Buyer Beware: Walmart Site to Store, An Open Letter

 I believe it is important for anyone who is considering using Wal-Mart’s new Site to Store service to read the letter I sent Wal-Mart Corporate early this morning regarding my family’s significant problems with their service over the past week.  Please read below.

 “Wal-Mart Corporation:

My name is Tyler Thompson, a resident of Derby Kansas and a frequent customer of your stores.  As a profession, I am a web developer in Wichita and also the Editor-in-Chief of a popular technology website  I am writing in utter disbelief of the events relating to your store, its customer service, and your new Site to Store service.  Over the past week, my family’s patience has been pushed beyond the limit by the sheer lack of competence shown by the Wal-Mart employees at your Derby location.

Please let me begin by describing the situation over the last week.  My mother and I had been looking for a game, Guitar Hero III for PlayStation 2 with a Guitar, for several days when I came across an available version at your online store.  Immediately, I sent the link to my mother who proceeded to place an order on Tuesday December 4, 2007 with shipping options set for your new Site to Store service.  The problems began here, as the credit card used for the transaction was declined three times by your online processing service and then was locked out by the same service for exceeding your overflow limit.  My mother tried again with a different credit card, which worked perfectly the first time.  It was not until later she realized that although your online processor had declined her first credit card, it had charged this card all three times for the amount of the order.  After calling customer service, this issue was resolved quickly.  Unfortunately, the problems did not end there, and they were relatively minor in comparison to what was to come.

On Saturday December 8, 2007, my mother received an email notification (the first sent by your service since the order) with the subject “Pickup Confirmation” – we believed this to be the notification promised as per your invoice’s instructions on how your Site to Store service worked, step one: “Wait for an email telling you your order is ready for pickup (7-10 days)” – however, the email did not mention anything about the order being ready for pickup.  In fact, it was worded as if the order had already been picked up.  Confused by the situation, I called the store to clarify whether this was the email notifying us the order was ready for pickup.

When I called, I immediately asked for a customer service representative, who I was readily transferred to.  I inquired about the email we received and was then put on hold for “someone who knew something about how it worked.”  After a few minutes, another person picks up the phone, and after again describing the situation to her, I was again told “I don’t know how that works, let me find someone who can help you.”  Finally, on the third try, I was handed off to someone from the back of the store who “knew what they were doing”.

This person was very responsive and positive to deal with, as she promptly looked up our order, first by last name.  She sounded frustrated when no results came back for an available pickup.  She then asked for a street address to check for.  Again, within seconds, she came back with a negative response about a pickup being ready.  The representative then asked for an order number to search.  I found the order number and read it to her over the phone, to a quick response of “Oh no.  It shows the order has already been picked up.  Are you sure you have not had anyone pick it up for you?”  My response was that no one had picked up the order and the situation was not good.  The representative looked up the order status further to find that there was a signature on file for the package.  As soon as this was discovered, I was transferred to a manager, where I let my mother take over the phone conversation because she had been the one to place the order.

After a few minutes on the phone, my mother was asked to come into the store to discuss the matter further.

She left at around 10 PM and went to management in your Derby location.  Obviously the signature was not a valid one for the package, and the situation began to escalate.  After an employee from the stocking area confronted my mother and told her, several times, that “She was not perfect,” my mother asked for her to get out of her face, to deal strictly with management, and to be issued a refund.  Three different managers refused to process the refund request, and at one point an employee told my mother “It would be extremely easy for anyone to just print off an order confirmation page and bring it in to the store for items such as that.”  This has two meanings, first of which alleging that my mother was defrauding the company, or that Wal-Mart’s security is not tight enough regarding its online order process.  After being refused the refund by the management, she requested to speak with corporate headquarters, which was originally denied, but upon further attempts was allowed in the store.

The lady who my mother dealt with at corporate was very accommodating and immediately told the manager in the store to process the refund and to apologize for the employee’s rudeness.  The refund was eventually processed and corporate issued a new order to be shipped to our house for free.

First of all, the most important implication of this event is security.  On the order confirmation page, step three, it says “Go to the Site to Store area at your store and present your printed email and a valid photo ID.”  And under that, in at least two different areas, it lists the “Pickup Person” as “Kim Thompson”.  If a photo ID is required, how did the box get signed for without an ID verifying the identity of the pickup person as “Kim Thompson”?  The answer to this question is probably pretty simple – an employee had to have falsified the signature (a state felony as defined by KS 21-3710) and then stolen the package my mother had paid for (a state misdemeanor or felony as defined by KS 21-3701).  Since the package could have crossed state lines, this action could also violate various Federal Interstate Commerce regulations.

Also, the implication that anyone could forge an email by your online store and come in to pick up the package is troubling.  Being a web developer, I deal with internet security and e-commerce on a daily basis.  As such, your website should have adequate protections built in to prevent such happenings.  Also, in order to forge the order confirmation, one must know the order number, time of order, pickup person name, and credit card information.  As this information was passed from your servers via Secured Sockets Layer communication, it would be impossible for an outside source to intercept the encrypted content and decrypt it for personal use.  Internet security is not a joke, especially for someone who works in the industry.

Secondly, the way your store handled the situation was dysfunctional at best.  From the very beginning, no one at the store seemed to know or understand how the Site to Store worked, and the way the management and employees communicated with my mother was offensive.  Customer service should be a priority, especially in situations where it is possible that an employee stole merchandise belonging to a customer.  My mother being told she was “not perfect” is extremely unprofessional and borderline on childish behavior.  This kind of behavior is sickening from a company of your size.

Thirdly, if this can happen in Derby Kansas without anyone catching on, in how many of your other stores is this lack of oversight causing problems?  How many other customers are going to be affected by similar incidents?  This needs to be taken care of immediately.

As I mentioned earlier, I am the Editor-in-Chief of a website called  I am publishing this letter as an Open Letter on the website to warn our audience of the dysfunctional status of Site to Store, and also to hopefully make your company accountable for the actions of your employees.  This letter will be featured in a newsletter which is received in the inbox of over 25,000 people, and visible on the internet to our audience of over 15,000 per day.  As an open letter, your company is free to respond openly on the website as a comment.

In order to make sure this letter is acted on, I will be mailing this to your corporate headquarters and to the Manager of the Derby Wal-Mart.  To rectify this situation, we would like to receive a written apology from both the corporate office and the Derby Wal-Mart, as well as have action taken as necessary against the employees involved in this situation.  I am saddened that it has to be taken this far, but in light of the treatment we received; I feel the situation can not be ignored.

Thank you for your time.

Tyler Thompson”


  1. Justin Hitchborn (hitchface) says:

    At least the employee who looked up the order number was helpful. Either way, no excuses for that kind of stuff happening.

  2. Excellent letter Tyler.

  3. Stan Smith says:

    It’s a shame your mother had to endure a total breakdown of leadership from Walmart. I really think that some heads will roll because of your ability to reach so many readers with this message. Well Done Tyler!

  4. John Clark says:

    Hey, excellent letter, but it will be ineffective when dealing with a large corporation like Wal-Mart. In the end, they may rectify the situation for you, but do you really think that they didn’t know the weaknesses in their online ordering system?

  5. Thanks for your comments. In response to John, #4:

    I do not know whether they realize their system’s weakness. Honestly, it would be very sad if they did know about it because it will cause their company nothing but problems. Seriously, if something like that can happen, things clearly need to change.

    In the end, I do not care too much about my situation. I will not use the service again. The point of publishing the letter here was to raise awareness of the system’s problem so that others my not have to put up with similar situations this holiday season.

    Thanks for the time to comment, feel free to respond 🙂

    Tyler Thompson

  6. My wife recently (last month) had very close to the same problems. Screwed up order Site to Store, and horrible customer service from the locals. The corporate phone rep was, however, very responsive.

  7. Jason Faulkner says:

    This is absolutely no surprise to me.
    Walmart treats both their customers AND employees as though they are a POS.

    Watch this and you will never shop at Walmart again:

  8. Tyler,

    Outstanding letter to Walmart. I too have had many of my own complaints about the Walmarts in my own area (san diego CA.) I’ve been there trying to buy a game and when I kindly asked an employee to open the case so I may pay for it she had to “find someone else who had wants to do it.” Afterward she asked another employee to do it who refused to because they were busy talking with their fellow employee. She then found a man who worked there who was obviously bullied by the rest and told him to do it. With a fuss of, “Why do I have to do everything?” he proceeded to get the game out of the case and handed it to the youngster at the register who wouldn’t even bother with eye contact as he chatted away about obscene things with his cohort. Many time I’ve seen such lazy acts at Walmart and I agree that it must end. Again, Tyler, an excellent letter you wrote.

