your computer is only temporary. It’s a matter of time before it goes bad again and if you’re out of warranty, they won’t be as helpful.

  2. I have been using a DV6000 laptop for about 11 months now. I got it for free from HP as a replacement for an older laptop which they couldn’t fix. To tell the truth, I don’t know what you’re talking about. This machine is quite great, and the wireless card works great with several different hot-spots; private and public. In addition, I can’t tell that I’m not pleased by HP’s customer support (in Israel, at least). After all, they gave me a free laptop 🙂

    • Your machine is quite great you moron, the dv6000 is a nightmare, I have had mine back to hp 3 times for repair and they are universally so horrible that hp extended the warranty for 2 additional years so hp knows they are garbage, apparently only you are not aware of how crappy they are, here is your warning…the other shoe will drop eventually trust me

    • Bud Dalton says:

      I had to send my dv6000 back to hp because of a problem with the NIC card about a year ago. It ended up I had to send it back a total of three times before they replaced the motherboard which finally fixed it.Two months ago I got an updated driver for the wireless,and ever since the update it won’t work.I have tried about everything I can find on all the threads with no luck. And by the way I’am not under warrenty any more.SO I AND ALL I TALK TO WILL BUY HP PRODUCTS ANYMORE!!!!

  3. yeo my wireless failed and HP sucks. their tech support is horrible and every indian guy is named John Smith

  4. Steve Jackson says:

    I will never, ever buy another HP product! Although I have a DV4000 which has performed well over the last couple of years, I recently purchased a Presario 6000 whose HDD failed within 3 months. Despite two attempts by HP to send me a replacement, neither of them was the correct one. As a consequence I had to send the laptop to their repair facility. It took over 5 weeks for it to be returned! Trying to navigate their automated phone system was a nightmare in trying to find out what was happening. Their corporate case managers would not speak to me, and it seems like HP are only interested in following their own corporate policies, and not in keeping their customers happy.

  5. Robin Kuhles-Hill says:

    Alas..I have the wireless card failure issue also. I bought a Compaq Presario V6000 in March. The wireless card, of course has vanished from my system. HP support gave “fixes” that fixed nothing. So they want me to send it in…uhh no thanks. I refuse to mail my ‘puter anywhere. I will go and buy a USB wireless adapter for it first. HP has yet to offer to send me a new card that I could install myself. But as this seems to be a motherboard to card issue that wouldn’t help anyway. I am happy with this system other wise..lets skip the Vista Sucks issue Glad to know I am not alone in this world of vanishing wireless networks!!

  6. Allison Townsend says:

    The wireless card on my dv6000 went last week (purchased notebook six months ago). I read this forum first, so at least I was prepared for the customer “service” experience when I called yesterday. The flow chart mentality is so true. All questions and information I had were ignored…I just HAD to go through the bios thing first. Then they agreed to fix the card. I was told that a box would be couriered to me within 1 to 3 days. Then I made a series of fatal mistakes. I asked a second question regarding the web cam which has never worked. After being shuffled around to at least three more people, I gave up on that issue. No one even tried to help me solve the problem, they kept telling me that a box would be sent to me soon (at least they were reading the file that was created for me). In the meantime, I had hooked up via the LAN and noticed that according to their website, there was an authorized dealer less than 5 km from my home. Couldn’t I just bring my laptop there? More transferring me from person to person. The only thing they wanted to deal with was the box they were going to send me – literally, it was all about the box. Telling me I needed to confirm when the box was going to arrive at my house (huh?), that I needed to talk to someone regarding status, etc. Finally, after 63 minutes and 11 seconds on the phone (I know, retentive), I just hung up…they had patched me through to the start menu. So, this morning I called the local company. They are not authorized to make all repairs but contacted HP on my behalf. When they returned my call, they let me know that they had ordered the part and there were no warranty issues with going local. In the end, it might take longer, but at least I know that my laptop is in the same town as I am and will be out of my possession for a much more limited time. Oh and to top it all off, the local company (Microage), also discovered during their conversation with HP that the service order that I spent over an hour on the phone about last night, appeared to have been cancelled. Good thing I didn’t sit around waiting for the box to arrive. Now let’s just hope that everything goes smoothly with Microge. They were great on the phone!

  7. I also had a problem with my wireless card on my dv6000 about 5 months into owning it. I called HP and they fed-ex’d me a box, fixed it, and returned it within a week. I was very impressed at the quickness of the whole ordeal as I am at a loss without my laptop. On my invoice however, they noted that they replaced my logic board…so, I assume (and we know what happens when one does that), that I had more problems than just my wireless card.

  8. Danny Winget says:

    Same exact problem with my Pavilion notebook, the wireless card fails 90% of the time. I have spent endless hours on the support line talking to people that I can not understand and obviously know less about computers than I do. Finally I decided to search the web and found this site. Not HP has me waiting on the “box” so I can return the notebook to be repaired. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is finally repaired. If only the tech people could have told me about this problem two weeks ago!

  9. Allison Townsend says:

    Try contacting your local authorized dealer, as listed on the HP site. I called mine yesterday morning, as I posted above. They were further authorized by HP to make the repairs. Got a call this morning- the part is already in and I’m just about to head out to have it replaced. Should not take more than a half hour. I do live in a relatively small Canadian city, so perhaps less demand…they currently are repairing three HP notebooks. I hope I’m not jinxing things by posting this now! I was wondering if there may be other problems, so I’ll mention the logic board. It’s great to work and talk to people in my own community rather than a call centre. I just hope if there are other problems, that they are authorized to fix those too…strange that HP won’t allow them full repairs. Anyway, if all goes well, I’ll be without my laptop for less than an hour. Time to nip over to Time Hortons and back!

  10. Allison Townsend says:

    I suspect the problem is broader than what we’re being told. Microage replaced my card in about 5 minutes, but it still wouldn’t work. Hence, the logic board replacement mentioned by Erick above. HP won’t allow Microage to replace the board – it has to shipped to the repair centre in Toronto (even though Microage is responsible for maintenance on all the HP servers at Queen’s University, they aren’t allowed to replace the mother board on a notebook…btw, the part was listed as obsolete, so HP seems to be replacing them with completely ‘restructured’ boards). How much time did I waste going to my local authorized centre first – zero. They are shipping it for me and it’s going out this afternoon. I got to speak to real people, have my questions answered and know what’s wrong before sending it off. Ironically, when I got home, the box from HP was on my doorstep (even though they told Microage that my service order didn’t exist). One other note: if your notebook is password protected, make sure you remove it before sending, as HP apparently will charge you around $25…didn’t clarify if that was only when shipped via a dealer as in my case, or if applies to if you send it yourself.

  11. My HP dv6000 is great except for the high-pitched noise I am getting from it. After disabling a certain function in safe mode(with help from tech support)that has to do with battery life the sound became less, but is still there. I have a return box as sent by HP for them to check it out, but I am really thinking they would have to do away with the feature all together to rid the comp of it’s undeniably annoying sound. Now I am debating whether to keep it at all – other than the noise it’s great. I’m at a loss…what to do?

  12. Matthew Willenbring says:

    I had the same thing with my webcam on my DV9000. the only way it would ever work is if i restarted my computer and used it right away. I just sent it in to have a freezing and booting problem fixed so i will see if they did anything with my webcam also. As far as HP support, where do I start. I think I had to repeat everything three to four times and they still get my information wrong. The Return box that was supposed to take one to two days to get to me took about five. I had bought an HP printer and it came with a spot under the scanner glass and all they would do was to send me a refurbished printer. As far as the wireless card, now that you mention it there were two or three times where it wouldn’t pick up a signal. thanks for letting me know to look out for this.

  13. I have been trying for the last two days to figure out what is wrong with my laptop that I cannot connect to the internet. I have done all the diagnostics on the HP Support manual with no success. I can only assume that I am amongst the unlucky ones whose network card has failed. It’s as if it has just disappeared from my laptop? I am not very technical minded but I have run out of ideas as to what else can be wrong with it!!!
    Does anyone have the actual number for tech support? I tried a number tonight and they said they were only open office hours 9-5 (fat lot of good that is when I work 9-5!!!)

    Agggh. This is so annoying!! It’s just stopped working out of nowhere!

  14. I am on the phone right now with HP. I almost thought I was dreaming when I realized what had happened with my repair.

    I had the problem with the wireless on the dv9000 (top of the line model). Hp sent me a new wireless card without much hassle. Didn’t work which I could have predicted, but I know big companies have protocols.

    So I waited a couple of days (didn’t have time to worry about the wireless again yet) and went to turn on the notebook just to work with excel. I hear Beeeep, Beep, Beep, (POST error for video adapter problems) but the computer booted find just no display. Well now I have to send the whole notebook back.

    (A few weeks later) Today I was getting impatient, and wanted my notebook back so I check my web service order status and to my amazement there is a bill for $800! I call up and 2 hours later come to find that I was charged due to “water damage and a screw in the wrong place”. If it has water damage how does the thing boot at all!!! I am a computer science student and my job is repairing computers I know how to treat them and I would not send it back for warranty replacement if I spilled something on it.

    The tech support said that there is nothing they can do, and I will not get my notebook back unless I pay the bill. The computer is only 6 months old and cost $1300.00! I just can’t believe things like this actual happen, it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

  15. The wireless card in my dv6000 quit working and a replacement did not fix it. Some months later the notebook would not start and gave the one beep followed by two beeps error. After returning from repair the notebook would not work out of the box. It would try to load but would stop with a blue screen error. The guy at HP asked if I had tried to reload the operating system to fix the error. I told him “Noooo… I thought that it would be reasonable to expect the thing to work upon returning from HP repair”; silence on the other end of the phone. Back to HP it went, this time it worked for 4 days and now when I press the power button the blue buttons light up for about two seconds and it then turns off.

    I don’t believe in extended warranties but something made me buy the three year with accidental damage coverage. As I have another notebook to use I intend to use every stinking day of that extended warranty.

    I just can’t wait to endure another three hours on the phone with HP support. “Now sir, turn over the notebook and remove the battery….”


  16. I bought a dv9500t in august this year and on the very first day it crashed with internal errors. After 2 hrs on the phone getting transfered from one department to another i got a replacement for it but after 2 months the wireless network card stopped working and then the hard drive crashed. Its been a month now .I have been calling every to find out the status of my replacement hard drive but those brainless agents give me stupid reasons. I was tired of calling up every day and i asked for the case to be escalated to a case manager and she assured me that i will receive it on the due date and it did(today). Unfortunately it was the wrong model and wrong rpm and now the cycle begins again…………
    I wish i did more research about HP then i wouldn’t have to buy their defected products
    It seems everyone is having problems with their cheap and useless products.

    Isn’t there anyone filing an official complaint against them for ruining the lives of thousands of people????
    just Google ‘hp sucks’ and see the anguish of people who have been duped by hp(which is by the way how i found the this site)

  17. I, too, am experiencing all of the above mentioned errors with my dv9000. It is worth noting that a large majority of the affected customers have a warranty soon to be expired and or already expired. Several weeks ago, my wireless failed. My notebook became so overheated a few months ago, the rubber surrounding the power adapter plug literally melted. I will not recap the phone calls and tech support procedures, due to the fact that mine will match nearly every other post.

    A few minutes ago, I contacted HP to request a replacement system or a full refund. I contacted 1-800-756-0608 (option 7) and was assigned a caseworker. The caseworker assigned to me is a person named James. He gave me a contact number of 877-917-4380 ext. 94, option 1 for future contact. I informed James of the situation and explained what I expected from the call. A full refund or replacement system that did not begin with a #6 or #9 for the model #. If my request was not met, I would contact an attorney, the better business bureau, and consumer affairs. At that point, James told me that we have 2 options. 1. We can continue talking and troubleshoot if I drop the threat of legal action. 2. I can follow through with legal action.

    I told James that I would contact my attorney because I was not troubleshooting the system any longer. He told me that if I contacted my attorney the proper procedure would be to give the attorney my ticket # and have him contact James. I DON’T THINK SO. I told James that my attorney was completely capable of taking the pertinent information from me and following whatever necessary legal procedures he deems fit to resolve this matter. The proper procedure will be decided by MY attorney not an HP representative.

  18. camille from philippines says:

    my wireless stopped working this afternoon.. i own a dv6324us laptop.. got it 7 months ago.. i think it was the first time i noticed that it wasnt working anymore.. dont know what to do.. my notebook was bought from the US.. i dont know if HP service center here in the philippines can fix it for free.. im not even sure if i have the same problem as mmost of the people here.. my wireless would not turn on.. the light remained orange which should turn blue.. i think i should have it fixed here instead..

  19. Follow up:

    I just received my dv6000 back from HP service for the third time in five weeks. Now I have a new problem right out of the box, the display starts out white with brighter white bands running vertically though it, after a lot of disk activity the display goes dark. Well… at least it starts now. I sure can’t fault the people on the phone at HP; they have been great (the service dept needs work). They have always called me back when they said they would; now I must wait for a Quality case manager to call me back so we can discuss options.


  20. Your article (and subsequent comments) helped me realize the problem when my HP dv9000us’ wireless went out suddenly. I called HP that same night (Monday), sent me a box Tuesday, I sent it off Wednesday, and I received the computer back Friday. Very quick turnaround. Not only did they fix the wireless card for nothing (as they should’ve) they also tightened my screen, and even replaced a rubber foot that was lost at some point in the year since I’d bought it.

    I have to say, hats off to HP for their response to this one.

  21. David Brady says:

    I had this same problem I downloaded the bios and the computer let out one long beep and started to boot and reboot inself over and over without ever going to the windows startup I called tech support they gave me a hassle and insisted i send them money for phone support i finaly got the hp web page stateing they would send me the box and fix it and told the tech person. Finaly one tech person told me he would send me the box and gave me an order #. I am more then pissed now and althogh i own 3 hps will most likely never buy another one and that goes with the printer i have as well.. Makes me think about buying off brand ink just to not send them money anymore.

  22. Figures. I just purchased my HP DV9500 two weeks ago and within the first week, I received the “blue screen of doom”. I’ve received it twice but it goes away when I F8 on boot and select the “Last Known Good Configuration” boot up. NOW a couple of hours ago, my wireless is out. When I attempt to “fix the wireless connection”, it tells me what I already know “Turn on your wireless button”. The button is on, but the PC doesn’t recognize it. I’m logged in with a patch cable, but its just irritating and I’m suprised by the number of problems HP has had with this in which nothing has been done to attempt to rectify it.

  23. Christopher Brown says:

    I’ve owned my HP Pavilion dv9210us notebook since March 2007. September 2007 the left hinge and the AC power plug had broken. HP repaired it under the warranty while replacing the harddrive (not sure why the harddrive needed to be replaced). November 2007 the wireless card and battery failed. After chatting twice with HP’s tech support I called and spoke with HP Indian’s tech support. They had me open my notebook to reseat the wireless card (I questioned if this would void my warranty). The problem wasn’t solved and they sent me a box for repair. I received my notebook back December 5th 2007 and the motherboard was replaced. Now it’s Janurary 2008 and the wireless card failed again. I chatted with HP’s tech support Tyler two days ago and was told a Case Manager would contact me in 48 hours. I never received a call back. I called HP’s tech support today and spoke with George who was from the US. George stated he escalated my case to a Case Manager and I would get a call back in the morning.
    Now I’ve owned lots of HP products and never had any problems. But the lack of technical support knownledge can kill a company. Just ask Gateway.

  24. Peter bravato says:

    yes.i have this problem.i started to get the Hp wireless card failure thing ever since i came back from Greece in August. I though maybe i hit my computer by accident and it damaged it somehow.until i started the search the web and found out that this was going around to many dv6000.the thing i learned is that the dv6000 is REFUSING to accept the wireless card.hrmmm refusing sound like this is done on purpose.after downloading some games on dial up the wireless switch would turn blue and i would have connectivity until i shut my computer off and it would remain my warranty expired but if i send my computer to hp do you think they will fix it for free?

  25. ok so if they repair it and you get it back, did it work? or is it still broken and wont the samething happen again

  26. Same song and dance as everyone else. Here’s an email I sent to Mark Hurd, HP CEO. I suggest everyone else follow suit: (here’s your link to do so

    I am currently the unhappy owner of a Pavilion dv6000. I, like the many others on yours and other PC forums, have a wireless issue. Why has this product not been recalled? Why do I have to shut my real estate business down for the amount of time it takes to repair an issue that HP was aware of at the time I purchased this product 11 months ago? Why is there not a local service center for repairs to minimize consumer inconvenience? I am considering initiating a class action lawsuit-there are a considerable amount of people affected by this to justify doing so. I am a member of National Association of Realtors – we have partnered with HP to promote your products. I will be going to the association about the lack of service and product quality. This quote on your Hurd’s bios is a mockery ”
    “Everything we do must be for the customer. If it’s not, then we need to reconsider why we’re doing it.”

