Black Friday is almost upon us, but many companies have started their deals early. Whether you’re looking to buy PC accessories or even a new computer, there’s something for everyone. Microsoft Store’s BF deals have been historically great for gamers – but left others in the lurch a bit with less-valuable savings. This year, Microsoft is stepping up their game with some major savings on mixed reality headsets. The Acer, Dell, Samsung, HP, and Lenovo Mixed Realty headsets with motion controllers are $50 off. This brings the Acer and HP headsets for $349.00, while the Dell Visor is $399 and the Samsung Odyssey is $449. The cheapest option is the Lenovo Explorer for $299 – so you can get into VR content for under $300 if you have a computer that is powerful enough to run it. If you want a laptop VR experience, you can get an Acer Aspire laptop with an Acer headset for under $800 via the MS Store as well.

Anyone in the market for a reasonably-priced, but powerful laptop may want to wait until Black Firday itself. Then, a Dell Inspiron 15 with an i5 processor and a GTX 1050 graphics card will be $650 – so if you want a gaming laptop to under $700, this will get you taken care of fairly well. It has a full HD display, but does use a traditional 1TB hard drive. Upgrading to an SSD may cost you some money, but will definitely improve its lifespan and overall productivity. If you need something with a bit less power, but more portability – then the Surface Pro with a type cover for $329 off may be the best option. The Surface line is reasonably-powerful given the form factor, but you can’t upgrade them – so if you like being able to future-proof your device, it may be better to go with a slightly larger design to tinker with it.

Newegg’s early Black Friday ad is out and showcases some interesting deals. They will have an impressive Asus gaming laptop with an i7 processor, a GTX 1070 graphics card, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and and a 128GB SSD alongside a 1TB HDD for $979.00. This means that for a shade under $1,000, you can get a really powerful gaming laptop that should last you several years without an issue. Running games at high and ultra should be possible for at least a couple of years – especially with developers making better efforts to better-optimize games on a wider variety of PCs. For core hardware, you can get an MSI GeForce 1070 graphics card for $400 – a $50 savings. The Oculus Rift with the touch controllers will be on sale for $349 as well. A ton of gaming-centric computers will be on sale, and unfortunately, all of them are larger and somewhat gaudy Cyberpower and iButPower rigs – so you’ll pay a premium for a lot of space to work with and gimmicky cases.

Those looking to build their own rig can make use of deals on the Ryzen 7 1800X processor for $320, or you can go with a slightly lower 3.8GHz turbo-speed processor for $279 – but with only  $40 separating them, you’re better off spending a bit more money and get a longer-term solution. Graphics cards are going to be heavily-discounted as well, with a GTX 1060 Mini going for $240, while a Radeon RX 580 goes down to that price as well and offers up a bit more value being $40 off instead of the former’s $30 discount. Spending more money gets you a lot more power – so if you can afford it, you can get a GTX 1070 for $400 or a GTX 1080 for $500. Those on a tight budget should look into the GTX 1060 for $180, which should offer up improved performance if the only thing holding you back is your graphics card. Anyone looking for RAM should look into getting 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM for $160, while someone on a smaller budget can still get 8GB of Ripjaws RAM for $75.

Newegg has some deals that are pretty much universal for Black Friday – like a slew of gaming deals. The PlayStation 4 will be $200, as will a game-less version of the Xbox One S. The PlayStation VR with Gran Turismo Sport is $300 – offering up a solid value for the money since you also get the camera included here. Anyone looking for an iPad should consider getting a refurbished iPad 4 for $150 – which is a better overall value than getting an iPad 2 for $100 given how much older that is and how app incompatibility is becoming a bigger problem. A Macbook Air with an i5 processor for $800 is pretty solid too – but it is also refurbished, which is the only major issue with the Apple hardware deals here.

Home automation also has some solid deals, with a Nest thermostat getting a $30 discount to $199.  Those wanting an indoor security camera can get a Nest-branded option for $139 as well – a $60 savings over the regular price and that also gets you free cloud storage as well. Those seeking a more all-encompassing solution can get a four camera system for $300 – a $300 savings and an incredible value if you truly need that many cameras to look after either your home or a business. For quality of life improvement, you can get an Amazon Echo for $80 – a $20 savings over the normal price, and a good value for a fully-connected home.

Black Friday is always an interesting time in technology, but this year has some incredible values for a variety of people. Gamers stand to gain a lot this year, with a ton of gaming hardware on sale on both the PC and console side of things. The mixed reality deals on the Microsoft Store are a bit of a surprise given how new the hardware is – usually, it takes a solid year for new hardware to get a sale on Black Friday, but this year, they’re bucking that trend and everyone stands to benefit from it as more people can get into the tech, and thus developers have a greater userbase to work with. Anyone looking to build a PC can do so by building up their parts lineup at a heavily-discounted price too, and those who enjoy the convenience of buying a pre-built device can snag some incredible deals – especially if they’re looking to multi-task or get into VR.