  9. Excellent letter. While I shop WalMart for their low prices I think their customer service, including from their store managers, is about the worst in the business.

  10. Excellent letter, I am very curious to how its responded to.
    I do not agree with Walmart’s corporate practices, and as such I have chosen not to spend a single dollar there.

  11. Response from Walmart:

    Dear Tyler;

    Thank you for your letter. However, tldr. Thank you and please continue shopping at Walmart.

  12. While your experience was indeed unfortunate, your rant does not belong in the newsletter.

  13. Tyler,

    Very unfortunate situation. Will you be able to update us with any correspondence from Walmart? You should probably bill them for identifying flaws in their site to store procedures.

  14. Please do update us with any news from or about Walmart dealing with this issue 🙂

  15. Good job and thanks for the info, and to poster Kuch: Yes it does.

  16. Robert E. Sweeney says:

    Let us know the outcome!! Thanks for the heads up

    Bob S

  17. Tyler;
    Thanks for making this public. I am about to send a letter to corporate since I just had an awful experience with site to store. I was just searching for other forums where folks had similar problems when I found your site.
    I know some people think that a big corporation like Walmart won’t bother; yet the more of us bringing this up to corporate will help them realize how mediocre their system is.
    Best of Regards

  18. Hello Tyler,
    Although I am not a company spokesperson I do work for Wal-mart as an assistant manager and have for the past twenty years worked for Wal-mart in various capacities. I am also a regular reader of your newsletter. I am familiar with the site to store program and help customers at my store on a daily basis.
    I read your situation and wanted to give some insight to the program. First let me explain that Wal-mart and are not the same company and do not report as such. They are both run by Wal-mart Inc. but we have little to no direct contact with them at store level. When a sale is made on and shipped to the store we recieve a credit (not sure what that means) to our store, but the purchase does not go through us at store level. Therefore any refunds issued at store level are actually just pulled from the safe in the accounting office and pulled from our customer service account which directly comes from our profits. We do not receive a return authorization or credit for the product. The only information we receive about the order is the customer names, contact information, and order number.
    The products come on our truck from whichever distribution center the store receives it’s merchandise. Orange stickers allow our unloaders to identify orders and set them aside. The next day our claims associate will use a truck manifest to verify the arrival of the merchandise and place them in a reserved area of our old layaway bins. If an item is not received then the clerk will call the distribution center and have them research and replace the item. All items that are verified by the clerk are marked as received in our system and Wal-mart. com will send an email that the item is ready for pick up. Many times we have customers that recieve a processed order from and come to the store thinking it is ready for pick-up. Usually a quick check tells us whether it is or not.
    Each Wal-mart Supercenter employs about 250 to 400 associates, not all of who are trained for site to store or have the option to even log onto the layaway registers. Therefore you are unlikely to encounter an associate immediately that can help you. All CSm’s or CSS’s (the customer service associates) should be trained as well as management.
    I am saying this because this should limit the amount of associates who would be able to access your account. The old layaway area is usually covered very well by video cameras and that particular register would be the only one available that could possibly print a receipt for signature verification. Given that the system records a time and date for the transaction, finding the person responsible should be an easy task. I am fairly sure that since the store refunded you and took a loss on the product they are already in the progress of investigating what happened. The results of which would not be released to anyone in the general public because we are not allowed to release the arrest, termination, or reprimand of an associate. Usually an arrest that is released to public information is done by the local law enforcement agency.
    I can see why the management woould be hesitant to issue a refund. Our credit card agreements would force us to issue a credit to the card owener (VISA, MC, or Discover) which would be hard to do through our system for a purchase.Also, I would not allow any of my associates to lose their cool with a customer, ever. However, you don’t mention what lead the associate to this behavior.It is generally human nature to become offensive when offended.
    I am not making excuses for the process or the treatment, However I will say that my store processes literally hundreds of these orders per month with very few issues on our end. I also know that of the million plus associates and vendors who make a living through wal-mart, that many of us bust our tails to ensure good customer service through various means. I don’t feel like your store or personal situation represents all of us. So, If they won’t apologize, I will on their behalf. I apologize for the breakdown in service a professionalism you received at that store. Thanks, Marty,

  19. Wow. In direct response to Marty’s comment:

    I admire you for taking the time to write that post. As I was moderating it, my mouth literally dropped wide open. You have no idea how much I appreciate someone who is willing to do that.

    I will try to respond as directly as I can to what you have said.

    1) It didn’t bother me that it took several people to get a hold of someone who knew about site to store. And honestly, the first person I talked to who knew the system was VERY polite to me.

    2) I was appalled at the rudeness of the entire staff. Three managers blew us off completely. They didn’t try to explain, as you have, what the situation was, nor did they offer to find out from corporate what they needed to do. In fact, they accused us of having someone go to sign for it (which should be against the terms of service unless specified at order time) and then come back to claim it was stolen. Even after seeing the “fake” signature, their attitudes did not change. The attitude was one of the most frustrating of the experience. Once corporate was called, at my mother’s request, they were furious with the treatment, and made the manager there apologize for the behavior.

    3) I do not know what set the associate off. I could only speculate (my assumption would be her having to do extra work, but that could be wrong). In dealing with customers for the last five years, I know that it is inappropriate.

    4) The manager at the store called Monday. He did not apologize (all that was really needed) nor did he seem much to care about the situation.

    Your response has been the most helpful we have gotten so far, and I would like you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to write it. Expect to get an email from [email protected] very shortly. I am interested in showing that I am not someone just interested in ranting…

    Have a great day.

    I will keep you posted as to the status from a corporate and local level to see if we get something worked out.

    Thank you!


    Edit: Hey Marty – The email address isn’t valid, if you would initiate the emails with the body of “Hi from Marty” to [email protected], I have a letter to send to your inbox. 🙂

    • They are horrible at customer service!!! I recently ordered mini frigerator. They told me that it would arrive at the store here locally within 7 to 10 days but when I went to pick it up, local store stated that it didn’t arrive yet. After waiting for a month, someone from the local store calls me and said that they have sold my regrigerator becuase site to store messed up on my paperwork. He didn’t apologize nor was he very sympathetic at all about the situation. He just told me to go on line and just order another one. He made me SO MAD! all customer service on line can say is we will paid for your shipping. WAL MART IS HORRIBLE AT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  20. I used Site to Store twice. Although my situation didn’t escalate to your level, both times it took forever to find the one person that “knows how it works” to receive my shipment. I won’t use it again.

  21. My solution – don’t shop at Walmart. Low prices aren’t worth the poor customer service, crowds, dirty stores, jammed aisles, etc. Most places match Walmarts prices (or come pretty close) and don’t give you any near the hassle.

    • Absolutely. Walmart has done more to hurt this economy more than antyhing. They have driven so many local and small business out while they claim to “help” their own workers. They do not. They do not allow unions that would allow their workers to make a living wage or get decent health benefits. And you know they aren’t happy that Obama is president. Too bad!

  22. I am currently in a very similar situation with except I chose not to get site to store. I placed my order for Guitar Hero 3 on 12/8. I got a notice that it had shipped along with a FedEx tracking number. However, the package was never actually picked up by FedEx. Walmart will not respond to any e-mails with anything other than an automated response pointing me to their website.

    At this point, I figure the item is out of stock. Maybe they will get around to telling me sometime after the new year. I think site to store would have only complicated matters.

  23. I also had some trouble with Site-to-Store ordering, but my problems were completely different. I placed an order with a lot of baby items, totalling over $500. On the website, it says that processing takes UP TO 48 hours, and shipping 7-10 days. The items were processed in about 7 business days, NOT 48 hours as promissed. Then, some items arrived fairly quickly and I picked them up. The rest of the items showed as “ready for pickup” about 3 weeks after the order was placed. When I went to the store to pick them up, none of the employees could locate the items, and I was told to contact the customer service online. I emailed the customer service twice, and got the same generic response both times: “To track the item, go to and click on “order status.” I don’t think that they even read my email. Then, I called customer service and asked them to refund my money for the rest of the order, since the items could not be located. It took them about 2 weeks to process the refund. So, a total of 5 weeks of waiting for the items and then waiting for a refund. Plus, at the physical store itself, employees cannot help you at all. You are right – half of them do not know how this stuff works. Why do they even have a feature available if the staff does not know how to work with site-to-store items? I am usually not a picky person, and do not complain often, but I will be writing to corporate about this situation. Very disappointing.