    Huge reconsideration, Mr. Hurd – you’re doing very little for the customer.

    At the very least, I’d like the option of having my computer fixed locally to minimize my inconvenience. Alternatively, I’d like a replacement product and ideally, I’d like a refund and will purchase a Dell, whom I should’ve remained loyal to (owned one 5 years prior to this purchase – 0 problems). It was time to upgrade – I’ve clearly made a bad choice along with 1000’s of others.

    What do you intend to do about it?? – and quickly – my warranty expires 2/18/08. If I don’t hear from anyone with a better solution than ship your computer off with an average turnaround of 10 days, I will move forward with legal action. (My business is largely dependent on my ability to work on the computer – I am shut down and making no money without it).

    • So did you get a response back from anyone reguarding your email? YET but I don’t have much faith that I will exscape some of the problems that I have read.

  27. Wifi problems.
    I had already have the problem 3 times( in one and half year).
    So HP has already put two times a new mobo.
    Two months ago it hapens the tirth time.
    I have bought an usb dongle Wifi USRobotics.
    Now I have tried this.
    Start up in save mode.Devicemanager and show hidden devices and there a you see your broadcom.
    Disconnect the device.
    Then startup in normal mode.
    The blue light is on.
    Reconnect your broadcom in the devicemanager.
    At this moment I send this using my repaired broadcom. unther Windows XP.
    The bug is from the hardware in combination with the broadcom and the mobo, because unther linux he didn’t saw the card. Now linux sees the repaired card.
    So try it and when this works lets know.
    I think HP says they put a new MOBO but are doing the same.
    The mobo is one of Quanta(not the best things in the world)
    Sorry for my English

  28. I had the same problem with the internal wireless card not being recognized by the laptop. After trying some of the suggestions from HP (such as reloading drivers, updating BIOS, etc) with no luck, I was told by HP to send the laptop back to be fixed. Since I did not want to do that, having sensitive info on my computer, number one, plus not trusting I would ever see the laptop again, I went out and purchased a Linksys Wireless Adapter which connects to s USB port. The wireless connection now works perfectly again. It cost $ 50.00, but I felt that was better than sending the computer back to HP.

  29. THIS IS THE CURE FOR HP WIRELESS FAULT: Go into control panel, into add & remove programs (or just programs in vista) uninstall the HP Wireless Assistant. Hey presto! You can now connect using Windows own connection software. As a pc tech I have performed this fix on dozens of machines and it works every time!

    • Tim,

      I tried uninstalling the wireless assistance and rebooted my computer and it still does not work. Should it automatically recognize the Windows wireless driver, or do I have to manually connect? You said that after you uninstall it, you “can now connect using Windows own connection software”. I’m not sure what that means. I’d appreciate your help.


  30. Ah ha.

    I wondered where my wireless disappeared to. Besides the somewhat low battery life, this has been a great computer for me to run my small business from. Of course, the week that I am down to brass tacks in negotiating the sale of my business, it fails me horribly.


  31. WOWHelp. I bought an HP t9700 17″ laptop. Thankfully through Costco. Opened the box Plugged it in and 3 hours later I was already on the phone thankfully with tech support of Costco.
    Jumped through the hoops and the HP guy told me to press something and the screen went black with white typed stuff and my new computer was DEAD.
    Hard drive problem. Screen problem and SLOW>
    Mac ….Here I come

  32. A friend of mine had to send his notebook back to HP two times cause of failing wireless connections… and guess what happened. EXACTLY after the guarantee expired the wireless connection stopped working again a third time.

    Sell this peace of hardware crap as fast as you can and never ever buy HP notebooks again! Trust me! Thats the only way to deal with this problem.


    You were right Tim(Post 31), i uninstalled the HP Wireless Assistant and after rebooting, the wireless led turned blue, new hardware was found and i can use my wireless card now.
    I also installed the newest bios in my desperate many tries to fix the problem, so it may be that only uninstalling the HP Wireless Assistant is not enough.

    I wish you all good luck on solving this problem.

  34. I have a dv6000 with Vista Premium, but my problem is that I can’t turn it off using the usual Start>shut down method and needs to press the power button for a few seconds after it will restart by itself! Is there another way to shut it down? Also, the battery is considerably weak with 2 hours max life.Is it because Vista is using that much batt life? Im new to vista you know.
    I need to know one more thing…the package stated that the unit is refurbished but I was pushed to buy it because the store told me that it was just tagged as refurbished so that they cannot sell it at a higher price considering the specs. Is there such a thing?
    Now I have second thoughts of selling it before it crashes on my hand because one of my colleagues have told me that she had a problem when her HP broke down. She had one hell of waitng time and inconvenience before it was repaired. The Spare parts needed so much tiome befors it was replaced. please help…

  35. Hey does anyone else get the blue screen of death when using the internet? Random shutting down with a “crash dump” thing. I got it to stop restarting automatically, but still crashes at least 5 times a week. It says its an issue with bcmwl6.sys, which is the Broadcom LAN adapter. I havn’t seen anything about this issue yet and I was wondering if it was just me.

    • I had similar problems when I was running Vista Basic with 512mb RAM (mine came un-endowed). I upgraded to 2gb and thins improved, but only marginally. I had huge issues with Explorer for some reason as well as Office. At that point in time I was not using the wireless card so I can’t speak to this.

      I switched to Ubuntu 64 and all of these issues stopped. After looking over several forums for what problems people have at different times and the fixes for them, I’m convinced that most of these issues are software, not hardware related. I have never had any wireless issues, no more system freezes, no issues at all, actually, after switching from Vista. I’m convinced that Vista was just not ready for deployment and that HP’s proprietary software did not work very well. I have heard far fewer complaints from people who switched to WinXP or Linux.

      The battery problem is for real and it is a legitimate hardware issue. I strongly suspect the wireless problem to be a software issue at this point based on my own experiences and the general course of forum discussions (it is significant that this is not identified as an issue on Linux and BSD forums for this laptop). System freezes are the same and tend to be specifically Vista/HP software related.

      HP seems to not have put out a bad piece of hardware (aside from the battery), but rather a mix of shakily supported new hardware on a bad OS.

  36. i purchase a hp dv9000us in may 2007 it crash the hardware has a problem also the display went dead and has a problem…i am overseas and service is only probided inthe USA this is rediculus if you have all the service system in place why not assist the people around the world.
    specialy when you know the product is defective and has somany compalins.

  37. An alternative I’ve found today is to use a netgear USB adaptor, maybe you have one laying around the house.

    There is a list of Windows Vista Compatible Drivers to download here:

    If you don’t have a spare computer, maybe run down to the library with your flash drive and save the driver and come home and download it onto your computer.

  38. i know your promblem, you prombley got it last year and if you did, i have the promblem today my friend told me they had a call back on since there was a wirecless card failure, and it wouldnt turn and the lights would just flicker and turn off so just contact them and get it fix

  39. Thank goodness I found this site. I have had my HP Pavillion for almost 2 years and I have always had slow wireles connections. For the past 9 months I have been suffering on my HP, while my work computer (a Dell Latitude D620) never has any issues or dropped wireless connections. Running both computers side-by-side I witnessed my HP drop my connection and my Dell blaze full spreed ahead. I reached a breaking point this week and did a google search on “HP wireless sucks”, that is how I found this site! When I saw all of the other HP owners who are having the same problem it made me very upset. I had to buy a USB Netgear wireless adapter today, I’d rather do this until I replace this machine than deal with HP tech support! I will not be buying an HP laptop again 🙁

    Thanks for the article and the comments!

  40. I just got my laptop (DV6324US) back less than 30 min ago. I had the wireless issue plus my batt will not charge. Unfortunately, they replace the system board that fix the problem (I hope this is not a temp fix as read in post where others had the same problem and it went bad in a few months). Now I want to know why they didn’t fix the power/batt problem. I have a laptop that has to be connected to AC power all the time to operate…NOT GOOD. I’ve had this laptop for about a year and didn’t expect problems like this to happen. That’s why i read this site because I was now looking for people that may have had issues with the batt/power.

  41. This is my seconf HP laptop. The first one had to be repalced because it spent more time with the Geek Squad than it spent at my home. And just like many of you, I also use my computer to run a bussiness. I now have a Pavillion DV6125 Special Edition Notebook.I don’t know what made me select another HP. Not only have I lost my wireless connection, but I’m getting this freaky flickering screen with horizontal lines that jump around. I will NEVER again purchase another HP prouct. I can only thank God that I purchased a 3 year extended warranty! I knew I should have gotten a Dell.

  42. I had my dv9000 just over a year and the wireless failed twice already. First time I had to go through the same hassle of talking to someone in India who talks to you like if you are child and half the time I couldn’t understand a word he said and I had to go through everything on his chart from how to use the mouse to system recovery and testing the hardware.
    He then decided that I have to ship the notebook back to HP for repairs.
    It worked fine till few days ago when I noticed the notebook was overheating and suddenly it made a strange noise and the wireless stopped working.
    Guess what?? yes you guessed right, I had to go through the same crap again talking to someone in India who tried to go through the same procedure and I said no, I am not doing this again, He insisted on trying few things first and I told him that I did everything that can be possibly done to get it working again with no success. It is a motherboard problem which they have to replace.
    Now I have to go through the same hassle again to ship the notebook back to HP and have it fixed.
    Still waiting for the box to arrive via FedEx and will let you know when I get it back.

    My next notebook will definitely be something other than Dell or HP

  43. dv6000z with the 7200go purchased (september 2006)

    get ready for an HP nightmare if you have any of these problems. for those of you who are only experiencing the wireless adapter vanishing issue, BACKUP any important data ASAP. the wireless adapter is only the beginning of a world of problems with the DV6000. my problem started with the wireless adapter 7 months after purchase.

    after 3 months of using a USB wireless adapter or hardwire for internet i got the 1 long beep 2 short beeps error code on startup. the LCD wouldn’t power on and i would get those beeps while starting up. (april of 2007) basically the display adapter is crap and is built onto the mobo so there is no real way of correcting this error without replacing the mobo. like i said that was april 2007, it was a brick and was sent in for service. after not meeting the initial estimated return date i called customer support and they extended it 7 more days. obviously 7 days passes and no laptop or word from them on what is going on. after calling them and explaining that they have missed the second estimated date of shipping me my dv6000 they escalated the case to a case manager who is supposed to call me in 48 hours(may 2007).

    (may 2007) so the case manager never calls after waiting 3 business days, i call tech support and complain. they say AGAIN that a case manager will call you in 48 hours… i was patient enough to wait the 48 hours before calling tech support back. i called back and told the guy i was not getting off the phone until i spoke to a case manager, my exact words were “this call is recorded and i’m an unhappy customer, you decide if you are gonna give me a case manager” this finally worked.

    (mid-late may 2007) the case manager couldn’t tell me where my computer was, if it has been worked on, or when i was gonna get it back. WTF is wrong with these people??? basically he didn’t know when i was gonna get my PC back and refused to give me a refund. after an hour of going back and fourth with him he offered me a brand new dv6000. so i took it even though i had to buy an XP license since vista is what was offered with them now. atleast i had a definite date of when i was gonna get a computer.

    got my new DV6000 (july 2007) 2 months without a computer and if i didn’t pursue them like crazy it probably would’ve been another 2 months. these people really don’t know what the hell is going on with YOUR computer.

    (march 2008) today..8months later my brand new replacement DV6000 has crapped out with the same 1 long beep 2 short beeps display adapter error. again no display on startup with those beeps. same exact problem. i have called tech support and didn’t waste time, first thing i said the the tech guy was that i wanted to escalate it to a case manager. the case manager won’t call in 48 hours and i will be calling tech support and yet again demand to speak to someone. wish me luck, i will update if you guys want to know how it goes this time around.

    sorry for the lengthy post but i wanted to give you guys an idea of who we’re dealing with. i really left out a lot of the details and issues with talking to tech support and case managers. these people are ridiculous

    i’m positive i will have this problem again in a few months after they replace my mobo. i have also noticed they don’t offer the dv6000 anymore and have replaced it with the 6700 which uses the 8400gs instead of the problematic 7200go

    • finally help says:

      search for hp limited warranty service enhancement web site from hp, found it last night on their web site explains 2 year warranty for pavillions and presarios with this problem
      found on yahoo search
      type in search box
      hp limited warranty service enhancement presario
      top two listings cover the problem
      web site from hp will start with

  44. finally help says:

    just go off phone with hp have a presario v6110us
    they confirmed the enhancemaent repair, tech said is a one time repair but web site states different recieved confirmation e-mail from hp they will ship and repair at no cost, web site says will only repair if having problems, mine has problems so will see when unit is returned if fixed note when calling hp with number on bulletin dont dial 1 first kept getting incomplete message

  45. Hello, I tried uninstalling the wireless assistant, like Tim recommended, but it did not fix the problem. You mentioned that you also installed the newest bios and I was wondering how to do that. I’m comfortable with installing/uninstalling stuff on my computer, but haven’t really messed with the bios before and am a little hesitant to try that on my own. If you could give me some advice/tips on what you did to fix the wireless problem, I’d appreciate it. I’ve had the computer for over a year now and it’s not under warranty…I don’t want to even try to talk to customer service. Also, if I can’t get it to work, shouldn’t I be able to just by an external/usb wireless card and connect that way instead? I appreciate your help.

    • finally help says:

      hey bill just got my dv6110 back from hp repair center for no internet problem, the repair sheet states repaired or replaced system board shipped free to hp last tuesday and got it back friday, this is covered under the free enhanced 2 year warranty that hp is giving to owners with internet problems along with a few other problems, do not bother trying to fix yourself cause it will be temporary at best, if you are beyond the 2 year warranty then get a separate wireless card.
      this enhanced warranty covers pavilion dv/2000/dv6000/dv9000 and presario v3000/v6000 series notebooks

  46. Tim’s solution did not work for me. I have a pavilion dv6000 (dv6116eu to be exact). I uninstalled HP Wireless Assistant. Didn’t fix anything. Updated my BIOS with latest version. Didn’t fix anything either.

    Hmm what next?

  47. harpo2448 says:

    I had similar run-around experiences with HP support attempting to help me solve my months-long wireless connectivity problems last year.

    This was before I began hearing about motherboard replacements as the cure.

    To make a long story short, though, one day I noticed that the HP Wireless Assistant said the opposite of what it usually said when I had problems. Usually (i.e., when I typically could not get my wireless to work) the HP W.A. said my connection was OK and ON, whereas the Windows Device Manager would be showing a red “X” icon in the device list.

    But that one day (which became the last time, so far) I noticed that my wireless, as usual, was not working (amber light), and the HP Wireless Assistant AGREED (confirmed a problem), and the Windows Device Manager said the device was enabled and working properly.


    I had previously updated drivers, BIOS, removed/reloaded registry entries, reset IP parameters, yada-yada — virtually everything but follow one of the HP Support’s advice to wipe the disk and reload XP MCE (which would mean I’d likely have to buy a copy since this was the pre-loaded OEM version running). I simply didn’t want to do that and have to start over with the updates, registrations, etc., for everything.

    (By the way, does anyone remember “Uninstaller” originally by MicroHelp, then CyberMedia (and finally by McAfee who messed it up good then quit supporting it when no one bought it anymore), the amazing utility that could “migrate” or “transport” entire applications with all their user registration, registry entries, INI file settings, required drivers, user data folders, etc.; bundle it all into a single EXE file; then you could copy that file onto another machine and run it to re-install the application, all registered and working again?

    If you do, do you happen to know of an up-to-date replacement that works equally easily and well? “PCmover” from Laplink charges per move every time you use it, so that’s not what I have in mind. It would be a godsend if another “Uninstaller” could be re-invented again…)

    Anyway, when I noticed the reversed situation (when the wireless was not working as usual) I decided to simply remove/uninstall HP Wireless Assistant altogether. (I knew I could re-install the latest version downloaded from their web site which I had previously done).

    Voila! It’s been dead-nuts reliable ever since that day! Maybe it’s coincidence, I don’t know?… But since last October I haven’t had one single problem of the wireless not working. (And HP support kept insisting that I check and re-check my wireless access point/router settings, firmware, etc. — ha!)

    It’s something easy to try; you can always re-install the HP Wireless Assistant if there’s no difference in your case (although I don’t really see the point of adding that extra bloat when Windows own built-in utility works easily enough).

    Anyone else?

  48. Here in Brazil we suffer the same wireless problem. Now because excessive heat of gpu/cpu that makes the BGA (without plumb) soldering points dismantled. Once those contacts are done again, the wireless function is back. Maybe its necessary artic silver plus alluminium parts to help discharge heat and better ventilation points in the under cover, or in all structure. Amd parts heats much.

