Really big monitors for your computer can still cost a fortune. The current crop of 30-inch widescreen monitors is going to run you anywhere from $1300 to around $1800. Well, I just attached a 32-inch screen to one of my PCs and the screen only cost me $597. There is a difference, though. I used an LCD television whereas those others are real computer monitors. The primary difference is resolution. While your typical 30-inch monitor is going to give you native resolutions of 2560×1600, this 32-inch TV is only going to provide 1366×768. Obviously it’s a lot smaller, but its still a big screen for about a third of the price.

Obviously, I wouldn’t condone buying a TV solely to be a computer monitor. You could, but I like big resolutions. The thought is that if you are going to buy a flat screen television, you might as well make sure it has a PC connection so that you can connect it to your computer.