  24. I have used site to store twice in the last month and the only problem i had the first time was with all of my order not showing up at the same time. I asked the lady at site to store pick up to find out where the rest of my order was and she acted like she did’nt know what to do until i told her she could call customer service and find out….they can’t problem solve. They did’nt charge my credit card the first time until i picked up my order so i made another purchase and did site to store pick up again. This time they charged my card right away and caused alot of problems in my bank account. I wish they would be consistent at all times and do things one way all the time. Now i have to get a letter from walmart in order to get refunds for the NSF fees it caused.
    Anyways good luck!

  25. I think the thing to remember is most of these problems are atypical, that site to store is relatively new on a nationwide basis for Walmart (I think less than 2 years), and that it’s not practical to train every store employee to do and know everything, especially at the entry level positions where turnover is quite high. I’ve used site to store about a dozen times over the last year, the only problems so far have been long waits for an associate at the pickup location (they have it marked aside near the stock room and a call button for help).

  26. Hi there. I know this is kind of old. But i to have had problems with the site to store service. My husband and i ordered a baby swing for our new arrival. We have emailed the site and they wont respond and we have also talked to the employees at the local wal-mart. We cant get any help. We ordered this quite a while ago and now it says its been delayed in transit. It says that Processing would take up to 48 hours and it took our order more like 2 weeks then 2 days. So our baby is being born Wednesday and we still don’t have a swing. I will never use their service again.

  27. Why is PCMECH still spending time and bandwidth on this problem? I repeat my comment of 12/10/07….
    “Your experience(s) are indeed unfortunate, your rant(s) do not belong in this newsletter”
    An open letter to the editors:
    Stay on subject!

  28. hitchface says:

    Open letter to ED: The editors can write about anything they want.

  29. Please, editors of PCMECH, give us the content that we visit your site for….tech and related….not rants about the shortcomings of WalMart!

  30. Oh god, please don’t let it happen to me as I have already ordered a product on!

    I hope by now, my local Walmart knows how Site to Store operates.

  31. richard s. says:

    I made the mistake of using the Site-to-Store feature. After three weeks the goods have yet to appear at the store and getting a refund is a complete runaround. (I am on hold as I type this.)

    I made the mistake of assuming Wal-Mart’s superior reputation with supply chain management would make the entire process efficient.

    I was wrong. I won’t make that mistake again and now have yet one more reason to avoid the world’s largest retailer.

  32. same story here.. i ordered 4 storage ottomans on Aug 18th.. it took a week for them to just process the order, then another week to arrive at the “Sorting Facility” . They are now en route to the “Delivery Facility” wherever that is.. and I just checked the site, and its now updated with “Your Site to Store order has been delayed in transit”, which pushed back my delivery date to 9/9/08.

    This is a joke, and completely misleading information. Their site clearly states that the Site to Store shipping time is between 7-10 business days.

    Not a month.. will never use site to store shipping again.

  33. Why wouldn’t you just buy the Guitar Hero III if you are a working man, don’t get your mommy to buy it for you!

  34. Susan Davis says:

    I don’t have a website.

    I am on hold now with Walmart’s Site-to-Store people. I ordered a SET OF 6 weatherproof file boxes (very necessary for my purpose) and I paid nearly $100 for all six. Walmart saw this as a (1) item and sent only one box. They didn’t read the text of the product (set of six) and didn’t notice the $100 charge, far too much for one box.

    I was just told by one person who called from WM that I have to wait 2-3 weeks until WM revamps their warehouse before I can get the other five boxes. I asked to talk with management and she put me on hold, and I think I will be sitting here listening to Xmas music until Xmas.

  35. Susan Davis says:

    I am still on hold with Wal-Mart’s .com (they explained that their management (in California) is different than the store chain’s management in Bentonville, Arkansas so I can’t complain to Bentonville). They don’t know when or if I will get the other five boxes, they will arrange to pick up the one I did get (I NEED it!) and will repay my credit card. I live 70 miles r/t from the nearest Walmart. Now they are looking for someone else to help me, so I am still on hold.

    She also said to NOT reorder as the same thing will happen, I will be shipped one box and not the other five.

    I told this woman (a support manager) that she should come to this website and READ what people are saying. She says she doesn’t respond to public input (company policy). I told her I have worked for Walmart, Sears, Fred Meyer and many other retailers in my 50 years of experience (I am also a retired business teacher!) and I have not seen this level of incompetency in a long time and if they want their site to store to be successful, they need to LISTEN to us! She said maybe I don’t want her help and she should cancel the order, I told her not to threaten me! She said she will personally try to locate where my one file box was sent from (hey, wouldn’t you expect their paperwork would show this??????) and will personally follow up with me.

    You can BET Bentonville will hear about this! Everyone, send your complaints to the top dog at Bentonville. If WALMART is going to have their name on the site to store website, then WALMART has got to show some responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Susan Davis says:

    Why did you remove my posts of November 1, 2008?

    I was able to reach someone at the Walmart Bentonville location yesterday. They ARE very interested in what is going on with These are two distinctive branches of Walmart, but the main Walmart entity is still in control.

    Why remove my posts when you left the other ones on? I did give Walmart your website address so they could read the posts for themselves.

    Now mine is missing and I can’t reconstruct it. It was a good way for me to keep track of the progression of what I have been going through.

  37. Tyler Thompson says:


    I am still able to see both of your posts on 11/1/2008, but this could be because I have administrative rights to the page. I will do some investigating and see what happened on the PCM side.

    It amazes me that after a year of launching the service, they still can’t get it right. I heard absolutely no response from the company, except for Marty above, regarding this issue. They did not care, simply put.

    If someone in Wal-Mart would like to respond, I would love for them to interact with the customers who have posted above, myself included, to discuss the issues. It is obvious that the problems I had were not isolated, which is why I wrote this editorial to begin with. I was worried people across the country would run into the same problem.

    In response to “Concerned” above, the gift was from my mother to my sister. I was helping to find the gift.

    Susan, if you would like to personally contact me, my email address is [email protected]

    Thank you.

    • Susan Davis says:

      My search for the other five or six archival boxes from has evolved.

      Walmart gave me a gift certificate that was for the amount to ship the remaining five boxes not with my original order delivered to the Walmart store.

      So yesterday I received a package right where I live! In it was yet one more archival box. Now I have two of the six!

      If I figure it right, Walmart owes me four more boxes. If it costs them approx. $20 for shipping each one to me (apparently separately since they don’t know how to bundle an order), then it will cost them $100 for gift certificates to cover shipping.

      Stay tuned!

  38. Boy! Am I glad I read all of these coments. I was just about to place an order. I think I’ll just save myself a headache.

  39. Thank you so much for your letter, and thank god you know good SEO and popped up on the first page just below Walmart’s own site links on Google!

    I didn’t even finish your letter before I decided that Site to Store wasn’t getting my business.

    Good luck to you and all the others who are currently dealing with problems. Thanks to all of you I will not be having those same problems!

  40. Very interesting and I’m sure it’s absolutely accurate.Iam a Walmart Associate. This happens all the time. The training that was given was very poor and frustrating. As a consumer the BS you went thru from the associates and managers is ridiculous. The fact that they sent you a letter explaining that it was actually two different companies, credits are difficult to process, bla..bla..bla is nice to know. However, you are the customer whatever difficulties they have is not your issue, it’s there’s to deal with….you sould get the credit and they can duke it out between the to two divisions. I find it amazing that they are concerned about taking a loss. I mean please….this company makes billions. As a footnote to this, they are not spending any of those billons on there employees. The training is a boring joke and when new items and new rollouts come thru there is a chance that the first shift {7-3)may have some idea what’s going on. The second shift (3-11) probably doesn’t know too much as they received it word of mouth from first shift ( who probably didn’t retain much of it} As for the third shift( 11-7) don’t even bother, as no one tells them anything. I was taught at an early age that if you chose to work in the retale inustry that you’d better accept that the customer is right period.And yes we do get alot of customers that actually are not right and rude and vulger. Well,too bad Associates…deal with it and let it go. Don’t take it out on the next customer. If you don’t like it LEAVE. Besides, anywhere else you go will pay you more,have better benefits and might treat you as an employee with respect..
    As an associate, I apologize that you had go thru the BS you did But, please be sure there really are alot of associates that do care and have the ability to understand and care aout our customers. You may ask why I stay, that is a personal issue.