  49. Osei B K says:

    i bought the DV 6000 and the same problem , the wifi dies on you after few hours and it will not work again until u restart but again it will stop working.
    unfortunatly i m in lebanon and the HP people are not smart at all nor they kow anything.
    so no more hp and i am stuck with 1600 usd laptop now.
    is there any solution?

  50. Thanks for this write up… now I know why wireless adapter suddenly stopped working, for no apparent reason, on my 15 month old dv6324us pavilion. BIOS update did not help. Will contact HP tomorrow.

  51. just got off the phone with HP the 2nd time for them to tell me to updates drivers. 3 weeks ago my HP DV2410us wifi went out, went online and found the “HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement”

    Link above

    call them last week got the run-around finally agree to send me the “Box” to send in the laptop for motherboard replacement. last night i got my laptop back FROM HP only to found out all they did was to reinstall my windows, and guess what, the wifi is STILL NOT WORKING.

    HP do you really have monkeys working for you?

  52. Follow-up on my post dated 6/25/2008

    Had a chat with HP support. They are aware of this wireless adapter issue and asked me to install driver

    Since driver could not resolve the issue, they will send me a “Box” to send my laptop to HP repair center. The whole process may take ~10 business days.
    My warranty was expired 70 days back, but they will still fix this issue.

  53. I’m also waiting for the “box”. I’m a little scared to send my machine off, but I’m just as scared not to, and have other mobo related issues pop up.

    Anywho, a temp fix that I have not seen here is as follows.

    Physically remove and reinstall the wireless card. It will work again for awhile before fritzing out again.

  54. Usman Younas says:

    IV BEEN HAVING THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM!!!! My stupid HP Pavilion dv327 suckss!!! The stupid wireless shit never turns on even though i tried installing every possible driver! After reading this iv realised that its a hard-drive problem and nothing else. they should seriosly fix this!!!! ughhhh!!!! :@

  55. HP Pavilion 6000 just had the same thing happen to it – the wireless adapter just disappeared out of thin air – very strange, very irritating, and obviously the last HP product to ever enter my house again.

  56. I have a HP Pavillion DV2500t and I am sick and tired of testing it for HP, instead of using the laptop. it has been 8 months and have been with HP support for hours and hours countless number of times. Now the laptop is with HP support, they finally siad that the mother baord is bad indeed said that the whole series is being recalled (can u believe?), every time i call support i get a stock answer, do not worry, HP is comitted … and you will have the laptop soon and it is guaranteed, guess what for last 2 months they have been chaging the date while the statement remains same. HP support would not talk (Absolutely the worst kind of people to talk to, they shout back , do not excalate to manager, hang up the calls, etc). What can i do? I tried calling the Corporate was shunted from one person to another with resolution there either. I am unable to reach out to any bosy in HP who will talk to me. What can i do? definitely HP Sucks in BIG BIG way.

  57. I have seen an HP that I want to buy, its the dv6907ea, and as far as I can tell its only available in one shop in the UK, which is why I havent been able to find any reviews on it.
    I have looked at HP’s Extended Warranty site and this is not included. The page implies that this series will not have the problem. Does anybody think that newer versions of the series have been improved, or am I being too optimistic and its more likely that they havent had any complaints about it yet as it is new? Thanks

    • How can you get this far down the correspondence about this crap company and shit products and still be interested in a HP Pavilion notebook?

      I bought a Pavilion 6000 and cannot begin to recount the problems I have had and the cynical, useless support from HP service that has been given.

      Buy a Dell or anything but an HP notebook.

  58. My hp dv6000 went back to hp and got a new board.. lasted 8 months and from what i can tell over heated. The machine now starts with no screen blue lights then quits restarts and stops over and over then stops for good. I called hp they informed me the computer is now 2 months out of its waranty and that for the meer price of 300 bucks they can send me a box and get it working. Leading me to believe they know exaclty whats wrong with this huge pc of crap. I hate hp now and will never buy anything from them again.

  59. Mine lasted 4 months then failed. I had it fixed and sold it. It turns out that HP quality is very poor these days. Buy a Mac or IBM – based on sumer reports magazine. Its the last HP laptop I purchase!

  60. I am having a problem with my hp laptop that is brand new, IE the internet does not respond quite frequently. This is my second one. The first one I bought I returned it because of the same thing and I thought it was just a bad machine so I bought another one of the same model. It only works first thing when I wake up. I am returning it today. I don’t use it wireless I just bought an laptop because I like the small screen.

  61. Exactly 1 year after my 1-tr warranty my wireless disapeared. Mine is dv6000 as well… the worst is my series is not on the list for extended warranty! First AND LAST HP !

  62. My experience with HP Pavilion Notebook DV 9000 has been nothing but a soa opera.
    I just conmtacted HP few minutes ago for the 10 th time. I am exausted and drained.
    I wil write again later with details.

  63. Great. I’ve always been a big HP fan and own a dv6000, and never had any real issues, and then my wireless suddenly went out last night. I tried doing all sorts of scans and updates, but that little light stays orange and I have to be “plugged in” to get internet.

    I accidentally found this website, and I have to say, I’m a little irritated over it. I’ll be trying the HP Wireless Assistant uninstall and updating the Bios, but if that doesn’t work, it looks like I’ll be using my “bitch” voice again on yet another company who uses tech support in a country where English isn’t even the first language and the people probably have never even seen the equipment they’re trying to tell me how to test.

  64. Well I just spent a wasted day with HP Tech Support trying to restore wireless functionality that stopped funtioning on an 8 week old Pavilion dv6436nr Notebook PC. I was assured that this is a very unusual problem and we’d need to walk through a series of diagnostic steps including installing a new BIOS and restoring the factory settings.

    During the 3rd Chat Session of the day, I made mention that this problem appears to be quite common according to many Notebook Forum blogs. Then I get a magical notice from HP indicating their extended warranty and acknowledging problems with wireless and overheating with 6000 series notebooks…

  65. I have a HP dv6324 and a little over one year the power cord went bad and it would not work. When I purchased the unit I got the 4 year extended warranty which covers every thing. The people at Circuit City got a new cord in three days, a wrong style and it went bad a few days later. When I brought it back to the store they looked at me and said “we gave this to you?” Then the Firefox person went to a drawer and pulled out the correct power cord. But it does not end there…Wireless went out, no blue light. Spent a day trying to fix myself. Brought the unit back to Circuit City and they said it is a software problem and had to be sent in and I would lose all the programs I installed because they would need to erase the hard drive and redo it to factory specs. Dont know when I will get it back. Hope it works and lasts when it does come back.

  66. I’ve had my HP 6000 for just a little over a year when my wifi quit working. I found this website and was less than pleased when I read all the compliants. Tech support mailed a box to return my computer for eval, they estimated 7-10 business for return…..again I was less than happy with the hassle. However, I received the box the next day, Fedex picked it up from my front door the next day (Wednesday) and my computer was fixed and returned to me by that next Monday. They replaced the system board, my hard drive, heatsink fan, and adaptor free of charge (not to mention my aggravation with having to wipe out all my info). So far so good…..HP was able to redeem themselves this time…..I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Still upsetting that a fairly new computer would have these many major problems….but worth sending it in for replacement.

  67. Hi all,

    Here are my 2 cents. Crap story about a crap laptop.
    I bought a hp dv6189eu in November 2006.
    – In October 2007 the wireless was gone.
    The motherboard was changed (22 days in service).
    – After only 26 days the wireless was gone again!
    The motherboard was changed again (94 days in service).
    – After ~1 year in October 2008 the wireless was gone AGAIN!
    The moderboard was replaced once again (7 days in service).
    In total since I have the laptop it was for 14% of the time
    in service!

    Funny… or maybe not!
    I like HP (the bussiness models are OK) but consumer models
    have some quality to be desired. I understand that is hard to
    design a laptop and take all the things into account (especially heat) but comon’ they should agree that
    they sold a lemon and replace it.

    Good luck for you that have the dv6000 still going and also for the others that need to tackle the HP Support.

    Franz Kafka/

  68. I own a HP Pavilion dv5000 series laptop and have had the same problem with the wireless for over a year and didn’t know that the wireless internal card was the problem. My laptop would make my 2Wire modem reset itself all the time. Long story short I went to Wal-Mart and bought a Belkin USB Network Adaptor and am very happy to say that it has fixed my problem altogether! The speed of the internet is now what it used to be when I first bought it. I really wish I had found this out alot sooner but I am glad I did. After reading alot of peoples remarks about sending their laptop into HP I knew I did not want to deal with all of that. Not worth the hassle! One thing I never really saw when reading the remarks on this site was that someone had bought a Network Adapter instead of sending their laptop in. So I wanted to be that one person who said that; yes it will work.

  69. Having the same problem (dv2125nr) as everyone else, even bought a new adapter in installed it with the same problems. Spent 30 minutes on the phone with HP today and they are replacing the motherboard for free, with their extended one-time warranty. Now just have to wait for Fed-Ex to come and take it away. Oh, and try the chat feature instead of calling…much easier.

  70. Simple Fix:

    Same problem with HP Pavilion, Win XP 2, nearing two years old. Here is what is working so far:

    (1) Bypassing Internet Explorer completely, logging on to internet through a Firefox browser. IE still will not work, no matter what.

    (2) Had to reconfigure the wireless router and new wireless network, from scratch. (Starting with inserting router startup CD.)

    (3) Had to log on to broadband (satellite) with wired cables, and run network startup several times until the hardware “found” the network.

    (4) Ran “wired” cables for a while, surfed internet for around one hour, then unplugged cable. System now “sees” the wireless network. (It was almost like I had to re-train the system to work.)

    I am strongly suspecting that this is a MICROSOFT code related issue.

    Another hint: I usually don’t shut my ‘puter off; just let it hibernate. I have been having all sorts of demons pop up every time it has to officially re-boot. (Planned self-destruction?) As for the open wireless network, I can switch the wireless assistant on and off from the taskbar for security.

  71. I have had the same problems as everyone else on here. I bought 2 HP Laptops 2555nr in the US. They both had the same problems. The one I had in the UK with me and it had to go to repair 3 times. I had not heard of all the problems about the wireless. I just thought that maybe it was an issue because I bought it in the US and was using it mostly in the UK. However, I get home and started to have the same problems as I was having in the UK and I was out of warranty, but since it was a known issue HP said they would repair it for free. I didnt think anything of it as I had been prepared to take it into a local repair place and pay. So they received it on September 24th. Surprise ‘o surprise, its November 14th, the date I was assured 2 weeks ago by a technician that I was getting my laptop back on but I got a call this morning telling me that I would not have it until December 1st. They are blaming this big delay on the Hurricane in Texas which happened before my laptop was sent. I have complained and gotten the run around and have been told there is no compensation. However, while I was in the UK and they kept my laptop more than 10 days, I was given a gift card. But now when my laptop in which I am running a business from has been gone for almost 2 months and will be gone for over 2 months by the time they give it back if they even give it back on that day they promised. I am so angry and done with HP. When the lady called this morning, I just hung up on her because I felt my blood boiling. I would like some answers. I have done the email to the Mike Hurd already with no replies….WTH is going on with them? I just want a working PC. Not one that fails every 3 months like clockwork. The other laptop that I purchased for my sister that was having similar problems, my sister has just sold and bought her a netbook with the same specs. The only extra thing she has had to buy for that was a dvd/cd drive and she is very happy with it. aaaaAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! I am so done with HP…
    I will not spend another dime on them!!!!

  72. Same wireless problem, i have DV 6000 and no warranty & in pakistan no no no Hp

  73. STEVE BROWN says:

    In the USA we say…….” 3 strikes, you are out!” After repeated failures of the wireless to receive and 3 repair attempts a HP case manager out of a Midwest central region did indeed replace my DV 9000T with a new HP laptop. The new version with the new INTEL chipset runs cooler which seems to be causing the high failure rates of the older laptops.

  74. I’m glad I found this site, otherwise I would have carried on blaming my internet provider(s). Here’s my story:

    I got my HP (pav. DV6700) about 2 months ago. My wireless has been shot for roughly 1 month and 28 days. I initially blamed my internet provider – I updated all the drivers and everything you would expect, but to no avail – as all I got was a limited connectivity sign and messages saying ‘plug x cable into y’, or ‘problem with DNS server. I phoned up the customer service (indian call center) and (I’m using a mobile internet USB dongle thing) was told to ‘make sure I have plugged the USB modem into the USB port, located on the side of my machine.’ and other such gems. I tried to connect to a friends wireless network, but only got ‘limited connectivity’, or, interestingly, a ‘full’ connection, where no data was being sent, only recieved. I guessed something might be wrong with the driver so I looked it up, and was shocked and downright pissed off to see that this problem is EVERYWHERE. I might try uninstalling the wireless assistant tonight, and if that doesn’t work, phone HP and get it seen to. I really can’t afford to send it off though, I’m a student and have too many essays to type out…

  75. I have had my HP Pavilion g60-120us for 3 days. The wireless worked perfect for 1 whole day! The second day I started having problems with it. It would go out, come back on, go out, on, etc… Then by the second night I had it it was completely dead. Not wireless. I’ve spend most of today (day 3) trying to fix the problem. After researching on the internet and dealing with HP tech support, I give. I went out and bought a $15 Linksys wireless USB and it works perfect. It’s sad, but it was a $15 fix….

  76. Thanks for every ones posts! They’ve eased my pain in trying to debug the issue. I own an HP Pavillion DV6000 and my wireless adapter just disappear out of thing air too. Orange is the new black clearly ha.

    I’m just wondering if anyone has had success sending their laptop back on the extended warranty from Australia? I bought my laptop in the U.S.


  77. My job requires that I spend most of my time in the so-called “developing” world. In my situation the tradeoff of getting an AMD 2×64 Turion in a possibly sub-standard laptop for $800 is perfectly worthwhile. While most people do not consider their laptops expendable, many companies, government agencies and individuals in my line of work do. I can’t speak for the wireless problems or other hardware-software interaction issues I’ve heard about, the Ubuntu’s 64-bit release works perfectly on this system for me (but Vista was a let down in many respects and had a freezing problem (!!) prior to upgrading the RAM from 512 to 2gb).

    The battery problem was frustrating, but survivable. Never had the wireless problems myself, nor have any of my coworkers who have the same model. The sand eats dv6000’s a little slower than it tends to eat Dell laptops, and this is a point worth noting. The best for overall survivability are still the Panasonic Toughbooks and the ruggedized Toshiba systems, but the functionality doesn’t justify the price in my case.

  78. I bough a Dv6000 or dv6324 Laptop to be specific. Do Not download the service packs updates. It ruin my laptop. My laptop is running slow and poor performence. I tried the recovery system and its still the same. Now today my laptop will not start up and i follow Hps instructions regarding this issue but did not work. I dont know if my warranty expire but i DO NOT recommend HP or Windows Vista.

  79. My wireless suddenly stopped working in my computer, I am very technologically challenged! If I buy a wireless card for my computer, can I get wireless or will a card not work because my built in wireless has failed?

  80. My wireless suddenly stopped working just as I was getting ready to take a final in my online class, so I didn’t have the luxury of sending the laptop back to HP. I took it to my local Staples and they sold me a wireless thing (I’m not techno) by Netgear for about $50 that was very easy to install. I ran the installation wizard off the CD that came with it and plugged it in to a USB port and was back online in minutes. I still want to get my internal card fixed, but this will do for now.

  81. I have owned a dv6000 laptop for ~ 13 months now without too many difficulties until recently. Then a couple of weeks ago the power-charging indicator stopping lighting up and the battery was no being charged. Next, like everyone else here, my wireless stopped working with the amber indicator on the sliding switch refusing to yield to the steely blue that indicates a functioning wireless apparatus. Hp sucks and I want to make a promise to everyone that this will be the last Hp product that I will ever purchase and I encourage people to share with others of their experience with this inferior company. Perhaps this company would be a good target for someone in the equities market to sell this stock short heavily.

  82. HP is not taking responsibility for this.

    They are only fixing a small fraction of the computers, and of those that they are “fixing”, they are taking the bad mohterboards out, and putting in new bad motherboards.

    Customers are feed up.

    Now has been formed by the customers because HP keeps censoring the posts on the HP forums, trying to prevent the truth.

    Now HP is scared of and an HP employee even posted on the site trying to missinform people, while pretending to be a customer. But he was caught of course.

    Wayne Sallee
    [email protected]

  83. Vikki Brockett says:

    this issue also affects Compaq Presario F500 series notebooks . I have been having this issue with mine for almost 6 months . HP Australia refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem with this series of notebooks . I have given up on them totally and refuse to purchase another HP product .

  84. The TX Tablet PC Series have the same wireless problem and even worst because the motherboard dies just after the warranty expires.

  85. Vijay Lumba says:

    Posted dec 20, 2008, by Vijay

    I bought
    Posted dec 20, 2008, by Vijay

    I bought an HP Pavilion DV6000 last year and about a month ago i starting having a problem with wifi connection . After trying to fix the problem by updating software etc, i checked on the internet about this issue. It seems there were lots of us have the same issues . I was quite disappointed reading that Hp was not taking any responsibility. Any how ,I contacted them and without any questions they not only offered to fix my laptop at no cost , but also provided prepaid box to ship the laptop back to HP via FEDEX –NEXT DAY. I just got it back in 5 days . It works just fine.

    I could not help writing this positive feed back about HP.
    I am impressed with their service..
    Great job guys at HP. and many thanks.
    I am not a HP employee, just a satisfied consumer…

    you can call HP at 800-474-6836.

    • Excellent posting Vijay. I phoned the number you provided and they are going to hook me up. They’re sending me a box to ship my laptop to them and apply the fix.

      Even though my laptop is 180 days out of warranty they will address this issue.


  86. hi all so is there any solution to the problem, i mean the WIRELESS no more HP for me

  87. I have the same problem with my HP laptop. I am sure you have the same silver and black one with the shiney “apple” appearence. My wireless is disappearing too. I have tried all the ins and outs and am not going for the drivers/bios s…t. It is a bad design. I can almost guess correct that whether it be a large size model or the small size model-they have the same components shared durring assembly at HP. They just differ a bit. “Broadcom” running away and coming back? What are they using,,-“”Horse Hair”” for connections or something..LOL. and another thing. people say you get what you pay for.. Well I paid about a grand for mine and am I just supposed to get over it like its an “inexpensive” computer? I believe not. A thousand dollars is ONE thousand Dollars man..! I am not someone who can just buy one every year. I think Hewlittt Pakarddd promoted me to the apple nextime. Besides I am tired of the instability of windows and would rather pay a little more for something that is going to last my educational years in college. There is no way they can fix the problem with this wireless thing unless they offer all of us a different model completely. And I mean complete different one.

  88. Hello, I realize that I am a little late to the show but I have an issue and I am wondering if it is related to this problem.
    I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 purchased about 1.5 years ago running Windows Vista SP 1.
    My issue has to do with internet speeds running through my Linksys router which is a WRT54G connected to Time Warner Road Runner High Speed Cable Internet which should run around the 5 mbps range.
    I initally ran into the issue using Netflix online movie watching. What seems to be happening is the wireless connection is getting the internet connection at about half if not a quarter of the speed of the wired connection to the router.
    I have another desktop computer running a PCI wireless card made by Linksys on the network as well, which is much older, but it has no problems with speeds for online movie watching.
    As you can imagine this is very annoying when you sit down to watch 15 mins of a movie only to have it stop and load for who knows how long.
    Through trouble shooting I have reset the router and modem a number of times with no results. I also have changed my passphrase for the WEP with no results. The fact that the wired connection to the laptop and the desktop connections are so much faster leads me to beleave that this has to do with the laptop’s wireless.
    Am I on the right track?

  89. I have experienced a NO DISPLAY problem with my HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop and I have found fixes or workarounds. I tried doing these fixes.

    It worked for me. It might work for you. ^_^ Good luck! ^_^

  90. WOW. I can’t imagine how HP has the audacity to continue to sell this piece of garbage product, after reading all these posts, as well as 7 other googled pages of comments. My friend’s mother’s DV6000 wifi just died, started to research on how to fix it and I get all this. My brother in law also owns a DV6000, and my mother owns an newer model. NOT looking forward to all the repairs.

    Hey has anyone tried to just simply buying an external wireless card (ex. Linksys) and screw the built-in wireless??

    • Hi Eric, I have ordered a wireless network adaptor card and tonight I shall find out if works; fingers crossed. If it doesn’t fix the problem then I will have to pay to have it repaired. My problem is I can’t connect to the router itself when I click on connect to the available wireless connections. Never buying HP again!

  91. Vikki Brockett says:

    I had the whole dead wireless issue with my Compaq Presario F551AU notebook, After countless hours spent with HP support ( what a joke that is ) , they finally said it would cost me $1000 to get the repairs done . No way was i paying $1000 to repair and 18 month old notebook which cost $1400 to start with .I basically told em to shove it then went and bought a usb wireless adapter which cost $30 , solved my wireless issues .

  92. im having the same problems with my hp, but mine is a persario v6000. I always had a wired connection, but wanted a wireless. So i got a wireless router. My wireless internet worked off and on for about a week or so and then quit completely. I called hp and they did some troubleshooting but nothing worked and i was one the phone for over an hour and a half. my warranty was out so basically i am screwed. i have tried everything to fix it. thats how i found this site. i was searching for ways to fix my internet.

  93. I had the same problem with my wireless on my HP Pavilion dv6436nr. It only took 15 min of online chat with tech support and they agreed to mail me a box to send in for repairs. We’ll see how fast and if it works.

  94. I was told by HP that they do not have international warranty on their product. Since I bought my laptop overseas then moved to USA they could not help me. It looks like the motherboard is dead. I get power to the keyboard, CD rom works but no HDD activity or power, no display on the screen. The best laptop in my opinion is ASUS. Unfortunately it is really expensive and rare in USA. I just ordered a DV5 custom build I hope that would be better. Just to make sure I bought 2 year accidental damage coverage as well. I hope HP will improve their customer service, experience if not they are not going to last that long in business. People are becoming more aware about where their money is going and watching bad businesses.

  95. brwnbagginit says:

    I purchased HP dv9000 series May 2008. I had to send it to HP once already for another issue (display went out). Last week my wireless card went completely. I’m a tech and went through every possible troubleshooting step with the exception of replacing hardware. I conceded and called HP support. They had me repeat everything I had already done. My only solution was restoring to factory settings. I’m not happy about it and feel that it will probably fail in the future again.

  96. I purchased a TX1120 about 1.5 years ago. I liked it so much I bought 2 more for my kids @$1,800 Each. At 1 year 1 week, my wifi card failed. Within 2 weeks both my kids wifi failed. I had to pay almost $400 to have my mother board replaced and 3 weeks later it failed again. I went out and spent $75 for 3 usb wifi, plugged them in and they work fine. HP says that there are no problems with the computer and I seem to be the only customer with a problem… 3 out of 3 failed. And based on all the feedback that I have seen it sounds like an epidemic…

    • My DV9000 is 1 year 4 weeks old and is not recognizing my wi-fi card. I have done every upgrade possible and restored to factory setting only to have it fail again. After researching on web this seems to be a common problem with HP computers.

  97. diego canizares says:

    My computer is a TX 1420us, with the same wireless problem.
    The computer is still under warranty so I am going to ask for a replacement. Hope HP make an anouncement about this or the problem could hit a lot of good customers.

  98. Aylwin Woleng says:

    Unfortunate that we are all into this HP wireless issue. Others have mentioned about hp’ extended warranty, they called it “Enhancement program” here’s the link: for more information. If your laptop is two years old or newer they do repair them for free, so they say. I just send in mine for repair, so I am waiting.

  99. The problems stated throughout this article are not limited to the HP Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq Presario v3000/v6000 Series Notebook PCs. I have 3-TX 1120 and all 3 have had the same problems. I have replaced WIFI cards, mother boards, new bios and all have failed. Each of these machines cost me $1,800 not $800 and the only thing that works for WIFI is a USB. These laptops are not on the extended warranty either. HP needs to get their heads examined. They are losing customers left and right. I just bought a new Macbook Pro and love it. I will replace the other 2 as soon as I can afford it and never buy a HP again…

  100. Susan Hunt says:

    Thought I would post my experience here as it is totally different to all above. My daughters wireless just stopped working on her HP pavilion. I asked the computer wiz in my office what we should do about it. He said try pressing the F2 key and the key on the left hand side of the keyboard next to the Alt Key. The F2 key should have a tower on it with wireless waves on it or the other key should whatever. Anyway my daughter pressed only the F2 key and it started working. This key combination apparently is the toggle key for turning wireless on or off on most laptops. So try it it might work for you to. I am surprised that HP did not ask any of you to try that before changing motherboards. If it really does ever conk out I think we would just buy a USB wireless rather than go through the hassle of HP maintenance …..

  101. I have a hp dv4-1147cl, only a couple of months old. My wireless just started to act up. So far it has deactivated itself twice and I have had to restart the computer to be able to enable it again. I have never had great luck with laptops, so when I purchased it (Sams Club) I made sure to get an extended warranty. When my wireless stops working altogether I’m going to try reinstalling the wireless assistant. If that don’t work I’ll just get a wireless adapter like some others have suggested. I’d rather not loose all my installed programs and work I have on here if I dont have to, or be without my computer for that matter. Then if I have any more problems I will take advantage of my warranty. You’d think that HP would have fixed the issue by now, whats the hold-up??

  102. Have a Pavillion tx1000. Downgraded to XP. Fans running all the time, computer burning up. Installed nvidia driver pack(167.58) and it now runs cool, but wireless disappeared. Updated the Bios, did all other patches, reinstalled broadcom drivers, nothing worked. Wireless simply vanished. Read Susan Hunt’s F2 thread and it magically came back. Thank you!

    • hello,
      i have the tx1000 as well and is constantly hot and wireless stopped workin a few days ago. ive tried everything and i tried the f2 thing but not sure if im doing something wrong or not but its not working either. can someone help me figure this stupid thing out.

  103. I can ad my hp pavillion dv6000 to the list. What’s the point of having a laptop if I have to be stuck to my desk so I can use the wireless. This is ridiculous. I will never buy another pc again. Next time, it’s Mac for me. I’m so angry!

  104. hi guys i have a tx 1410 with the same wireless problem i sent my laptop to hp 2 times and HP didn’t repair the problem now they told me i have to send it again what a waste of time i gonna buy an usb wireless card so don’t buy HP the customer service sucks the next time i will make an extensive research before i purchase a laptop

  105. Download Ubuntu=linux ( an iso). Make a cd ( or virtual clone drive), install in windows (wubi.exe). Wireless works fine. HP and windows not a good combination. Even big problems with officejet 7200 in Windows Vista. Officejet 7200 in Ubuntu Linux: works great.
    Change to Linux, the only ( not commercial) OS ( even better than MAC) for your laptop or desktop.
    Diagnose, change motherboard to have wireless in windows.
    But, if you change to Linux a change of motherboard is not any more necercary.

  106. Graduate Student11 says:

    I have a dv9301us. Guess what??? The internal wireless card stopped working. Amber light. No Broadcom software all the sudden. HP wireless assistant wont even open or now that I’ve deleted it, wont reinstall. Fabulous. I did all the tricks to try and fix. A very brief ray of light randomly yesterday when the card suddenly started working again, but it lasted for about ten minutes. I’ve had the laptop for almost 2 yrs. I keep very good care of it and don’t leave it running like I did with my old Compaq Laptop (wich works like a charm still, just a little slow). I will ADMIT however, that I have been known to surf the internet for explicit content. I’m a guy and I’m in college. Whatever. Anyway, maybe its a virus that caused my problem. Is this possible??? Everything else works fine. Except the new USB wireless adapter i just got. Sometimes it works, then a DOS looking screen flashes for about a half second and it seems to kill the USB adapter. WTF? Unplug, restart, repeat…. My warranty is up in june. I called HP and they were very helpfull over the phone. They sent me a box with prepaid shipping back to their repair dept. Sending it tomorrow. We’ll see what happens. I love you all. Together we’ll get through this….and then we’ll have a celebration party at my place in LA. Pray for me. lol.

  107. Hello Everyone:

    I have a dv9000 that I bought in September 2007. Everything ran great until August 2008 when the wireless adapter would not turn on. Only yesterday (2/19/09), did I figure it out. The HP Total Care program suggests updates, much like the Microfost updates. In those updates are mods to the Bios. Those Bios updates actually shut off certain devices.

    I decided to reset the Bios to ‘Default’, THEN turn on the Network Adapter setting in the Bios- then a reboot. WALLA! It has worked fine. You might need to do this 2 or 3 times before the system holds the new Bios setting. If you update your Bios in the future, just keep this in mind. Let me know if this help at my web site.

  108. I own an hp dv6000se the same wireless problemas, 3 months latter my dv6000 will never work, I replaced the motherboard, $310 bucks, and 1 month latter the wireless dies again, and 3 months latter that the wireless goes to orange, my notebook doesnt turns on… once a hundred times I try to turn on, it turns on… a completely dissaster,
    4 more friends bought the same dv6000 series, 3 of them had the same wireless problems, and 1 had to replace the motherboard cause it doesnt wanted to turn on !…
    HP is a fuc…ng dissaster… never hp never!

  109. I purchased an HP Pavilion tx1110us from CompUSA in May 2007 for $1100. In the last few weeks it has been freezing during start-up and now the internal wireless network card doesn’t work. The system doesn’t even recognize the internal wireless card, so I can no longer access the Internet. I have done hours of research online in attempts to fix it, but my research has shown it is a common problem with the tx1000, tx2000, dv2000, dv6000, and dv9000 series that is not fixable. It is hardware issue that requires the whole motherboard to be replaced at an estimated cost of $600. HP wants to charge me $600 to have it fixed and will not provide me with phone support, because I’m out of my one year warranty. I believe HP should be liable for this repair, since it is a known issue that has resulted in the extension of the dv series laptops warranty. The tx1000 series is the newest of the models that are having similar issues, so it makes sense it wasn’t covered in the original class action suit. Thus said, I believe it should be added to the list of models that receive an extended manufacturers warranty. I work in the tech industry and I have tried everything to fix the problem with no success. From all the research I have done, the wireless card is the first failure that ultimately results in the computer completely crashing within a few weeks. A year and a half is not a reasonable life for a laptop that was a $1110 investment and I want HP to take responsibility for this manufacturers defect. I would be interested in any advice you can offer on how I should move forward with this situation.

  110. Bough mine summer 08. Around three months later, i found that when i started my computer, after about 20 secconds, my programs would freeze. not the screen, the programs. i took it to future shop, where i bought it, and they said it was a hardware problem and would have to ship it to hp. ughh… about 2 weeks later. i get it back, and they have reloaded my os as 32 bit, not the 64 it originally was (i blame future shop). another week later… i get it back and now when i plug in my headphones, the sound doesn’t transfer from my speakers to the headphones. it says they are plugged in, but they wont work. its not the headphones. they said it was another hardware problem, and would take another 2-3 weeks with hp. i’m a student. i’ve practically been without my laptop for near a month! i will never buy another hp product. i hope these comments and reviews save others from making the stupid decision i did in buying this product. also. do not buy from future shop. they are incompetant and tried to tell me there was no difference between 32-bit processor and 64-bit, so why was i complaining. i’m not a moron. and they were the ones who sold me on the 64-bit. unless you never want to see your laptop due to its many hardware repairs, do not buy this one.

    • p.s. the first hardware problem was my hard drive. i had to pay 80 dollars to back up my files that i needed for university.

  111. Here’s how I fixed my wireless that had stopped working in my HP Pavillion dv6700 series …

    After screwing around with HP support (the chat version because I was out of warranty!) AND updating the BIOS to 3.1 (didn’t help) AND reinstalling the drivers (didn’t help) AND begin told by HP that my wireless card needed replacement (BS), I decided to take off the back cover and put my eyeballs on the offending mini PCI wireless card.

    The card has two very tiny female connecters that accept two male connectors from wires that lead back into the interior of the computer. It appeared to me that the black lead was loose. I carefully reconnected both leads and re-seated the card in its slot.

    It worked. The card reappeared in my device list and now works fine.

    With as much banging as notebooks get with mobile use, airport security lines, and so forth, the leads on this model of card are at a high risk of getting disconnected.

    As a first step in diagnosing why your wireless won’t work, I suggest a physical inspection of the hardware. Maybe you’ll get lucky like I did.

  112. Denis McCarthy says:

    I have read nearly all comments here and on several other sites including the class action being filed by a firm in CA. Interestingly, although I have experienced both the wireless failure and the boot failure related to battery drain even while plugged in the fixes which are numerous types of voodoo which seem to work intermittently and then not, I think the problem lies within the firmware on the motherboard and is not indicative of bad components (i.e. graphic cards, wireless cards, or battery). I say this because by the time my issues surfaced I too was out of the warratny period and non eof these components ever got fixed yet i sit here today typing this note from the dv6000 I urchased in late October of 2006. One thing is undeniable. HP support are comlete morons for never having diagnosed the root of the problem and deserve several if not hundreds of calss action suits. They have goaded thousands into buying the machines and even paying $360 new motherboard because the machine is out of warranty. The BIOS upgrade that remains on their site to this day has done nothing – although I can see why they htought that might fix it. I worked for two years (albeit in a senior financial position) in start up building rugged pc for the military. We were working with Windows XP and had numerous firmare issues between the battery and power supply because we were using a non-standard battery configuration. We had further problems with the windows power management applet once we figured out the firmware. All of the above manifestations (graphic card failure, wirless card failure and certainly power supply irregularity – inlcuding poor charding CMOS battery failure and power drain while plugged in) are symtematic of poor firmware and or drivers for battery and power supply or both. the fact that there is virtually no fix available anywhere let alone from HP is astounding. If you are interested in recovering your PC the best solution I have seen (and I typically recover once a week for two years) has been to do the following.

    pull out the battery
    hold down the power for 1-2 minutes to drain power charge off the motherboard and from the CMOS
    reseat the hard drive and possibly memory to be safe (I have never tried the memory reseating but it seems to work for some)
    let the computer sit for 12 hours
    plug in on cord power and power up

    you should get the HP screen and have windows power up.