    Thanks for your letter and taking the time to read mind.


    • Susan Davis says:

      Thanks, Sheree, for your support. I worked at Wal-Mart for two years part time, mostly as a cashier. I gave the same good customer service that I did when I worked at Fred Meyer, Sears, and many smaller retail jobs before I went to college and became a teacher (and took alot of abuse from my students!). I ended my career as office manager in Computing Services at Southern Oregon State College (now SOU).

      I finally got my box situation resolved. To recap: I got the first box at the store (should have been a set of six, having ordered one item with six in it–think six sausages in a package, you buy one package, right?). The second single box came to my home address and cost Wal-Mart $20 in shipping. The last four boxes from Wal-Mart (actually they re-sent six) came to my home in one big box with two lids broken (hard vinyl) and about six clips on the bottom–one had sneaked under the flap and got lost in shipment somewhere–(each box has four clips, two on each side), some clips broken.

      Meanwhile, the manufacturer, IRIS in Wisconsin, offered to send me another set of six from their plant to my home. I got those, too, and two clips had compromises.

      Further recap: I finally ended up with twelve boxes (my original wish but I couldn’ afford so many), Wal-Mart sent eight, two of which I couldn’t use for my project (archival storage), and IRIS sent six boxes. I was able to salvage enough clips to put on the dozen boxes and gave the two with broken lids and missing clips to my friend Matt who will use them to store small car (Corvair) parts!

      IRIS was very helpful and generous. They contacted Wal-Mart several times and I believe the way Wal-Mart had their computer system set up for this particular product did not indicate it was a set of six; that is why they were sending them out one at a time. Did someone not do their job?

      Please look for IRIS vinyl containers when you are shopping. I think they sell many online. They were very professional with me! I gave them some ideas on how to package their boxes. These are special boxes, thus they cost more.

  41. Tina Armstrong says:

    wow that is awful to have to go through that. Luckily I have used the site to store feature many many times and have never had any problems. I used to work at walmart and I do know that the new site to store area that is used it what used to be the layaway department which means that if the store has a mcdonalds in it they have access to that area too (to get to the bathrooms) as well as all walmart employess (in all areas of the store). When I worked there merchandise from back there was always being stolen by other walmart employees. This sounds like what happened to you. An employes probably seen that you had what they wanted and “stole it” even though they are required to ask for Id when you go to pick it up. I know that they never ask for Id at my store so anyone can pick up your shipment easily.

  42. 632 Grassfield Pkwy
    Chesapeake, VA 23322

    (757) 312-9468?

    I used the above Walmart Location (which is a fairly new store)for the site to store last Christmas and had no problems. They called me to tell me when it was there and put the bike together and even walked with me to my truck to help load it in for me. KUDOS TO WALMART. Just because one store has a problem, all of them don’t. It is like a nurse / doctor……one could be great and go above and beyond but others don’t.

  43. Susan Davis says:

    Just to clarify–it was not my local WalMart store that was the problem. I had contact with them only once, and that was when I went to pick up my order after notified it was there. It was the distribution center that was the problem. There was nothing that the local store could do to help me at that point. I am hoping WalMart works on their distribution situation. They have too many people working on the same problem with none of them having the authority to solve the problem.

  44. I am going through this right now with Walmart site to store. I ordered an item, got an e-mail 48 hrs later and then waited for the order. Finally getting frustrated and checking online for a estamated delevery date it says that the item wont be arriving for another 7 days thats a total of 17 days from the day I ordered it. Then I get the song and dance about high volume and many orders being placed for site to store and I am thinking well if you can’t deliver in 7 to 10 days then dont say you can. I had several items that I was going to order this way that I have now decided to purchase from other sites and thats a shame because I dont know about some of you out there but from Where I stand Walmart is going to be losing alot of money from people that they are letting down, Regardless of if and Walmart store are seperate they have the same name and most people will connect that as one in the same.And I still dont know if the item I ordered will be in on the target date.

  45. GARY GRANT says:


  46. I just found this open letter to Walmart by mistake, I was actually trying to find out how many stores Walmart opened in 2008 (I heard on NPR, they are opening 40 in 2009, which is pretty incredible. I work in the retail industry as well, as we are only opening eleven store, so far, in 2009). In any case, this is really remarkable. I myself do not shop at Walmart, unless it is something I absolutely cannot find anywhere else. In this case, it was a radio/ipod player. I bought one for myself (ship to store ) and one for my daughter (that was sent to me at home). I had no issues, fortunately. But the closest Walmart to me is not that close so there is no reason for me to go there. I would rather go to the Target that is across the street. I do not agree with Walmart’s politics or treatment of their workers, so I would rather do my part and just not give them my money. But your story is horrific and just makes me not want to shop there at all!

  47. I worked for Walmart for two years, mostly as a swing shift cashier. I had alot of problems with inflated egos among management, and I finally quit in protest. I was newly retired state employee, I did not have to work, I wanted to work part-time and was not interested in climbing any ladders. I had more retail and corporate experience by that time than all the mgmt in the store combined and then some. But they treated me like dirt alot. They asked me when I quit why and told me I didn’t have to. I said I have taken all I can. By the time I left, none of the several teams of mgrs were still there that I had worked under. In fact, the day I STARTED my job, they had a storewide meeting the minute I clocked in because both their manager and assistant manager had been fired. I remember thinking, uh oh, here we go again. That had happened to me on another job 20 years before! I shop at Walmart when I need to. They are 70 mi round trip from me, so I usually go to WM when I return home to my valley to visit a few times a year. For you young folks, hang onto your hats, we are in for a wild ride this next year and beyond economically. You are in for a huge shock. Give our president a chance, he is NOT the only one responsible for getting our country back on its feet! No one is going to hand you anything on a silver platter. Nothing. I already see major splits in our country, and I can assure you that if we don’t pull together and help each other, we will NOT have a US of America and sooner than you think. We have a global economy now, my English cousin and I talk about this (he is in England). We have got to work together, and that includes YOU! I raised a child, worked 30 hrs a week, and put myself (with help from Pell grant, work-study, loans, and four scholarships) through university. I know what belt-tightening is all about. As a senior I still have to do it. I have to budget every cent I spend. I have a small income, but I own my RV that I live in, my space rent in an RV park is minimal, and I enjoy living in one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Oregon (Bandon). But I have never been to Starbucks! Can’t afford it, consider that sort of thing a waste of money. Occasionally when I travel I stop at the kiosks for coffee, but I get the day’s special. Anyway, you are the steward of your future. Don’t know if the stimulus will work, we have never had to deal with this before, but if there is good oversight (like there was not for the TARP), it might work. For those congress persons who didn’t support it, their states can go without aid, IMO. Bye

  48. PS–I am writing now as they announce the stimulus package was approved by both houses of Congress.

  49. I use to work at wal-mart. The Site to Store issue was an on going thing. They notified us as the did the consumer that layaway would be closing and this new “site to store” thing would be taking its place. That was about it. No real training on how it worked or the procedures. It just kind of happend. The confusion starts. The items are shipped in on the same truck as all of the other wal-mart merchandise. Things that are common Wal-mart items sometimes end up on the shelves and sold. It is horrible at times. The way this store handled it was very wrong! They should have went about this completely different, but as we all know with wal-mart that usually isn’t easy!

  50. Wow. Yes, like everyone else said, excelent letter. I read every single word and my eyes were big with disbelief. I just put in an order with Site to Store a week ago. My ipod and dvd player are at the store. Still waiting on my LCD tv. LOL i go to walmart online to track status about 10 times/day. Hope everything goes ok when i go to pick it up. I had my checks and debit card stolen in 2005. The thiefs went to wal-mart and had a good ole time. I went to management and they basically gave me the feeling of “so what do u want me to do about it?” The employee never asked for ID when MY debit card was swiped.