    The best result not to go into failure is to perate without the battery but that kind of takes the meaning out of laptop.

    It seems that the most logical explanation is that when the battery is in and the laptop goes into sleep or standby mode having sat for a few hours something corrupts in th power supply, battery or CMOS and the computer hardware refuses to power the harddrive on restart. There are some that thinks that this eventually leads to motherboard failure but I have revived mine so many times my thought is that they have jut lost patience. Frankly i don’t blame anyone for having lost patience or never wanting to buy an HP again. I will certainly think long and hard before I ever do again. If you are reading this and have stumbled accross a firmware fix I would love to know. Otherwise hope this helps some of you get back on to your machine to recover data without falling into the trap of sending it to HP support. DOn’t pay money just be persitent in trying the power drain technique (I can’t take credit I found it on FixYa about 18 months ago). Sorry it has taken so long to write this post – I have had other priorities. you can also find the class action out there. I will post on a seperate topic here once I have the info in front of me.

    good luck

    • Thanks for the post Denis.

      I had given up on my dv6110us months ago without even knowing about the “enhancement”. After I found out about it today, I found it was out of warranty and repairs would cost $300. The laptop had been rock solid for me for almost two years when it just stopped working. I went through all the troubleshooting steps on HP’s web site, but nothing worked. I eventually gave up and set it aside, figuring it was out of warranty. I never saw any mention of the “enhancement” on HP’s site at the time and now it’s too late.

      After reading your post, I plugged it back in, and it fired up like there was never a problem (facepalm). I turned off the standby and hibernate settings, so hopefully it won’t go into lock down again. Now if I could just get the battery to hold a charge… (if I can’t find a cheap replacement, I may just crack it open and replace the cells)

  113. Denis McCarthy says:

    class action website – go to site and look under pending cases. the suit was filed in January 2009 and there is a place for you to join.

    Also – I forgot to mention in my post above that some beleive that setting the power options to never go into sleep, hibernate or suspend mode will keep this problem from manifesting. I saw this recently and I am going to try this time around.

    • I just visited that site and it is for the power jacks on the laptops. I read a few weeks ago on another site that someone is preparing a class action in Florida.

      • Denis McCarthy says:

        FYI no issues with the laptop experiencing boot failure since I set all of the power options to never turn anything off.

  114. I’ve purchased a HP laptop which suddenly stopped working yesterday, after barely one year and few month of use without notice. No longer boots up. Turns on the lights, but the screen stays deep black … Impossible to express in few words the great loss of unsaved data and the damage this is causing to my work, so I’m gonna give the link I’ve found while I was searching for help: for more details. I Hope this info will be useful for those who looks for a laptop but still didn’t made their decisions.

  115. My wireless stopped working about 4 monnths ago, the light just wont turn blue. I see that its a common problem. Does anyone know if installing an external wirless card would work? I tried to install a Belkin N wirless express card but it isnt working, and when I go to network connections there is not wirless icon anymore. Can anyone help me out? Thanks Kevin

    • Hi Kevin, the wireless card stopped working on my laptop a DV6700 too. I could see the networks but couldn’t connect. I re-formatted the system after a wireless card and USB wireless stick wouldn’t work. It worked for a month before I had to re-format the system again. I had to do this one more time and since then it’s been ok and working fine. I will never be buying a HP again. Have you tried a system reformat? I didn’t want to do this and resisted at first because I didn’t want to lose any data. I am glad I did.

  116. mine was working longer than most people and finally it disappeared 3 days ago and never came back.

    • Clark Kent says:

      just died few days after one year warranty…now i understand why these tablet models aren’t distributed in the european market, cause there is 2 year warranty as minimum, not one year…
      have tried lot of methods but none works…just lights are on, blank screen, fans working…but anyway dead laptop, who wants to buy this “Hp piece of art” ? 🙂 no more hp

      • My dv9000 HP laptop just recently had the bezel/hinge repair done after waiting over a year for HP to acknowedge it was a defect in these machines.
        Now, a week after it comes back after the repair the wireless is GONE.
        The dreaded amber light glows, the blue light never to be seen again?

        What a pain, first I have a $1,200 laptop that I can’t open or close without damaging the monitor bezel so it ends up sitting open like a desktop & now the entire wireless ability has disappeared.
        It is very discouraging.

        • I have a DV9000 and after sending it back to HP for the hinge and a motherboard issue, the wireless went out today and it no longer detects my battery. GRRR I called HP and my laptop was covered under the extended service enhancement. Of course they are sending me the standard “box” in which to send my $1200 laptop into postal hell. They won’t fix the battery as they say it’s my problem, but they said that when I send it back they will put in a new wireless card and do a few other things and it should be good to go. Has anyone else had their wireless card replaced by HP? Does it work after you sent it back? Just trying to figure out if I am wasting my time as I just bought a new freakin wireless card and now they tell me they will fix it.

  117. Unfortunately crappy hp that is their policy when it comes to the battery because the battery only gets replaced within the 1 year warranty. I can tell you that up until Monday the 30th I was working for hp and most of the time when we sent a notebook in under the enhancement it did come back fix. However, having said that there was also times when it came back with bigger problems but if it does come back with problems call back in and ask to speak with a case manager. The case manager’s will get you taken care of.

  118. I have the same problem as everyone. Upon trying everthing that is possible without success, I purchase a usb wireless lan card and it works without trouble. It cost nz$20 so I guess it’s a quick fix.

    • I have same laptop and have much on it for university. Need to know how what type of wireless card/modem stcc will work with it while traveling in case it ‘bombs’ while traveling. Is this hard to do or very expensive? Also, what to do to save data so I can graduate…can’t lose the data and it is on Vista, so not certain how that transfers to other computers if I save it to a flash drive….
      Not a technical person, so, be specific or I’ll be lost … jargon.

  119. Well…I stumbled across this thread trying to repair the same problem. As I was shutting the laptop down in frustration, I see a small orange light in the front of the machine. Next to that was a little slide toggle switch. Come to find out, that turns the wireless off and on. Problem resolved. 🙂

    • I wondered if that toggle switch might have some people stumped 🙂

      As a side note, my wife had repairs done on her Acer laptop about a year ago. When it came back, the wifi was turned off and the switch was jammed. I had to open the case back up and realign the switch to fix it.

  120. DV6000 Wireless card (hp wireless assistant) NOT RESPONDING!!!! Sounds like everyone else here! Well chatted online with hp support told me the same BIOS update that didnt work, went back to HP support and there “tools” are down so now I need to wait 3 hours and try back. I got it to work by deleting hp assistant and then turning the computer on and off 3 times, its not the most scientific answer and I would not recommend doing it but IT WORKED! Turned the computer off for a few hours when I turned it back on got the same problem. HP said I may need to send in the laptop ill keep you guys posted if that fixes it and how MUCH thats going to cost me. p.s. hopefully it does not take months to get my computer back once I send it in.

  121. HP Pavillion dv2000…nothing like spending over $1000 for a computer and having the hard drive crash just a month past the time when warranty might have paid for it……now the wireless is not working and a reputable computer shop truly had no idea as to what the problem was……I am disgusted with HP and will never purchase another one of their products, having had major issues with one of their digital cameras (a $500 one I might add)…….

    • I lost the HD on my dv6700 after only having it a month 😛 Luckily I had not problem getting a replacement from HP, but I had to purchase new install disks. They don’t replace those for free so be sure to make a copy asap.

      The thing to remember though is that hard drives can fail with little to no warning, so you have to be prepared for it with backups. I have a couple of external drives I use to keep all my data and update files on. Replacing a HD on a laptop is not too hard or expensive. I believe the dv2000 series uses a 2.5″ SATA drive. You can get them at most electronics stores like Best Buy or Fry’s or online at Tiger Direct or Just be sure it is SATA and not EIDE.

      Once you get your new drive, remove your old drive from the laptop. Carefully remove the metal caddy and plastic connection adapter, and put them onto your new drive. Gently insert the drive into the bay and replace the screws and cover. Turn on the system and use your recovery CDs to restore the system to factory settings.

      It can be a pain, but you can put the effort into installing a HD with more capacity.

  122. I’ve had the same problem twice. Both times, after dealing with the call centre, I shipped the notebook back. To there credited, the second time turnaround including shipping was 5 days, two of which were a weekend. However, the notebook is now on it’s third system board. Enhanced warranty expires in another two months. There is something wrong that a company the size of HP does not give a long term fix to this problem. Next time I’ll try taking them to court myself!

    • hey steve i have a major problem myself canyou help me?

      • steve, i am in the middle of my university assignments and my power does not stay on the blue light will come on for a second and off it goes and i have a dead line to meet

  123. I have a hp pavilion dv9000 and in the middle of my university asignments the power refuses to stay on. the blue light comes on for about one second and off it goes again. can anyone please help me? i have a deadline to meet

    • Hello tinko, I had the same prob with my pavilion dv6000… after 1 year I bought it the wireless goes out, 5 months latter the same problem as yours and nothing on screen, then shuts down…. Im sorry to tell that the motherboad is dead :S I changed up with a new one and it just dies 6 months latter…. keep the hard drive and the other is just a peace of crap….
      please tell your friends NOT TU BUY AN HP COMPUTER :S

      • jdavid summed it up – do not buy an HP PC, or a Dell, or an IBM. As a matter of fact don’t buy a PC. Purchase an Apple. They never break and they stand by their products.

        • We just found out our 26 month old Pavillion laptop has the same problem. HP would not consider fixiting it on their dime, even though they acknowledged the problem was of their making. They do not back up their product. I will NEVER buy another HP product agin, and am telling all my friends to stay away as well. DO NOT BUY ANY HEWLITT PACKARD PRODUCT…EVER!

    • Talk to HP and see if it is the mother board issue everyone here is talking about. If so, see if you can get if fixed. I didn’t realize that there was a bigger issue, so I’ve suffered with lack of wireless and with the same battery issue you described for months. I’m past the 24 months you get, so I’m screwed by HP in that it is a bad motherboard and a $450+ repair for me to have them fix.

      (Yes, they made the problem and acknowledge it, but tsk tsk to me for not knowing they would fix it until too late)

      Bottom line – if you are still having your problem, try taking the battery out and unplugging it (Both at the same time). Put them back in and see if it boots up. That is what I have to do with mine. It is beyond annoying, but it allows it to work. I now get my wireless by plugging in a cable too…..

      Since I just learned these are known problem. I called HP. They pretty much blew me off since I’m beyond the “extension of the wrrantly to 24 months after the start of the original warranty. You have to LOVE that wording “beyind the start” – in other words, we aren’t extending the warranty 24 nonths, but rather 12 if you have a standard 12 month warranty and not at all if you are on a 2 year warranty.

      Yeah, HP sabatoged admits to breaking the computer, but won’t fix it. They gave me a case number (8025857744), but I’m not sure why. They guy pretty much said “yeah, we know about the problem, but unless you want to pay, then go have a nice day” and sent me packing….


    • jyoti swaroop mohanty says:

      Tinko, please dont worry i am providing to the steps and i am sure it wil resolve the issue you just follow the steps :-
      1.Turn off the notebook by using power button.

      2.Disconnect the AC adapter

      3.Disconnect the battries

      Step a – Remove the battery
      Slide and hold the battery release latch to the release position.
      Lift the front edge of the battery and remove it from the battery bay.

      Step b – Replace the battery
      Toe the rear edge of the battery into the base enclosure.
      Lower the front edge of the battery and
      press the battery into the battery bay until the release latch clicks.

      4.Is their any peripherals connected to the notebook- disconnect it.

      5.Press the power key for thirty seconds.

      6.Reconnect everything back.

      7.Turn on the computer.

      Hp tech — Jyoti

      • Jyoti, you have to be kidding me. I’ve had the exact same problems with my hp pavillion and I have to do your exact instructions every single time my wireless disappears. And that only works about half of the time.

        HP fixed my problem about a year ago when it was still in warranty, and now the problem is back. The best part is, is that HP won’t do ANYTHING about it. They said sorry you’re out of warranty. I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. Especially when people from Apple say to remove the battery and put it back in as a solution.

  124. Graduate Student11 says:

    HELLO ALL!! Positive news. I posted back in Feb about my dv 9301us losing wireless internet. I sent it in to HP with the packaging that they had sent me after my phone conversation with some very helpfull staff. They sent my laptop back to me within a month. Charged me nothing because it still had some kind of fac war (less than 2 yrs old) and the problem was the MOTHERBOARD. They said it was common. IT ALMOST FELT LIKE THEY KNEW I WAS GONNA CALL AND SAY EXACTLY WHAT I SAID. Took about half a second for the rep to diagnose my pc. I’ve been using it ever since with zero problems. So, as promised, I am throwing a party. 4 kegs of sam adams honey porter. Mmmmm.

    • One of the lucky ones graduate… There are thousands of HP door stops out there… I have 3…

  125. I have a problem with my wireless on my hp pavillion tx1260ea. The bluetooth works fine, but the the wireless LAN is not working at all. I have updated my BIOS, All drivers, reformatted windows…still no response from the wireless LAN card. In device manger nothing in the network adapter section shows up as wireless, as my brothers does. However i have 2 other friends with the exact same laptop experiencing the same problem. one that had it fixed as it was under warranty, HP failed to mention what they replaced. one with the prolem ongoing. I belive there is a major fault with the wireless LAN minicard/bluetooth (my model), as far as i am concerned, it is a hardware fault, where the wireless LAN is burnt out therefore failing the device giving all kinds of failed wireless symptoms. I am doing to change the wireless LAN card, and if the problem is resolved, I will post this on here to guarantee the problem resolve solution.

    • Whatever you do it is not going to help you because HP hardware error will burn any NEW USB WIRELESS CARD as well. In my opinion, considering how many screwed customers trying to get HP support (which is just terrible) and fix the problem, HP should have done much better job in resolving this issue. I installed 2 USB wireless cards after original one went down, but each one of them stopped working just couple of days I installed them. So let’s face this problem. We all wanted to save some money buying inexpensive HP crap so partially we are to blame. HP knows very well that some customers will be pissed but they do not report how many pissed customers they had in last quarter – they report profit Wall street. HP knows if you price product correctly and if you have your marketing department up and running, you can sell whatever you want (all kind of shit) over and over again. Exactly. Over and over again. Some of you will say – never HP anymore, but in 2 years HP laptop will be $199.00 and guess what? Exactly, you will be buying HP shit again because Apple is 10 times more expensive. Scam is built into our business model which is basically:
      1) sell piece of crap
      2) support that shit for 1 year
      3) tell customers warranty expired
      4) market another product.

  126. This is why Asus and other formerly minor manufacturers have grown exponentially. Their low end pc laptops are reliable and don’t generate thousands of negative comments. HP has gone the way of Chrysler, unable to adjust their pricepoint, service and quality to the market, relying instead on aging goodwill.

  127. Awesome computer for the price. The Processor, which is nothing really special as far as power, is currently crisping my palms, and the touchpad could fry an egg. Heats up to fast. The RAM is also puny, which makes for real annoying lags. The keyboard is fantastic, very easy to type on. NUM pad would be nice, but can be lived without. The touchkeys are a good idea, but could use some work. Toshiba could help them out there. I use the volume control buttons a lot, just wish the “beeps” were not so loud. The problems people have with the computer are pretty consistent. It has other problems that are a result of vista.

    Sometimes, in sleep mode, the screen randomly lights up. If you have had problems with this, it can be fixed easily. (


    About two weeks after the warranty expired, the wireless card went out. HP was pretty good about getting it fixed, and I have had no problems with it since. But I was horrified by the results of the repairs, which could have been just an isolated incident. There was a dig in the touchpad, as if someone had taken a Henckels to it. There was also a patch about three inches square just to the left of the touchpad. When I booted, everything went OK, but it wigged out when I touched the pad. It was extremely annoying to have to deal with that again.

    Overall, good computer, just don’t try to rip through any real processor intensive applications with it.

  128. nate garrido says:

    I am currently having the same problem with my laptop now, ive been having on going problems with it and now i read this letter and it explains it all however i am upset at the fact that the proice is now $8oo when i paid a little over $15oo.oo for it :”/

  129. Good to know I’m not alone. I’m going through the same problem with my wireless interface card for the last two weeks. Whoever finds the solution, please post it. It will help a great number of people, of course, me included. In the meantime, I will try contacting HP and see what they do for me. Thank you all.

  130. I’ve been here before and had seen the grimm forecast for my laptop’s lifespan. I found too that the laptop gets quite hot, and as a student I found that it couldn’t always handle my work load, which usually means having multiple windows open at a time. I paid $1500 for it, and as most students at the start of any year was on a tight budget, and hence I only took the 12 month warranty. I swear the minute it ran out I started having problems. The battery now refuses to hold charge at all, and the processor overheats and the computer simply loses power completely if it’s plugged in for too long, limiting my use of the laptop at all. However, I boycotted it for a few months in favour of my boyfriend’s Toshiba satellite laptop, and when I turned it back on to retrieve some files, I found that it wasn’t as hot… bizarre, but it hasn’t overheated since. I’ve even tempted fate by loading a processor intensive game… and to my surprise I was able to play to my hearts content, for hours on end. My conclusion? HP Pavillions have too much Oestrogen, and they get PMS. Maybe it got jealous, now it works again? Who knows! My boyfriend was just came over and told me about this great laptop he found on ebay… hp pavillion. Oh god, not again…

  131. Skrewed by HP says:

    Just got off the phone with HP support. My WIFI has failed on my Pavilion dv2225nr. Bios updates and driver updates were all done this past year. I did not realize then that I was just putting a band aide on a bigger underlying problem. HP is aware of the heat problem on the Pavilion line. They are also aware that this causes premature failure of the WIFI built into the mainboard. The Bios updat adjusts the cooling fan to run more in an attempt to keep this WIFI failure from happening during the warranty period.

    The HP support rep informed me that my 1year warranty ran out feb 08. He then informed me that my model was included in a series that was extended an additional one year of warranty due to the WIFI and heat problem. Which is good if your notebook fails within 2 years. Unfortunately mine ran out 3 months ago. ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS??? They are more than happy to charge me for a new Mainboard and labor if I am willing to send it in and wait 2 months.

    Why, if I registered my Notebook with HP for warranty, did they not notify me of this know issue when it reared it’s ugly head 2 years ago? Hmmmm??? Was it because of the Money??? If so, I guarantee that HP has lost more money by losing an exponential number Loyal customers than they would have by recalling these lemons and keeping their Loyal customers.

    Hey HP, you are nothing without out us, the consumers. When you lose us and our purchasing dollars, you will disappear. You will learn soon what happens when a BIG company screws over hard working Americans. We spread the word, ralley together and boycott that BIG company.

    I plead to all Americans, who are considering purchasing HP products or HP stock, to strongly reconsider. HP loves money more than they love their customers…

    Good Bye HP

    • Interesting comment Screwed by HP. Why didn’t HP notify people that had registered of the problem? At a minimum, they should have stated that BIOS needed updated.

      I don’t know anything about class action law suits, but this seems like a prime candidate if ever there was one……

    • Head to Fry’s or Best Buy and purchase a USB Wireless Adapter. Mine cost $20 and works with my home WIFI and at Saxby’s where I spend time with Colleagues. Don’t spend money on the motherboard repair because this would giving more $$ to HP who should not be in the PC business. They make great Server and Blade systems though.

  132. Same stinking problem here. Second time, now my warranty is out and HP wants $400 to fix. Why not just buy another computer for that. I can not even pull up HP wireless assistant, the icon is gone, orange light only no blue. This sucks!

  133. Have you guys tried formatting your hard drives. Doing this worked for me.


  135. Have any of you people ordered the broadcom wireless card that goes in the bottom of to dv6000 series laptops cause it could be a simple as the card its self gone bad so I’m waiting for my new card so I can see what happens. Also I did some checking all the HP dv6000 series ar still safe to use all you need to do is buy a wireless usb stick nothing will happen to the motherboard

  136. I have a similar problem, maybe writing the facts here will help understanding what is happening.

    1. I have bought a Pavilion DV6276eu in May, 2007. About 11 months later (april 2008) (1 month before the warranty ended) I could no longer connect to the Wireless Assistant (the light stays amber, and no possibility to access the Wireless Assistant in the Control Panel.

    2. The same day (coincidence???) received an “URGENT SUPPORT” mail from HP saying that my Bios needed to be upgraded. After this action, everything worked fine, and my warranty was extended to May 2009.

    3. Now, one month after the warranty ended, I have a similar problem. but because I don’t have warranty anymore, HP refuses to do something about it without me paying for support.

    4. Solution: i bought a small ASUS Wireless USB adapter, plugged it in and…everything works fine now.

    Sure, it is shitty that HP leaves its customers in the cold. But at least everything (?) is working fine.

  137. I bought a refurbished dv6000 for my daughter, and the wireless and motherboard failed within the first year, out of warranty. HP fixed this, no charge. They say the motherboard was replaced. Here I am 15 months later, and the exact same failure has occured. Only this time HP won’t stand behind their product. They want $300-$400 to fix it. That’s like spending $10,000 on a car which has a blue book value of $8,000. The wireless problem is only the symptom of the design failure of this machine. I’m amazed that HP hasn’t been taken to court. There should be a lemon law for computers. the more I read, the more I realize that HP put a bandaid on my computer by turning up the fan speed. The reality is that this machine does not manage the heat properly, and eventually it will destroy the motherboard. The wireless ability is just the first symptom.
    It is any wonder that there are multiple after market sellers of motherboards for this computer? If you’re thinking about buying one, in any condition, DON’T!

    • I’m in the exact same position you’re in. They fixed mine when it was under warranty, now its not working again and they want $400 to fix it. Its unbelievable how are they are getting away with this.

  138. Same issues, I called 6 months ago about the broadcom issues. They told me it was out of warranty. I learned they extended the warranty becuase of this issues and called back. Now they tell me I missed that date by a week. They want $$$ just to talk to support at this point. WOW…. Class Action anyone?

    • technician says:

      yeah you’re right! do some action yourself there’s a free chat support where HP tech would still be able to help you out for free… dont tell me your wireless i broken you cant access the internet! Use you half bean brain! use a wired connection or use your friends computer to access the internet to talk to a technician… dorie the smart lols class action duh!

  139. People stop complaining about this wireless Issue We All know Hp won’t Do anything Cause All those Tech support are going to be going to Jail Cause they are not doing their job they are Ripping people off $400 dollars just to fix one little wireless problem should only cost like $30

    So people don’t complain anymore Just save your money go out and buy a $40 usb wireless Adapter cause nothing else will happen to the computer if everything else is working great then all you need to do is buy the wireless Usb Adapter and presto you have wireless

    • When enough people get irritated, then there can be an action against HP. If this was a fluke, that would be one thing, but this is an acknowledged defect in the product. The BIOS fix seems to try to alleviate the chances of the defect breaking the machine, but based on what I’m reading it does not fix the problem, so you still run the risk of frying components.

      Those that have suggested it are correct in that people could go buy a replacement wireless card. But why should that have to happen when it is HP’s faulty system that prevents the existing card from working? Also, read the postings at HP about this problem. The wireless card not working is JUST ONE of the possible issues. If you are “lucky” like me, you’ll hit some of the other issues like battery/power issues and more. An overheating mother board can fry anything. Chances are, the more you use the machine (bio fix or not), the more likely you are to fry more of the motherboard.

      An analogy…..
      If you went to McDonalds and they gave you burnt fries, would you say “cool, I’ll just get some replacement ones at Burger King?” No way, you’d ask McDonalds to fix the fries or give you new ones. What if you got home before you noticed they were burnt? Would that excuse McDonalds from fixing the problem when they know they burnt them? HP burned your wifi….. Does it really matter how long it took you to come back and complain about it if they know they did it?

      Was there a recall on these machines?

      • Great fries analogy, Brad. There actually is a class action suit in the works, or at least it was being investigated in the States. I was contacted by a law firm to ask if the problem had been resolved for me. This was quite some time ago and I don’t have the details anymore, however, I’m sure a search could turn up something. I’m also in Canada, so don’t qualify to participate further than providing the law firm with some feedback. And no…there was never a recall, which is part of the grounds for the lawsuit.

        I had my motherboard replaced in November 2007, just a tad over 6 months from purchase. (Yes, I went through all the BIOS updates that were being pushed, and which did nothing). Once returned to me, I kept getting all kinds of errors and had power issues as well. Customer service admitted to me that there were known power issues. I finally reformatted the entire thing maybe 9 or 10 months ago. First thing I noticed was that everything worked, including the camera which had rarely functioned since the day I first pressed power and never once worked on MSN before that. I believe this was related to VISTA because about ten days later I had to reenter the code that is stored on the bottom of my notebook and voila..stuff stopped working again. The second major thing that happened with the reformat was that the battery check actually noted for the first time that my battery was FAULTY! Hallelujah! I’d been complaining for months and I was continuously told that since the battery check said everything was normal, there was nothing that could be done…even though my battery life was down to 10 minutes! Seriously! 10 minutes of battery life was not validated because the system said there was no problem! I immediately called back after the reformat (which i did while on the phone just so I could say it was done while under customer care). I was told that the battery wasn’t under warranty, however since there was a record of my complaints, and it was a “known problem” they would now replace it for free. I was happy, of course, despite the fact that my complaint only counted once the software backed me up!

        Since then I haven’t had any major reoccurring problems, though I do believe my battery life is starting to deteriorate once more.

        There is an extended warranty on the HP site related to the wifi/motherboard issue.

        Touch pad still gets very, very hot when system has been in use for a while. I’m hoping my system will live a little longer, but I will definitely never purchase HP again, as much as I like my little notebook.

  140. I’ve had wireless trouble with THREE hp laptops. One dv1000 that I personally own, one dv1000 and a dv6000 that I use at work.

    The dv1000 that I own would crash whenever I turn on the wireless. The wireless on the dv1000 and dv6000 that I use at work won’t turn on.

    Also, I just realized that the M2727 Laserjet printer/fax that we picked up a few months ago won’t receive faxes anymore.

    You know, I’ve been eying up an HP desktop at Costco for sometime – they look pretty sweet with the removable multimedia drives and glossy screens, but… I wouldn’t dare buy one right now.

  141. I will definitely never purchase HP again,you too

  142. I am another who is without wireless thanks to this shame of a computer.

    What a worthless machine. It overheats, the power is faulty, and this all happens right after the warranty expires. Magically.


    I’m never buying HP again and telling everyone I know not to buy one.

  143. In May 2007 purchased an HP Pavilion notebook for my daughter’s HS graduation. Early this year she had the power issue, called HP, they had her do the “remove the battery, unplug, try again” thing. Then sent her a box and fixed it for free. Last week (conveniently 6 weeks after our warranty expired), her notebook melted. Looked like it started at the power supply, burned the inside and melted the battery. She called them up, she told them the problem, they said they’d ship her a box and fix it at no cost. We thought it must be a known recall issue or something, because the warranty was up. Well, they call yesterday to tell her it’s considered “physical damage” and it’ll cost $300, and if they find anything else wrong inside and she doesn’t authorize payment, then they won’t fix anything. I told her to call back, complain, bit#@ at them and bad mouth the HP name…she’s not comfortable doing that, and from what I’ve been reading here and other sites, it won’t do her any good anyway! No more HP for us. Her old Sony VAIO is still running and it’s 8 years old.

  144. I have had many many problems with the HP Pavillion desk computer… It was sent to the trash after 63 hours of calling and trying to get HP to solve the problem…. only to have it crash and burn again……HP continues to support foreign countries by employing their staff to their support team. I am over any American company using foreign customer support. WE need to let everyone know our anger with this policy, along with Printers that only us HP expensive ink cartridges…. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AMERICA!!!

  145. I have the same wireless problem with my Pavilion 9000 series. The wireless cannot be found and the amber light is lit. After a bios update had no effect I went and bought myself a usb wireless adapter. This is the only solution I have come up with that works because I refuse to give HP any more of my money. It is better than a door stop that I was almost going to do with my laptop. HP know the problems with the 6000 to 9000 series notebooks and does nothing to help us poor saps. Well piss enough of us off and the company goes down the drain for lack of people purchasing the products.

  146. I’ve bought a DV6000 two years back, and as you said, David, tag price for such features was too good to be true! my wireless is no does not want to work! and it gets even worse… VGA Card failure! and the worst thing is that my mean pc waited until the warranty expired and started to show its ugly face! now when i went to HP they said i have to replace the mother board which costs around 320$!!! i fixed it at a computer shop but the wireless still not working and there is no guarantee that the VGA card won’t break again!

    i’m very disappointed but don’t know what to do? what is the best brand with least problems? is it toshiba? IBM? Acer?

  147. I purchased a pavilion HP laptop for our daughter in July 2009, within 31 days “It Crashed”. Best Buy did honor the the product and tryed to replace it. Upon checking the 2nd computer out, a person informed me that approx. 6 of the same computers had been brought in the same day!!! with the same problem. We now have purchased a Dell computer.
    I HOPE we made a good choice. Upon picking the new laptop up, I was informed they were up to 10 – hp computers that had been brought back with the same problem. HP has ISSUES!!

  148. I hate to be redundant, but maybe if the HP brain heads read about the frustrated users enough they will stand up and do something. My dv6000 is experiencing the same wireless issues, but even though it is supposedly covered by the HP recall (as I was told by the phone “support” staff) once they got it they are trying to ding me for over $700 worth of repairs and refusing to fix what the recall is for!!!! The phone support staff are useless in trying to explain why they won’t fix the wireless issue. Maybe their new strategy is to ignore the issue and hope we all go away. I used to be a fan of HP, but no more.

    • Hi All.

      It’s a common thing with HP products, and this is anyone’s downfall in buying an HP product.
      I have been onto ‘tech support’ at HP to see if I can further the scenario regarding Pavilions and WiFi.
      Now, I am an IT pro, so thus the tech guy (ha) could not offer any other advice than that I already knew and have obviously checked and done,. ie, once anyone with a pavilion wishing to upgrade their OS and or Hard Disc will have to sacrifice the loss of WiFi. There is nothing you nor HP can (or will) do unless you want to spend $$$’s for HP to install a new WiFi adapter. Thus it’s not worth the money. Only a few people have said Vista 64bit has kept their WiFi operating, but I fail to see this is so. Ubuntu , and Microsoft OS’s will not resolve this issue, it is an HP and Broadcom hardware problem.

      So the result, you either put up wth loss of WiFi , or DON’T BUY AN HP !!!!!!!

      • Generic.... says:

        Andy –

        It is not just a WiFi problem. My understanding is that it is an overheating problem and thus what is happening is the mother board is being fried. That is why the operating system isn’t going to matter as well. It is the WiFi that seems to have issues *first* but it is not the only issues you’ll have if you keep using the computer. The other issue that seems to come up quite often is that the battery and power system will stop working correctly (for instance, on my machine, you often are required to unplug the machine and take the battery out, then connect both back before the machine will turn on. If you don’t do this, the blue lights flash once and nothing happens. That is also why the answer of buying a cheap WiFi card doesn’t resolve all the issues.

        The BIOS “fix” that HP put in place for this simply has the fan run more. As you’ve seen in many comments, that also doesn’t fix the problem.

        Bottom line – you don’t have to be an IT Pro to know that if the board is being cooked, then there isn’t going to be much of a work around. The fix is for the machine to be replaced — which is what HP should be doing. Just as Intel started refunding money and replacing floating point CPUs a decade ago, HP should be biting the bullet and replacing these machines. Replacing the machines is simply The Right Thing For Them To DO. As more and more people suffer through this, the problem is going to start getting national and world wide exposure. It is a problem that has been around for quite a while and as the comments on this article show — it isn’t going away any time soon……

        • That’s odd you say that, Generic, regarding the overheating issues you have endured following a BIOS update, as my ze5400 actually runs cooler and quieter now after the BOIS update ! I did however strip the machine down and fully clean the heatsinks and fan units.
          Mind you, nothing still fixed the wifi issue, and I see it could be possible that earlier heat issues could well have destroyed some wifi components.
          It is a shame that HP will not admit to this hardware problem yet still continue to ship units out for the buyers market. Petitions from HP owners would be a good thing and well for me in the UK, Trading Standards ought to be involved. I don’t know what nor how your rights are against this in any other part of the world, but possible further investigation can be achieved.
          Unfortunatly for me, my warranty is out anyway, and I certainly will not be sending HP my laptop as I see the charge beyond economic belief. A PCMCIA card will surfice instead.
          I appreciate all your comments and replies regarding this matter, and if a lawsuit petition needs signing by myself, than I shall be happy to participate.

  149. Fatih YASAR says:

    i’m from Turkey and I’m dv6000 victim too.
    I had same problem at two time. Unfortunately my guaranty ended. Now they are requesting 340$ for repairing pay to my laptop.

    I have talked with HP support Turkey and USA but they didn’t do nothing. Now I’m planning I will open a website which is I will publish poor support and problems with hp.