  51. After reading this article I was a little fearful of the purchase I had just made with Wal-Mart Site-to-Store. (Living in North Dakota, I thought ordering the cabinets I needed and having them delivered to the store was great Idea.)
    I was however, pleasantly surprised when the transaction was easily tracked and picked up. The only delay, if you want to call it that, is one of the items was still on the truck when I arrived to pick it up. They asked if I had any shopping to do and if I could stop back in about an hour. I had my usual list of items to pick up at Wal-Mart, so the hour went quickly. When I returned to pick up the 3 flat-packed cabinets they were packed on a cart and an employee pushed them to my van and loaded them for me.

    My ID was checked both times I went to the Site-to-Store department to inquire about my cabinets and I had to sign for the items. The employee also checked my signature with the one on my ID!

    I will definitely order things from Wal-Mart this way again!

  52. I am currently waiting on a site to store delivery to make it to my store for pickup.. I really hope I do not have all of these problems! I’m frustrated just reading them.

  53. Christie Burnett says:

    I should have read this site before ordering from nearly a month ago. I ordered a chair for my daughter on March 6th and decided to save my money on shipping and use their site to store feature. I called the store on March 24th to let them know the chair had been in transit to their store since March 12th and wanted to know if there was anyone I could speak with that knew what happened to my chair. Their Site to Store customer service rep could not answer any of my questions. I was given a 1-800 number, which was all automated. I called back to the store to talk to a manager and was put on hold. After five minutes on hold the phone went dead. Distracted, I called back twenty minutes later. The lady on the other end told me all of the managers were at a meeting. I told her I would call back later. A couple hours later I called back and asked to speak to a manager about my order. I was on hold for over ten minutes this time. I hung up and called back, finally reaching a manager.
    As I was discussing this issue with their manager, I noticed that had cancelled my order. She took my order number and said she would call back when she found out what happened to my order. When she called back she said the chair was shipped to the wrong store and they just told her to go ahead and cancel the order. I asked why it wasn’t just sent to the store after they realized their mistake or why wasn’t I given the option to pick up the chair at the other location. She couldn’t answer these questions and did not offer any other solutions to satisfy me.
    Although my credit card was credited, I also used a gift card that was bought specifically for the purchase of the chair. She offered to give me cash back on the gift card if I brought it into the store. I am very skeptical because the e-mail I received about the credit to my gift card was very generic and did not state an amount. I will cash in the gift card because I will NEVER do business with such an inept company again.

  54. Please……this whining has been going on for a year!!

    Let us get back to subjects relevant to PC MECH and the readers!!

    • Ed, this website didn’t anticipate so much WalMart traffic, but I have seen your posts before. I think that this is an appropriate website, it is available to folks who have some concerns about Walmart’s ship to store, it might be more than you want, but it is what I want and probably one of the few places that these concerns can be posted for a corporation like Walmart.

      What is wrong with that?

      We have had a number of people who want to express their stories about this part of the Walmart experience. I am hopeful that eventually Walmart will get the message. If they do, they will improve their ship-to-store offerings; if not, it will cause them some problems. This is what it is all about–being responsible.

      This is all my own opinion, I have no connection with PC MECH other than these posts.

      • Richard M says:

        First of all your comments about people whinning about their problems with Walmart online purchases is their right to ‘freedom of speech’ and whether or not you wish to read these posts or not doesn’t give You the right to critize or chiestize anyone for expressing their concerns about Walmart’s rude practices. Personally I think any public forum is correct to be inform of other persons quest for Walmart to be responsible for their screw ups and rude employees.

        As for reading post regarding PCMech issues….am open to those as well. Walmarts everywhere have rude and unprofessional employees and customer service at local Walmart stores ‘Suck’ big time.

        Now that is my opinion! I thank the persons who posted their problems with WALMART for the rest of us in the general public to be AWARE of these issues.

        • Gosh Richard M……I have been duly “chiestized”. I do not know what I would do without your moral and social guidance in these matters. Please accept my apology. I do note however, that you too need a spelling checker and punctuation guide!!!

          • what is your deal? Are you a spell checker? Is that what you do for a living? c’mon seriously people use this to make comments about their experience not to have people edit their comments.!!

          • Since you are checking punctuation maybe I should tell you that only one exclaimation mark goes after a sentence. Check your own self buddy

          • Walmart irritated says:

            LMAO! Yup wal mart sucks, but its cheap! Can you picture 300lb Stacy with last nights dinner on her shirt, typing away at the keyboard in her fancy double wide trailer? I agree that wal mart is notorious for bad employees, but who else would work for such low wages?

        • You know Richard, keep in mind walmart is’nt the only place with rude employees there are many other places but that is a whole different site.

  55. Sorry to bring this back up, especially when people are getting frustrated with this being non-PC related, but it seems like the best place to add my voice.

    I just had a terrible experience with site-to-store. I ordered an item, figured it wouldn’t hurt to have it shipped to the store, I mean hey! save a few bucks in shipping, right? I waited 2 weeks for my order, anxiously awaiting getting to play with my new GPS. I finally get an email from, I figure “YIPPEE! I’ll go pick it up at lunch, this has got to be my “come and get it” email!” But no, it’s an email saying that my order has been cancelled. With no explanation. So I called the store where I was supposed to be picking it up (because there are no phone numbers on the website for corporate or and she explained that they never received the item, so they cancelled it and gave me the phone number for corporate.

    I call corporate customer service, and the woman was rude and unhelpful. She said that my debit card would be refunded in 2-3 business days. Frankly, that’s absurd, especially considering they have been holding my money for 2 weeks already! They wouldn’t speed up the refund and said that the best I could do would be to reorder it. I said that wasn’t acceptable since I had done nothing wrong, they had lost the item and should be bending over backward to make it better! She was unhelpful some more. I demanded to speak with her supervisor, who she wouldn’t give me to. She said that she could upgrade the shipping to standard shipping for free as a consolation, I said again that wasn’t acceptable, since I should have had the item in hand already and didn’t want to wait another week. Back and forth with “That’s the best I can do” “No it’s not, get your supervisor” she finally agreed to upgrade it to 2-3 day shipping.

    When I got the email saying it would STILL be another week before I got my item, I cancelled the order and bought it from Buy.Com. Never again will I purchase from in any way shape or form. What a disaster!

  56. I think it is pretty sad that all of you pathetic people have nothing better to do than blame walmart for your problems. You are the ones that chose to do site to store. No one held your hand and made you do it. First of all when ever doing something on the internet you deal with idenity things. plus, people that work there are only human. You never see small retail stores being bashed because they made a mistake do you? If you have to have a package so damn bad then go and get it yourself . stop whining because a human made a mistake or don’t exactly know what they are doing. There are new people at walmart just like any job and they all don’t know every thing. They are very particular in their training and don’t just throw people in a job and you can’t expect them to treat you like the queen of england. After all I am sure they don’t need rude people in their face day in and day out. The people there are putting their pants on one at a time just like the next guy.

    • Stacy, honey, chill out and stop sounding like an idiot. It’s MY fault that I bought something site-to-store and it turned into a complete fiasco? That’s that biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Get off your high horse and realize that Walmart makes mistakes. It’s not the mistake of the customer. If they anticipate that it will take longer than the amount of time they quoted, they should let the customer know. Change the policy or provide real tracking information, like every other company in the US! My item has been “in transit” for over 12 days from NH to MA. If you know anything about geography, you’ll realize how preposterous that is. Is it MY fault? NO! It’s Walmart’s! They are not God, not J.C., and do not need you to defend them. Trust me, they’ll throw you out like a used piece of trash when they’re done with you too, so let them fight their own battles please. I’ve been waiting over 3 weeks for a bike that only had to come from NY. My expected date of arrival has come and gone. No one can tell me where my bike is, customer service is non-existent, and I’m a little peeved to say the least. And YOU have the NERVE to blame ME for THEIR screw up? Because I was STUPID enough to believe that I could conduct a transaction with an established corporation and not get completely SCREWED over? Heck no sister. Find a better fight, because you’re losing this one. Who knows whether or not I’ll get my bike before it snows, but I do know that I will never shop at Walmart again! All the better, since ignoramuses like Stacy seems to feel that they can do no wrong. Honey, just for the record, it’s the customer that’s always right, not the huge evil corporation. 🙂

      • LA
        seriously you probably are as dumb looking as you sound. There are alot of people that send bikes and stuff like that out. Perhaps have you ever heard of a whse. out? Probably not. Cuz you are probably one of those people who sit around thinkn hmm what can I complain about today?There is no control if it is a whse. out. Nothing they can do. If you have heard of so many problems than why did you go there in the first place? Go and get it yourself. Don’t expect a human in the whse. to make sure that one item You and 5000 other people want is going to be there at the same time you expect it .. Come on lets get real here you only need somethin or should I someone, to complain about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Aha! The real Stacy surfaces with personal insults and scads of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • What is a whse. out. ???

        • “seriously you probably are as dumb looking as you sound”
          “seriously you probably are as dumb looking as you sound”
          “seriously you probably are as dumb looking as you sound”




  57. The four-letter words are a turn-off for me with your post, Stacy. That alone negates much of what you have to say. Are you a present or former Wal-mart employee (I will guess present)? If not, then how do you know about their training? I worked at Wal-Mart for three years after I retired. The day I started the store manager and assistant manager were both fired. My first meeting as an employee was about that subject. Have you ever purchased anything from Wal-Mart’s ship to store process? If not, then how do you know what is going on? My friend just ordered a big-screen TV and got frustrated watching the shipping process online and yet the TV didn’t show up at the store for four days after it was scheduled. Where was it if the routing information was supposedly correct? It is not the employees at the stores, it is the processing at the warehouses, and if those employees don’t know what they are doing because they are “new,” then they need more training before they have hands on. Most of the problem lies with management. Aside from that, we live in a democracy, and you have had your opportunity to make your comments. BTW, when “small stores” mess up, often they close shop because of it. Half of small businesses fail the first year.

    • Lilarose, dont sit there and act like you have never heard a curse word. and second of all what is the only company that isn’t hurting by the economy? Have you ever heard of walmart laying off? nope. yes I do work for walmart and did for 10 years . best place I have worked at. I am sick and tired of people blaming things on wal’mart. how can walmart control the warehouse if they don’t send something on time? they can’t. they have millions of people everyday do site to store. what is walmart suppose to do keep employees in the back on the computer for months until they know everything there is to know about walmart? No, and you wouldnt expect that at any other buisness either. Obviously if the store manager and an assistant got fired it was because they couldn’t cut it. That is why they were fired they get people outta there that don’t want to try and do their job. Obviously you were not paying attention in your training because you don’t get trained in one day. And yes I have done site to store. Best idea ever. I have never ran accross any problems. judging by your whining I can tell alot about what kind of employee you were. I would say 60% of the training at walmart is done hands on. That is the only way people can learn things efficiantly. No wonder you can sit there and say you learned it in one day. and I am not talking small stores. I was talking other retail places such as hy-vee, target , Lowes etc. No one wants to pick on them always wal-mart because they have money. I see every day people say they will never come back to walmart. and …..they always do. whether they do or not that is their choice. one bad expierince and their life is over.

  58. Stacy…..Get a spell-checker, a book about punctuation, and a chill pill!

    • ed,
      get over yourself. who died and made you king. I guess I did’nt know someone would be so bored to take the time check spelling. Sorry, I don’t have time to read a book I’m too busy working and dealing with cranky anal people like you everyday. who asked you anyway. I was talking to lilarose.

      • Stacy,
        I like Wally World too, but I also like proper English. The first word of a sentence is always capitalized. A question is always ended with a question mark. The apostrophe in the contraction for “did not” goes between the “n” and the “t”. All of these observations come from a cursory reading of your last message. Like it or not, people judge you by the way you speak or, in this case, write. Chat rooms, bulletin boards, and text messaging don’t excuse bad grammar. Also, you attract more bees with honey than with…

        • john
          what is wrong with you people. who cares im not writing a book. I am simply writing a statement its not going on the cover of a magazine. ive never heard so many people get so freaked out about spelling and what not. Has it ever crossed your mind that it doesen’t mattter to everyone? Seriously, I’m simply making my point about Wal-mart. i really don’t care if spelling and punctuation is correct. FYI when i type for work and letter heads i use spell check and all that . but to make a comment, who cares? not me as you can see.

        • John,
          U are a moron, or should I type You are a moron to be proper? Get a life.

  59. Ok,
    Now I am worried. I just made an order ship to store.
    I will be waching this very closely, but see if I have any problems. I will cancel and dispute the charge with my credit card company. The website says my purchase will be here next week. So 8 days from now I will report my findings back here.
    Anyone have any reports on returns ?

    • for some reason the product is’nt the quality you thought it would be just bring your reciept and walmart will return it no problem. make sure you have your id and your print out from the internet and you should be ok when you pick it up. I will let you know that sometimes when the items arrive at walmart they go by when the trucks are scheduled to be there. so it could be a day later or even earlier. Some people like to over react. site to store is a great thing never known anyone where I live to have any issues. Have a nice day.!!

  60. Geez, I hope the T.V we just bought will arrive soon and without probelms such as the ones I have just read about. For some reason my order has been sitting at the Delivery Facility for about 3 days and the Delivery Facility is only about 3 hours from where I live. I wonder why it takes so long?
    I emailed them and of course no response yet.
    I like Wal-Mart too and the computer I ordered arrived to my home in a very timely manner and they only charged me 97 cents for shipping. What a deal! I only chose the site to store because they wanted over $20.00 for the shipping and this option was free…. I’ll just wait and see!

  61. Seems like the more I read about Walmart Site to Store the more I notice a pattern of bad experiences. I guess this mostly makes sense because people are always faster to write about bad experiences versus good ones. I am also frustrated somewhat with Walmart Site to Store. I believe I will get my IPOD Touch within the time period they specified, but what is bugging me is my IPOD touch has now been sitting at the Delivery Facility in my own hometown for the last 2 days with no action. Now this facility is not only 5 minutes from my house, but also 5 minutes from the store where they are to deliver this. I am trying to understand how it takes 2 days to get an order 5 miles to a delivery store. I think Walmart looks at the estimated delivery date for items and if it is not in the timeframe they delay the order. I guess they dont want to deliver anyting early and have happy customers. Walmart has gotten to big for their own good and knows they have no competition, so they don’t care anymore. Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave. Even worse, Walmart was founded on American Made Products and Sam Walton believed in that. It didnt take a day after him dying for this to change. Another thing which annoys me about site to store is if an item is in stock in a store you can not just go pick it up. Even if they have overstock, you have to wait 2 weeks for delivery. Site to Store was intended to allow for items to be purchased which are not in store and tey will send them to the store for no fee. For items that are in stock it needs to be a pickup similiar to Best Buy Store Pickup when purchasing on-line.

  62. I am wondering if it would be better all the way around if wal*mart would start using the pay when it arrives method. I realize that some orders would be sent back, but, there would be less complaints of needing reimbursement of credit cards. That, or do as some places do and have the card number put in and not charge until the item is picked up by said person with stated photo I.D.

    • The item I ordered was a bike, an Avalon by next. I followed the shipping on the wal*track and, I hate to ruin the bad rep that you are giving wally world on site to store purchases, but, I got my order, they assembled it. I was expecting it between the 16th and 22th of this month, it arrived two days early. You must have really bad local handling. I would so purchase from site to store again.

  63. Rosemary says:

    The problem I have with Wal Mart, is when I go into the store to pick up my medication, after lunch, the pharmacy is always closed, so they can have lunch. I never heard of such a thing. Walgreens, Jewel, or any other pharmacy does that. I always have to make another trip to get my medication. I guess the money I save on my prescriptions goes for the gas.

    • Rosemary………go to Walmart before you have lunch! I never heard of such a thing!

    • Rosemary , if you look at the sign on the pharmacy all walmarts are the same. they go to lunch at the same time every single day? why wouldn’t you call first or how bout just avoid that time altogether?

  64. I used site to store to get a blu-ray movie (that was there in store but cost more). It actually came to the store before the projected date (5 days instead of 7-10 days) and I didn’t have a problem picking it up. I just ordered a psp 2 days agao and I hoping it comes soon, bu

    • Sorry for the unfinished previous message. It worked out in getting the right product in about 8 days. Only took like 5 minute wait. I think that open letter probably helped!