    I need your suggestions. Shall i open this web site ?

  150. I have a hp pavillion dv6000 and called hp support and they told me that there was nothing that they could do for me because I was two weeks late on the extended warranty for the repair of my wireless wifi. They would not help me, so I vowed to never by a hp pavillion again, I will go with another manufacture


    • Generic.... says:

      How do you really feel? 🙂

      • Bansheekrypto says:


        • How can we find out about the lawsuit so we can deal w/HP in the courts. Obviously they aren’t taking any of the consumers serious. It’s Oct. 24, 2009 and we’re still seeing the same issues. I too am a victim and have gotten the run around w/their tech. dept. Isn’t there anything we can do? We pay their wages — we are the consumer and we’ve gotten really ripped off.

  152. nas-australia says:

    hey guys…i have a hp dv 6000, almost 3 years old..i purchased on of the earliet models with the amd chipset and nvidia GPU…and a word of warning, in three years..i have had the same problem with my wireless dropping out, the black screen of death, over heating…bad cd drive..and i have had two warranty repairs and one i paid for myself..the last time i got a warranty repair by getting my laywer to threaten a lawsuit..or atleast public defamation…and i got a call from a lady at Hp customer service that offered me a free repair n i got the laptop fixed in like 4 im having the same issues..and im considering my situation…if anybody has any bright ideas, e-mail at [email protected]
    cheers and the best of luck

  153. I have a dv9000 and the same thing happened to me. The wireless quit working for three days and wasn’t being recognized by my computer at all. I took the battery out and turned off the computer overnight, this morning first thing I started it up and it works fine. Maybe this can help someone.

    • HP tried to scam me says:

      I had the same wireless failure on my DV9000. I sent my notebook in to HP for the autorized replacement of the motherboard at no cost to me. When I sent it to them it was in brand new condition…perfect physical condition aside from the wireless failure. HP rep claims that when they took it out of the shipping box they sent me to use, it was damaged…screen broken, hinges broken and the bezel was missing…they also claim no damage to the shipping box… WHAT???????? There was no damage to my notebook when I sent it to them. They claim to have taken pics during the unpacking process to prove this. I have yet to see them or get my computer back…has to be some kind of scam. I find it unbelievable!

  154. We should all start a class action lawsuit. Anyone intrested.


  156. Contact BBB (Better Business Buearu) and let them know the deal here. That is what I just did! If enough of us stick together maybe we will get justice. Let the store know where you bought the pc at what HP is doing to us. That store should work with the customers and demand HP to REPLACEMENT our faulty laptops or if not they will stop selling the products of HP’s!!!!!!

  157. PLEASE PLEASE start a class action suit, I’ll find the Attorney….
    I bought my HP in Jan 2009 and I did not start using it until July
    I have the black screen and they blamed it on me I can send my email address if allowed to start this action

  158. I think I have the solution. Go to control panel and look into installing and unistallin programs, uninstall the Wlan assistant from HP.
    I have done it and all seems to work better. Even starting the computer into windows works faster.
    Two programs that manage the wireless HP and on the other hand Windows cannot work properly.
    Leave to manage the wireless only to windows.
    Wlan assistant from HP is not needed, Hp is not able to devellope good working programs.
    Next time buy something else. Hp is not able to sell errorless goods.

  159. If you are a UK consumer and are having problems with your HP Laptop take it back to the store you bought it from and demand a refund under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Don’t worry if it’s out of Warranty you have upto 6 years to raise the issue under this Act although you may have to prove the goods were not of ’satisfactory quality’ and the fault was inherent. Do an internet search to find numerous examples of HP laptop failures and check out HP’s own user forums to support your claim.The DV6000 series in particular seems prone to failure and HP offered an Extended Warranty service to some but not all consumers whose laptops showed symptoms such as losing wireless access, failure to boot up, blank screens etc. It would appear that eventually the motherboard needs to be replaced due to an alleged overheating graphics card, cheap solder and poor cooling. For non UK consumers check out any consumer protection laws that may apply in your country.

  160. I have a dv2000, bought late 2006 (out of warranty)
    A couple of week ago the blue light turned red, just like that. I bought a Netbook just to have WiFi access and also bought more memory for the dv2000 (2x1Gb).
    4 days ago I installed the new memory cards and WiFI not working (didnt expect any change anyway).
    Then I removed the HDD (to assist a reinstall of OS on the new CD-free Netbook).
    Back with the HDD (after trying some booting from a USB stick, again for the Netbook) and the blue light is back (WiFi working, yeah !!)
    After moving the dv2000 back to its place (i.e. further away from the router than my cable reach) it turned red again.
    To day I tried change BIOS to what I used for USB-stick start…. still red.
    Took out and put back the HDD again.. still red.
    Took out and put back the HDD a 2nd time.. still red
    darn… took out the HDD, booted from USB (no change to BIOS needed) turned off, back with HDD… turn on and …. BLUE LIGHT … yeay…

    I will keep an eye on my 2.5 external USB HDD as that has always been connected when the blue went red and always disconnected when red turned blue…
    the dv2000 was my first wifi computer so i dont know what to expect after 3 years and I have used the dv2000 quite a lot for long hours at a time but I must say i am not impressed.

    My DELL Inspiron had the backlight on the screen go out after 3 years so that is perhapps the life expectancy for a Laptop ??

  161. Allegedly the nVidia chip is prone to overheating which in turn melts the cheap solder and detaches it from the Motherboard. HP tried and failed to correct the problem with a BIOS revision which just kept the fan running constantly.

    HP’s own user forums and numerous web sites are full of horror stories about these laptops and it is an absolute lottery as to whether you get a free repair under their Enhanced warranty Scheme.

    Several Lawsuits have been filed in the US against nVidia and various OEM’s. At least 5 have combined for ‘Class Action’ status and I understand nVidia’s own insurance company (NUFI) of Pittsburgh has filed an action against nVidia.

    If you search for nVidia Lawsuits and have the time to trawl through all of them you will get further info. An excellent article by TG Daily is available at:


  163. Hello! I have also same Wifi-problems with my HP DV6836eu notebook. I and local ICT-service’s specialist have tried fix these Wifi-problems. Drivers’ reinstallations and updates didn’t solve problems. Probably this is hardwareproblem with broadcom’s wifichip. This notebook have been already two times in warranty service but now my warranty is expired. I’m very disappointed HP’s product quality. I will soon buy new laptop but I’t won’t be HP. Perhaps Asus or Sony. Greetings from Finland. Best luck with solving these problems.

  164. Ariane_Brazil says:

    …the same problem!!!
    Did Anybody here have found the problem with the wireless? or Will I have to use the cabe forever?!
    Sorry, I know almost anything about computers and my english is not good.
    Thank you for helping!

    • You need a new motherboard. HP will do this free of charge if you call customer service and insist on it. There has been a recall. Just beware they may try to charge you for something unrelated

  165. Just place your finger on top of the light symbol that indicates the wireless ON/OFF and it will magically turn ON. Amazing!!!

  166. hp makes lemons says:

    OMG you are NOT kidding about the hp problems! i had my wireless, motherboard, some heat crap, etc, replaced about 3 months after i bought my dv6352. which was only the BEGINNING of > 2 years of problems so far!!

    i got my unit at office depot – another HUGE MISTAKE because office depot has been defrauding SCHOOLS by overcharging them just because office depot could!

    back to my computer. what was HUGE imo was when tech support ADMITTED THESE LAPTOPS OVERHEAT BECAUSE THEY ARE STRUCTURALLY DEFECTIVE!!! isn’t it FRAUD to sell a product that doesn’t work??

    these hp laptops are all LEMONS that should be recalled OUTRIGHT and our purchase price REFUNDED!!!

    thanks for letting me get that off my chest, whew.

  167. JulianMitch says:

    I have this same model DV6000 laptop and not only does the wireless network adapter fail to be recognized but it will not boot up to the HP screen at times causing me to reboot several times. The problem is the MoBo and HP knew this which is why they have placed an extended limited warranty on it.Of course I’m 3 months out of warranty so they want to charge $260 for a repair of something they knew was going to fail. I will notify all 953 clients of mine in addition to my friends and family never to purchase from such a dishonest, unscrupulous company that has forgotten the meaning of customer service. A Public relations blunder is all they have achieved in trying to resolve any of my issues.

    • Try this,

      Shutdown your computer.
      Unplug your wireless card (mini pci express), two screws.
      Start your laptop and run windows.
      So windows will forget there was a wireless card.
      Shutdown your computer.
      Install your mini pci card again.
      Start your computer and run windows.
      So your laptop wireless problems are gone for a while.
      New problems after a few months, so do the same.
      This method works great for my dv 6000.
      There is something corrupt between broadcom chip in the wireless card and pci of motherboard quanta 30B7.
      Hp has realy used the baddest combination ever: quanta and broadcom.

      So good luck

    • Julian I have an Hp dv6000, it too has that problem of not booting up. In fact it will no longer boot up… If it is cold it will start for about 30 seconds and then it will go out. Is this the problem you are or were having with your pc? I have found a site where I can purchase a MoBod for about $150 or so. What I am trying to determine is, is it the MoBod or the Processer? If you have a minute would you let me know what your pc symptoms are? Thanks. Saint.

  168. I think is better to buy a new laptop of an other brand then buying a motherboard for your dv 6000, because the problems will stay also in the new motherboard. Quanta is really a lower quality board.
    Look for a laptop with a wireless that have not the broadcom chip build in.

  169. Pal Thangam says:


  170. I have hp9500, and while I was using it for international call, the battery charge slowly declined and died out eventually in a few minutes. Since then, I can’t restart the computer, even after I tried taking battery out, using only adaptor. I guess it’s something to do with battery, adaptor or fried board. No, no wireless or other things. Forget them.

    So, I called HP two times. The first time, they checked my model and found that I’ll be eligible for battery replacement. So I went to the HP site to register my laptop model and battery model. I found then that my battery model is NOT part of their replacement models (issued by US Consumer Safety Bureau). So, I can’t do much with the web site. Then, I called second time (probably that Indian call center). The guy at CS kept trying to sell me ‘extended warranty’. I have vented out ALL BAD THINGS ABOUT HP!!

    I said, I am not going to pay for a penny for a supposed-to-be high-end product. Now, it’s completely useless. I’ll wait for either Class Action Lawsuit or free recall/repair from HP. HP knows very well that they have these issues on a lot of their pavillion models, but they are trying to keep their mouth shut until something breaks them. That’s what I am waiting.

    Maybe I should talk the people in higher-chain in CS dept.


    Oh, I said, to the guy that I WILL NEVER BUY ANY PRODUCT FROM HP in my whole life again!!


  171. I just paid almost $400 for my just-after-warranty-expired Hp dv6700 crash. Still having little issues, now with the wireless fitzing in and out, and I am definitely not going to pay to get it fixed again. Just wanted to throw my name out there too in case there is someone collecting names for a lawsuit or going after some reimbursement.


  172. Kirk Altmanshofer says:

    I spent hours on the phone this weekend with HP support and no resolution to the problem with my dv7. I have five calls on record now. First replaced bios and promised me a new mother board if the problem came back (American help desk). My next call took two hours and the Indian dude took over my PC and replaced my audio drivers, saying the problem was caused by my streaming audio (iTunes) to my home sound system. The third call (again in India) agreed that I had a hardware problem, but hung up on me when I refused to spend two hours on the phone to go through the same steps the first call did. Fourth call (again India) told me that it is a static electricity problem and each time it happens I should unplug it, take out the battery, hold the power button in for 60+ seconds and put it back together to start. She said the battery causes static to build up on the wifi card. My most recent call this morning (American help desk) told me that it is a Vista problem and I have to do a total system wipe and reload. What a joke. I the total of 6 plus hours I have spent on the phone I could have Craiglisted it and then bought a Dell! I have a Dell for work and NEVER have issues with it! Don’t buy HP folks! They build substandard products and then refuse to support them.

  173. Dimitri Rasclav says:

    The big problem with this particular situation is that it may not be the Wireless Chip. In my case, it was the motherboard. I believe that the overheating problem broke the Mini-PCIE slot for the wireless chip. The Chip was fine, the motherboard just wouldn’t recognize it. I am currently using the old Chip in my new Compaq, and it works perfectly fine. The old laptop, unfortunately, was eventually rendered completely useless when the heat destroyed the graphics chip. The issue it not so much the durability of the hardware, but rather the efficiency of the cooling system. They try to pack powerful processors in these tiny laptops, and the cooling system just can’t handle it.

  174. Over two years ago, I purchased a HP dv6000 series, and also helped my roommate and brother buy one within that same week, because they were on special for a Fry’s Electronics grand opening. Within the last 3 weeks, Windows reports that it cannot load the drivers for wireless notebook adapters on all 3 machines! Same issue as described above, with the light not changing from orange to blue.

    On another forum, I found someone who may have a repair, and wondered what David Risley thinks of it, and if anyone in the know will please give this a try? It is for a Compac Presario.
    Here is the link, and what the girl wrote:
    Well my problem now seems to have been solved this evening. First, I uninstalled and reinstalled an earlier version of the Broadcom Wireless Lan driver for Microsoft Windows (Version 6.00 E – dated October 2007 – sp36684.exe off the HP web page). I restarted my notebook PC and during the bootup pressed the F10 button. This brought up the system configuration menu. I changed the internal network adapter from disabled to enabled and then F9 to save the configuraton. I exited and and then restarted.

    I just about fell off my chair when my notebook booted up and the Broadcom driver was detected. The wireless light had turned blue and I was able to connect wireless to my home network. Now the real test will come when I turn off my PC and see if everything has taken.

    • THIS WORKED FOR ME! i have an hpdv9417, i left for class and came back and my wireless wouldn’t work. i contacted hp they told me to do a bios update, to get the broadcom lan driver again, none of it worked. f10 on startup and enabling the device worked for me, i couldn’t believe it to be honest.

  175. I have to start by saying that I don’t know much about computers, just use it for working at home once in a while. But I am terribly disappointed in HP and will never buy any HP product again!!! Just about a year and a half ago I bought an HP pavilion laptop on the recommendation of my dad, who bought one about six months before me. Just after my one year guarantee expired, it started giving problems. The computer wouldn’t start up, just kept saying: “Configuring updates: Step 3 of 3” and then just shut down. It just carried on in this loop, and couldn’t do anything. So I took it to the place I bought it, they said they couldn’t fix it and sent me to the HP service centre. There they told me that my motherboard is broken and that I might as well throw the whole computer away! I couldn’t believe that they could care so little about their customers, as to have a giggle about it being just out of guarantee. And how can they sell a product that’s only supposed to last one year, I’m sure they can’t think that I’ll buy another HP computer!
    The more upsetting thing is… Just this morning my dad’s computer started doing exactly the same as mine did! So now it’s 2 for 2, and from what I’ve just seen on this, and so many other websites, there’s a lot of other people out there who feel the same way about HP as I do!

  176. This really sucks because i have had this laptop for a little over 2 years and sadly my warranty is no longer valid. I wish I had known about this problem sooner, if I had known I would’ve waited a little longer and saved up a little more and bought a Mac. Also, to add insult to injury my internal CD/DVD burner has stopped working and is totally useless, I could look past that but Internet access is a MUST and I no longer have that.

    I am very upset! This is the main computer I do my school work with and some of my classes are online line. Is there a way to diagnose the problem?

    I feel as though HP has to own up to this problem and those unfortunate few who’s warranty has run out should be reimbursed was well. They are the ones that created the product and their miscalculation shouldn’t be burdening the consumers.


    I have a serious problem with my hp pavilion zv5000. a few weeks ago i set it on standby mode while it was downloading some stuff by utorrent i went to sleep.that night there was a thunder strom and very massive the morning when i saw my laptop it was off.when i on it,it started normally after using its i came to know that it is muted when i increased its volume from the volume icon it automatically became muted.not only this when i opened any window or page ,it is automatically closed if it was maximaized.another problem which occured was that ,the mouse pointer became hanged inspite for moving finger on the trackpad it did not move but the pointer automatically moves to start menu open several programs from there.i have installed several antiviruses but no one detected any virus.i formated the whole hard drive but i can`t get rid of this problem……….

  178. Reechard TG says:

    My daughter was given an HP Pavilion dv1000 for Christmas a couple years ago and now it is out of warranty. The wireless card is working, but the laptop got several trojans and tons of malware on it from her downloading stuff from iTunes and other music sites. I spent all weekend cleaning them and had to reinstall a newer version of Avast! to get all the hangers-on. Now the wireless network indicator in the system tray keeps saying wireless networks are detected in range, but when I go to connect to my home network, it cannot detect any in range. Repairing the connection also fails. Seems like the wireless adapter is working fine, except the “Adhoc” setting is disabled and I can’t find out how to enable it. HP support won’t help since the PC is out of warranty. I’ve used SpybotS&D, AdAware, and HiJackThis to make sure there is no more malware and no more trojans on the system, but can’t figure out how to get the wireless connection to work again. Any ideas?