  65. my daughter finally saved up enough money to buy an IPod touch (she is 13) and purchased it using site to store.

    there were two parts to the order (IPOD and an accessory kit) and the accessory kit arrived fine. I did not bother to bring in my email receipt and was never asked my ID for the order but they gave me the merchandise from the first part of the order by just giving them my name.

    the second part of the order was the IPOD and they indicated that this part had not been received (even though I received separate emails for delivery notification). The manager indicated that this happens alot because Walmart and are different companies. Not sure why that matters but, he told me to go back and call customer service. Unfortunately, I cannot locate a number for customer service at the website. I have sumbitted a question to their customer service, using their email contact, but have not heard back from them. I cannot cancel the order at this point and have no merchandise to return so I am not comfortable with the situation and my daughter is crushed.

    I don’t wish to whine on the site and please don’t spell check my comments. could someone please just reply with the customer service phone number and their corporate phone number?

  66. Thank you for the help. The numbers listed on Google are for Walmart (not but I was able to get directed to using the 1-800-wal-mart phone. Thanks again!

  67. I just finished my order. Rather, Walmart finished it.
    I ordered a TV and Dehumidifier totalling over $600 on July 20. They stated that it would arrive at the store 7/31-8/5. A long time but I was willing to wait. Other sites I’ve ordered from delivered early but I did not expect that from Walmart, only hoped. I got a couple of emails confirming that it had shipped and re-stated the expected arrival date. They also had a track this order button which I clicked. It again tells me the expected arrival date and that it had shipped. So I click the “more details” button and it again tells me when it shipped and when it should arrive. Frustrating! Every other tracking system i have ever seen tells you what facility was last scanned in at. My wife called the store on 7/31 to see if they knew when it would arrive. The person on the other end thought maybe on Monday 8/3.

    We called on 8/4 to check again. When questioned about the tracking info they said they did not know where it was and would not know more until the 8/5 scheduled delivery date. Now I’m worried since they do not have a way to tell where my items are. Sure enough today (8/5) i get emails stating that my items are delayed. Here is some of the message-

    “We are working with your selected store to deliver your order as soon as possible. Although we are currently unable to provide a revised delivery date, please be aware that most delayed packages arrive within a few days of the original delivery date given when you placed your order. We are monitoring the order’s progress and will contact you when it arrives. ”

    They don’t know when I can expect my $600 order, are you f@*%ing kidding me? When I call again she tells me that it is lost and they don’t know where it is. What a surprise! I had a feeling they didn’t know when the tracking system proved useless. The lady on the phone also said that the email I got meant it would not be coming to the store at all. Look above- it says it should take a few more days. My only option according to her was to return the items for refund and I could order again and get free home delivery. Two problems-

    1. My confidence in them is now zero!
    2. When I checked, the dehumidifier was out of stock!

    I would have written this earlier but I just got back from Best Buy with similar items for a similar price. I am still waiting for a supervisor to call me back. It’s now been 4 hours since I requested. If your thinking about using, run to another store, Any other store!

    • I dont know what walmart you went to but….. there is no way walmart can look up your order unless it is processed. If the order hasn’t been processed or you don’t complete it( this happens in about 85% of the cases.) then they have no way of looking for your order

      • Hey Stacy,
        I just think that all stores are different, ie, employees, management, corporate, blah blah and so on, but I also think there are some not so gracious customers who tend to frequent the store (WALMART). THEY ALSO ARE RUDE, THOUGHTLESS AND SELFISH. By saying this I mean they try on clothing, shoes and other particular adornments and then they just throw them where they land. Most of the employees end up picking and cleaning up someone elses rude and careless messes. but, on the othe hand, customers do deserve to be waited on by someone who knows their job and to the fullest I might add, ie,site to store. Patrons do deserve that much since they are spending their hard earned pennies at the largest income taking store in the USA. TAG! WE’RE EVEN!!!!!
        let’s face it, all ignorance is is being uninformed. have clases at the store for the employees to know all areas. If they can’t do it then put them where they can excel and if that does’t work, then I would have to say fire them and get someone who can get the job done well. it would help the store AND the customers…..

        • Mimi,
          In the real world walmart can’t have someone sitting in the back waiting to help customers. I personaly think that would be very wrong if they fired someone for no apparent reason. You cant just stop and have a class, and you cant be trained all in just a day. Things change daily. Customers and walmart associates both have alot to learn. Both need to be patient. What the heck is this tag we are even crap? We are not in grade school. All I am trying to get accross is people get way to bent out of shape over something ariving late. If it is that important to you than don’t take the chance of going where you might not get it. Customers do deserve to be treated well, but on the other hand so do associates. Walmart must be doing something right they are still on top of things. They are doing pretty good. What dont think some customers dont relize is when new things come out just like anything else there is bugs to work out. Nothing is ever 100% perfect. EVER

          • ALL,

  68. Ok, I googled Wal-Mart’s Site to store to see if I was the only one who was pissed @ the slowness of their “Site to Store” option. I ordered 2 electronic items and it took almost a month for me to get it! A whole doggone month@ Had I known that, I would have just gone to the other “big box” store where I saw the same items and got it immediately. Get this, when I called the site, they kept giving me the run around and approximate dates. Your best bet is to just go to the store or pay outright for the shipping. The bad thing is they claim they can’t do anything about it after the order has been processed. Now I know why I had sworn off Wal-Mart, they are a company of slow, incompetent jerks. I returned both items, just out of principle. They won’t be getting any more of my money any time soon!

  69. I’m glad that you put this letter out there. There are too many people who get screwed over by this store. While my story has nothing to do with site-to-store, I once worked for Wal_Mart. I worked at a Wal-Mart in Western Oregon before transferring closer to home in Central Oregon. When I was transferred and doing the paperwork with my supervisor for my second new employee review, she discovered what my pay rate was too low. I was being paid 50 cents less than what everyone gets paid when they start at the store(at that time). When my personnel manager called the store manager of the other store, the store’s manager’s response was not shared with me but came across as stupidity to my supervisor. Once I discovered I had been shorted on my pay by 50 cents an hour for six months of work, of course I would ask “How do I get reimbursed for this mistake?” Her response, “That’s not my problem, you’ll have to call the manager of the other store.” After leaving messages for months, trying to solve this issue, I never recieved a response. Sounds like a real professional place to work for right?

  70. As a Site-to-store customer I only expect my order to be delivered on time as promised. I don’t care how employees are paid or who manages them. These problems exist in every field everywhere and is nothing new.

  71. wanda thomopson says:

    Mr. Thompson,
    I didn’t read your email until after I placed and, thankfully received my order. If I had, I probablly would not have used site to store. I ordered a art desk for my grandson and received it at the time promised. Which was about a week. However, I did not receive a email telling me it had arrived. I had saved the first email confirming the order had been successfully placed. In about 9 days of not hearing from them, I pulled up the first email from them to see if I had missed something about the delivery date, and somehow, they left info there that it was ready for pick-up. When I got to Wal-mart, I was asked by 4 people if I was being helped. I think I was one of the lucky ones. I will probably try site to store again, but will certainly be on alert for any porblems. One thing that might help other customers, I used Bill Me Later payment method, so I didn’t have to worry about my credit or debt card.
    I do think alot of problems can be avoided if employees would put themselves in the shoes of the customer. After all, you’re always been told the customer is always right. Please try and remember this Wal-Mart and all other businesses.
    Thanks for your time.
    Wanda T

  72. I can’t believe that so many people took so much time to write ALL of this crap about totally NOTHING. It’s quite obvious to me that there’s a lot of people around the Country with NOTHING else better to do with ALL the time on their hands.

    Some people just need to get a LIFE!!

    For God’s sake people – CHILL OUT!!

  73. I did the Walmart Site to Store option and it is horrible. I ordered the item online and paid for it. The username that I ordered it from happened to be under my hubby’s name. We share the same email address because we don’t get online very much. Well it happen to put his name under the pick up person and I wasn’t able to pick up the item, but yet I paid for it and ordered it. It is insane and makes absolutely no sense at all. I could confirm the email address, the credit card it was ordered from, the street address, and the telephone number. None of that matters though.

    Walmart needs to change their policy. Speaking of their policy, Walmart as this price match which is complete BS. My Mom and I went shopping at Walmart on Black Friday and bought in our ads to price match. My Mom went ahead of me and was able to get three items that were the same brand as advertised but were not shown in picture and they gave her the price. A manager override for the cashier so she was able to give her the same price. I was right behind my Mom and tried doing the same thing too. The cashier said they won’t price match because it’s not the picture shown. HELLO??? You just did it for my Mom. So my Mom got the manager who override her merchandise and the manager said, “Sorry we can’t do it because it’s not the picture shown.” Seriously, are you that dumb? You just did it for my Mom. Why did you do it for her when the three items she purchased were not shown. My Mom offered to return the merchandise since it wasn’t fair at all but Walmart would not accept it back.