    I was about to purchase an HP Netbook, but those plans have been put on hold pending the successful repair of this laptop, and because so many people have expressed discontentment at best with HP support. Think I’ll get a Dell instead.

  179. My wireless stopped working on my HP pavillion dv9000. Did the Bios install and nothing, which sounded like “bullcrap”. Seems to be a hardware issue and even though mine and most others warranties are over by the time this happens; HP confirmed thats it needs a new motherboard. I think HP should offer a fix as this should not happen on a fairly new computer, Cheap parts + high prices = bad computers. I will never buy another HP ever again.

  180. I had a 17″ HP laptop, which was working just fine. I sent it back to the factory for a recall on the hinges. After three weeks without a word, I called them.

    They told me that I owed them $750.00 because they found some internal problems. They said I needed a new mother board, processor, keyboard, and RAM. They weren’t going to send it back to me until I paid them.

    After arguing with them for about an hour, they relented and sent my computer home. It hasn’t worked since.

    I’m with you – I will never buy another HP.

  181. Here’s just another one, out of warranty by 36 days, wireless device not recognized……tried everything……with no positive results…… HP is junk and the support is laughable… Never again will I purchase from hp and I’ll make sure everyone I know, knows what junk they are.

  182. After a long time in business, I am semi-retired but still do PC service by referral.
    One ~3 YO HP desktop had problems I repaired and it necessitated a reinstall of Windows from the 8-disk set.
    After having the installation hang 3 times at the same point, I checked all of the original CDs and found two with unreadable sectors.
    I called HP and found the only option was a replacement set for ~$80 which I consequently ordered.
    The new set of 8 had a disk with bad sectors.
    I again called HP and was told there is no warranty on CDs at all but they would send me a second set for $25.
    This set too had TWO bad CDs but out of the 24 total, I finally managed to restore the system and wrote off the additional time and some of the expended costs.

    I have used HP (now ‘Agilent’) test equipment since 1960 and own a good bit of it still.
    It has never needed any extraordinary service and the down time I have suffered was minimal.

    HP computer related stuff however, I will never again accept for service of any kind.

  183. Reechard TG, you may want to try using winsock repair utilities such as LSPfix.exe or winsockXPfix.exe. Those two are freeware that you can download off of several sites. Sometimes in removing the malware, the winsock chain might become corrupted. Those programs repair winsock. I’ve also read that winsockXPfix.exe is just a program of entries resetting winsock, which you can entered a command yourself in command prompt. I would go with those packaged fixes in the programs.

    They work for many but with the wireless device problem, I’ve learned it’s a much more complicated case. What is most sly about the issue is that I would come upon a “fix,” but the connection wouldn’t last (so far no more than 2 straight days). And the previous fixes wouldn’t work any further. Then, I would have tweak the laptop (Compaq Presario FU572US, BTW) with other tricks.

    So what tricks have worked – albeit temporarily? Initially security scans not only revealed the missing wireless device (Broadcom), but also connected – only until the scan was finished. This lead me to believe there was some kind of suspicious object in a running process that lost the wireless device. Then, the scans didn’t work at all for a connection except just bringing out a missing wireless device, which couldn’t connect.

    I’ve used Super AntiSpyware’s repair utilities for restoring System File Checker, Safeboot key and Network Connection. That, too, was temporary. I’ve tweaked with wireless zero configuration in services.

    The constant is I have to reboot into safe mode nearly always if a normal boot results in a missing wireless device. The connections following a safe mode boot back into normal is inconsistent.

    So far, I’ve had lingering wireless device, even in a normal boot, after one session of stopping wireless zero configuration during a connection. I did learn that after 10 minutes or so, pages won’t display even though the connection was still good. I would have to start WZC and then the pages would load as a normal connection. (Keep in mind, I got that connection after coming out of safe mode to normal mode.) Since that session, I’ve been able to shut down and start up in normal mode without going to safe mode first to produce not only a detected wireless device but a stable connection. But I’ve also been following an advice about holding the power button for 3 seconds for starting up. I think I misread that advice, though, since a second read, it was more about dealing with a possible static electricity build-up with the wifi card from the battery. I leave the battery out and use the AC adapter for the power source.

    So, maybe it’s the wireless zero configuration. With my series of temporary fixes, I’m thinking more about getting another laptop that is not HP – maybe Toshiba or ASUS, which was recommended by one of the afflicted HP owners. It seems from the comments from various forums, the motherboard will eventually die. But I will keep checking these forums for someone else’s solution.

  184. [email protected] says:

    i have Wi-Fi problem in my hp pavilion db 7,when i work from Vista the light of wi-fi is always orange(this mean it`s turned off) and i can`t turn it on , but when i work in windows 7 everithing work properly button light blue, and if you wont can turn it off. I think this problem is in windows soft… ani way hp is shit becouse if you want to start windows xp… 🙂 just try it ,next time ill buy dell or sony ,becouse hp support don`t give me any good ideas how can i fix problem whith wi-fi or how can i work in xp os in my hp.i spend all my free time,in this laptop for a last half year,so guys if you have a lot of free time buy Hp pavilion dv7-its time killer 🙂

  185. For what it is worth:

    A few years ago I had the same problem with a Dell. Loosing randomly the wireless connection. I did not call Dell, I called the ISP provider. The guy told me to shut the computer then cut the power to the wireless box. Wait for a few minutes (I mean one or two), then restore power to the wireless box, then to the computer. The problem was fixed….until a couple of weeks later it started again. The procedure worked each time. The guy had mumbled something about something getting too hot. And I realised that I was keeping the wireless box on 24/24. So I shut it at night. Then I never lost the connection again.

    So, about a year and a half after I bought this HP pavillion, I had the same lost connection problem, which arrived at very inopportune moments, particularly when I was going to win this to the poker world champiosnship:). Anyway that pissed me off lost a lot of time until I rememebered the problem with the Dell. I tried it and I have ben a few days without any connection lost. I am going to wait a bit longer before declaring victory though. But I would be interested in having feedback on this, has anyone tried it?

  186. HP once was a producer of high quality electronics, and now appear to be coasting on their reputation. I have no reason to suspect that their current line of laptops is any better than the garbage we bought two years ago.

    Register a complaint with the BBB:

    Register with the Nvidia class action suit:

    And register a complaint with the Atty Gen’s office in your state.

  187. My dv9000 recently started having the same problem. Although, mine goes amber if it’s shut down or if it goes into power-save mode for long periods of non-use. I have to restart it over and over again going into system configure and messing around in order to get it to work again. Nothing seems to consistently work though.

    To keep this from happening, once I get it started, I go into limewire and download large files. Even if the comp goes into powersave mode, the wireless won’t shut down. This way, when I wake up the next morning, the thing still works. Obviously, this isn’t very convenient, but it’s a trick that works for me.

  188. My wireless just died on my if I buy a wireless card and replace it will that fix the problem or will I just be wasteing my money? HP said they can fix it for “What they said is a small fee” $250.00 plus shipping cost.

    • buying a new wireless card may not solve the problem, since the problem has to do with the motherboard.
      I have an HP dv-6000, after the wireless died on me -and being on a budget – all i could do was to buy a USB wireless adaptor, even though it sticks out and takes one of the USB slots, it does the job, and i only paid 30 bucks .

      The $250.00 repair fee is just an estimate, once they get it in the may charge you twice as much, if the problem is related to the motherboard, that is what happened to mine.

  189. I have been having the same problems, with the card being orange as though its not turned on, it is not all the time just every so often. Enough for me to think it was windows updates etc causing the problems..then finally I found this site with others having the same problem.
    When i called HP of course my warranty was expired but the guy did tell me that b/c they have been having this problem they had extended my warranty…until….two months convenient. When I asked why they don’t back the computers when there is a problem among many of these models..(sort of like car companies fix recalls even if your car is way out of warranty) he made some comment that if i had called about this problem before my warranty was out they would of fixed it then…even if was not i supposed to surf the web for various recalls on my laptop on a daily basis?

    I will NEVER buy anything HP again. Not that they care. tried the F10 thingy did not see where…to change from disable to enable…but oddly enough just hitting the f10 then restarting…i have a blue wireless light yay!! lets see how long it lasts.

  190. I purchased a HP Pavilion, 2 years ago, first my wireless card stoped working. I bought a USB wireless adapter and that worked great for a few days, then my computer died and the motherboard went out. I called HP several times and they told me they could fix it for $399. I will never buy an HP again. The same day my laptop went out, my HP home computer died as well, something with the operating system. What junk!

  191. I just had this problem today and I called HP support, of course he told me that my warranty is out and I need to pay $250 to get it repaired. I complained that this was my second time having my MB replaced, but to no avail the guy told me he cannot do anything about it. I followed Renee Neal’s forum link, but first I turned off the wireless in the bios by pressing F9 . I load windows normally then downloaded the broadcom driver for XP ( I know its weird I am using vista). Restarted the computer then pressed F10 again then I enabled the wireless. Fortunately when I booted up the red light is gone and I have wireless again. I am with jessie…I will never by HP/Compaq trash products ever. This will be my first and last HP computer.

    I hope this helps.

    • I spoke too soon…after I turned my computer off and turned it back on. The wireless is not working again. I will never buy HP again.

    • All you had to do is go to the HP wireless LAN assistant and turn off the wireless and then turn it back on and the goddamn thing will work fine

  192. Kimberly Liebrich says:

    My wireless went out on my HP Pavillion 6000 2 times! The first time it was covered under warranty–but last night it went out again. Tonight I went out and bought a USB Network Wireless adapter for $40 and it works great! I’m done with HP after this!

  193. Thanks for all your comments. I went through all and will try a few good tips you have given.
    This is for a client of mine. From now on, i will not repair any HP products. I haven’t had a good sleep since the night I accepted the laptop to fix.

  194. HP Pavilion dv6907ea

    Wireless gone crazy on this . Blue light works but suggests “limited access to wirleless” …all other household PC’s work fine.
    HP claim no reported issues, checked BIOS, drivers etc all fine. HP repair agents want £268.00 to remedy……probably best to invest that in a Dell.

  195. Name (required) says:

    I work at PawnShop in Downtown LA. I get a lot of used HP laptops. And I’ll tell you that they are 95% disfunctional. I Started paying attention to this after using couple of them myself. I then with disappointment told the UNSUPPORTIVE HP support system that I would never use their products. The only reason I used HP was because of the body. The internals must be all lowgraded, because various functions act up at least 3-4 times when you own it. Even Dell laptops (I used to abase) work like soldiers. I own 6 dell laptops and none of them going bust. Dell needs to hire a better body designer then it’ll look better than inept HP.

  196. Yunus Rajabiy says:

    Hello everybody. I have HP DV6000 laptop and it used to have Vista. The wireless stopped working and the orange light at the switch wouldn’t turn blue anymore, for some reason. I upgraded the operating system to 7 Ultimate. The problem still persisted, even after downloading the proper drivers w/ hp wireless assistant. I can’t get any support from HP because of the expiration of the warranty. Thanx you PCMech! For letting me post my opinion.

  197. In short: I work at PawnShop in LA. I get all kinds of laptops. And HP laptops fail at about 95% of the time, not only wireless but video too. I started noticing that after owning 2 HP laptops which both acted up w/ video. Comparing to other brands that I use, HP is the worst investment I’ve made.

  198. Im in the same boat… Just spent $1100 on an HP Pavilion dv6-2154ca… piece of garbage, only 1 month old and doesnt work at all, i called HP, they gave me a run around, then put me on hold and never came back to the phone… So i guess im screwed?? haha im so done with HP

  199. not hardware specialist says:

    About wireless

    what do you expect when graphic GPU is almost on top of
    wireless adapter and GPU can go to 130C heat.

    So if laptop does not get hot adapter can be ok, if laptop is used to get hot more likely adapter will fall.

    So logically thinking this problem should be more conman in hot climate regions and in summer times 😉

    • I moved from Louisina to Kuwait. You know the middle east where if its 100 outside its a cool day. My wireless didn’t crap out of me until I lived here during the hotest months… Thanks for dumbing it down. I’m a tard when it comes to comps I’ve been googling fixes for this for a while and this is the first time I read a … how come (well one that I understood) This whole time I thought it was an update that screwed it up (have had that happen before)

  200. Anyone experiencing problems with the Pavillion DV9339 laptops associated with failing video cards and subsequent “frying” of the hard drive?

  201. Bulgarikus says:

    HP DV6000/DV9000 Series AMD platform are one of the hottest notebooks.If your GPU fried you must preheat VC GeForce Chip.Sucsses is very little (2 of 10) couse they have silicon fix and can’t move.About Wi-Fi Problem no solution with Preheating…

  202. VirtualAdept says:

    HP had extended their warranties on a number of units up to 2 years because of this issue. Doesn’t help though if you’re outside the warranty by a few months. My wireless is no longer recognized by the system.

    Now, you can go get a USB wireless but, the unit will most likely fail within a few weeks. Why you ask? Because HP and a lot of other manufacturers switched to lead free solder on their connectors. With these chips running as hot as they are, combined with dirty fans, inadequate air flow, and in my opionon, crap thermal pads, the solder starts to crack and connections become unreliable as the processors heat and cool causing expansion and contraction.

    Thermal dynamics being what they are, the solder doesn’t shrink and expand as fast as the rest of the surrounding components thus causing breakage.

    If you call HP’s crappy support and told that it can be repaired for $399 but they’ll cut you a break at $250, tell them you’ll take that $250 and go to another company.

    However, if you have a heat gun, some Thermal Artic Silver 5 paste, some aluminum foil, and some patience, you could try to ‘Reflow’ the solder connections on the processor. Basically heating the surrounding connections to the point that the solder melts and closes the cracks. There is a Youtube video of someone doing it on an IBM. Same issue.

    I have a dv6000 and this did the trick. Works on xbox 360’s with the rings of death as well so I’ve been told. The issue though is heat and air flow. If your laptop is already toast, it’s worth a shot if you’re going to buy a new unit anyway.

  203. Not happy with HPDv5 – wireless no good.
    Any suggestions?

  204. My dv6436nr is having the same problems as everyone else. I purchased it in July 2007 and the original problems began in oct 2008. I sent it back to HP and they replaced the motherboard and sent me a new power cord. I was out of my 1 yr warranty and this particular laptop was not covered under the Warranty Servie Enhancement Program for whatever reason, but HP fixed it for free anyway. Two months ago it started doing the same thing again: the wireless adapter would disappear from the device manager and the wireless would work about 2% of the time. I called HP about 5 times and eventually was elevated to a Case Manager. Although she was really nice, she said the could not do anything for me. Tonight…I got the black screen of death. When I push the power button, the key lights will glow for 1 second then nothing happens.

    I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office for the State of WA for fraud and unfair business practices by HP. HP is very aware of he problem with the dv2000/6000/9000 laptops, but has done little to fix it. I’m so tired of waiting for HP to do the right thing, that I am going to go at them. Pending the decision by the AG’s office, I plan to file a small claims suit seeking the return of money that I paid for the laptop. Only when HP realizes that cannot weasel out of doing what’s right by their consumers will they step up. Let your voice be heard and contact your AG office now. The more people that file a complaint, the more likely an AG will move forward with a lawsuit.

  205. I owns a HP dv6207tx, and I have the exact problem with the posting on HP Support, but no answer/solution. Warrenty is expired, what can I do? the problem is:

    If anyone knows the fix please let me know. Thanks. HP support is not good at all.

  206. Marites says:

    I bought hp pavillion last march and after a month it gives me problem regarding the wireless that it cannot pick p wireless signal, i called HP Support and after the third call i finally talk to the american lady told me to do recovery on my computer and it did fix the prblem but after 4 days the problem happened again and i called them again and they cannot help me anymore. I should have read all this reviews before i buy the HP laptop, this is very frustrating and the support is not helping at all they give you very stupid troubleshoting process. buying this laptop is a huge waste of money. Please people do not buy hp laptop anymore its not worth it. and maybe make sure you read all the reviews before buying thier products.

  207. Raymond says:

    dont ever trust HP anymore,, I’m really disappointed.. T_T

    I’m asking for their responsibility to fix my Pavilion tx1000 regardless of its wireless and stupid motherboard..
    Lots of users already complained about this..
    But it seems that no actual action from HP..

    They even ask me for money to fix a mistake that they made !!

  208. I have same problem with a wireless adapter at one DV6000. When it”s happened i work in a room at 22 degree celsius. I think that the temperature difference between the environment and the laptop caused the problem. I have no wireless icon on network connection.

  209. When is HP going to acknowledge that this is a huge problem, and they should fix these problems. I have a HP tx 1000, that I paid good money for ,a it now just sits collecting dust.I think that a huge class action may be in order.