  74. zipperhead says:

    I just got back from Wal mart for the second time in 3 days.25 miles one way to try to pickup my birthday present from my mom who lives other than where I live.I went over to WalMart saturday after being told it was ok to pickup, got there and they couldnt find it.After much looking they came and told me it was probaly on the truck outside being unloaded.And they would have it ready in about 3 hours. I said forget it and I would come back Tuesday.I go there today and the fella finds it, ok, he brings up the order on the checkout computer and tells me I cant pick it up because my name isnt on the pick up list,which was supposed to be, and my mother who lives 600 miles away would have to come show her ID. I told them not to worry about it and give me a refund. So a manager comes over and she tells me that my mother can put my name on the pickup list on the computer and in a few days I could pick it up. I told her no because when I come back for the third time you guys are gonna tell me theres another problem and Im not going thru that.I said just give me a refund.So they did and I left , so Ive traveled 100 miles for nothing when Im unemployed and gas money is hard to come by.

  75. Mary Seymour says:

    I am so sorry this has happened to your family. I deal with incomptence daily so I
    understand your frustration and anger.

    I have used this service since it’s beginning and must admit the lack of education to the
    employees within the store , in my case the only person knowledgable was the ONE person in charge
    of this department which was not available when I went to pick my order up.I took this in stride knowing this was brand new to all,I have used this method for Christmas gift giving to relatives out of state and have received 100% satsifaction, I plan on doing so agin this year.
    In this case I believe the local store was totally ignorant in their knowledge and behavour,and perhaps
    somewhat irresponsable,I would hate to think the associates working were less than 100% trust worthy
    and honest.

    I have and do on every trip to Wal Mart encounter some form of incomptence, a I do not care attitude
    from the workers ..I cannot count on one hand the number of gracious, helpful concerned worker, most are working few hours a week and reall could care less about you or your needs.

    I believe on a whole Sam Walton would be so dismayed by how rude his company has become.

    I live in a very small town and if you want to shop you have but one choice rather than drive
    40 mile round trip to do so.

    I have learned NOT to expect any kindness therfore I am not upset with my visit. Sad isn’t it.

    Yes I will continue to shop the ‘ Site To Store ‘ and will recommend this as a safe way to shop.
    I do not have to deal w/ in store behavour this way.

  76. After reading the comments by our lovely Wal-Mart employee, Stacy, I think it’s pretty clear why so many people have problems. Wal-Mart is able to offer such cheap prices because they hire unskilled idiots like her who are content with getting paid crap money. In return, we get unreliable service from people who blame the customers.

  77. Purveyor of Truth says:

    Mama’s boy…Mama’s boy…Mama’s boy…Mama’s boy…Mama’s boy…Mama’s boy…Mama’s boy…Mama’s boy…Mama’s boy…Mama’s boy.

    Yup, you’re a mama’s boy. Next time try to solve your own problems and things will probably work out better. This all just sounds like a ploy for you to charge your mom’s credit card.

  78. @Purveyor – You are a juvenile idiot. You are the type of person with nothing better to do then site in your house, alone, and comment on other people’s misfortune. Has the thought that this person is possibly 21+ and happens to have a good relationship with his mother, ever occurred to you? Maybe you have mother abandonment issues. I suggest a prostitute to ease your pitiful life.

    What happened to this family is ridiculous to say the least. There should be legal action that one can take against a company that treats it’s customers like that.
    They get away with it because of the high percentage of people who are “generally” satisfied. I will say the only thing good about Wal-Mart are the prices. There have been very few (as in a slim 10%) instances that I needed help with something and someone was able to help me to a satisfactory degree.

  79. Gary Collins says:

    I’m currently employed by WalMart and have been for over 14 years. I operate a cash register in the electronics department, and use their computer system every day. I dread it when they start some new procedure, because we know one thing for certain: They’re going to screw it up!

    When “Site to Store” began months ago, only CSMs and “Members of Management” were allowed to process those transactions. These people received some **actual** training, and for all we knew, these were the people who would continue to do Site to Store.

    Then, a few weeks ago, we were told that the electronics department would be responsible for Site to Store, and we had to learn how to do it, but there was no organized training.

    Training generally means standing behind someone while they, using their best understanding of the process, rip through it without explaining what they did or why they did it.

    Everyone that tries to teach Site to Store has a slightly different version of what the correct way is.

    There are several different ways of finding the customers order, but the best way is by scanning the bar code printed on the “your order has arrived” e-mail, except that it often won’t scan correctly. WalMart is trying to blame this on the customer’s printers.


    Fourteen years has taught me how sharp a barcode needs to be. Incompetent computer programers are causing faulty bar codes to be generated! I see this kind of stupidity all the time on merchandise we are selling. The worst offenders are faulty barcodes to be scanned for serial numbers.

    I suggested that “screen shots” could be made of all the steps and variations that make-up a Site to Store transaction. These could be made into a Site to Store instruction manual, but the computers we use in Site to Store won’t allow “screen shots”.

    Electronics and toys are the busiest departments at Christmas. We don’t have any extra people even during the rest of the year, but here we are, heading into the holidays, under staffed, poorly trained and struggling with bulky software.

  80. Ben Schlein says:

    I used this method to order some stuff with a gift card I got, I wish I had known this before hand.

    As it is, I do not like Walmart at all, and the only reason I sent them my business this time was because I had a Walmart Gift card.

    Moreover, I still laugh at every ad I see about Walmart’s “Low Prices”. On disposable purchases, like food and toiletries and anything that is a set quantity of that product and you have to keep buying (regardless of where), Walmart does have low prices, but not always the lowest. I consistently find the lowest prices elsewhere online, particularly from some of the big online retailers, particularly for big ticket items. Heck, sales tax aside, I can find lower prices online (not including ebay) from online retailers that are so low, they are still under Walmart’s prices after sales tax is added.

    I personally believe Walmart is one of the reasons driving many companies to send American jobs over seas because they are driving the prices so low. Not to mention how they devastate the local economy wherever they open a store.

  81. I wish I’ve read this before I ordered a camera on Jan 1. it stated it would take between 7 to 10 days, well as of today jan 14 I checked on their web site and it said there was a delay in shipping and it should be here by Jan, 24. Thats 24 days. They must transport their goods on a mule train, no I take that back a mule train would be faster. I’ll never use their site to store again

  82. every system has flaws and when a business decides to do something new all of a sudden with no proper training period there’s going to be mistakes. I know that the employees at Wal-mart (especially the Derby Wal-mart for I shop there occansionally) need to learn how to be more professional and how to handle different situations better but its not exactly always the employees’ fault. In my past jobs, I have experienced new programs and alot of times its like throwing an infant into a 10ft pool and expect them to swim like a pro; Lets face it, they’re going to drown. And you don’t know what kind of day they’ve had. Let’s face it, there has been days in most of our lives that we could’ve been a little bit more professional because it seems like every single person that came up to you was rude and just wanted to complain about every single, microscopic thing. Some people just handle those days better than others.

    I personally ordered something just recently from and chose the ship to store option (to the Derby store) and I had no problems. The intial email stated it would arrive between Feb. 10th and Feb. 17 and it arrived today (Feb. 10.) I still have to pick said item up from the store, which I will do in a few hours but I am optimistic that I won’t have any problems.

    While I understand the huge annoyance of when you happen to be the unlucky few that do run into problems and unprofessional staff, chances are if you take a chance it that it won’t happen again. But you can’t condemn an entire company just because of a few problems. Even if they are relatively sizable ones.

    Wal-mart is not the best company, really in my book they are one of the worst but they do have lower prices and lower quality employees.

    Lets face it, you get what you pay for. Your penance for getting stuff for lower prices is unprofessional employees.

    You want great employees and great service? Shop where the prices are a little hire.

  83. I am in the process of awaiting a site to store shipment. I ordered 2 ipod nanos and an ipod touch. I ordered on 2/6 and was notified on 2/11 my order was ready for 1 of the nanos. This is my experience:

    Make sure that you open the package in front of the employee. This is their policy and thank goodness I did. When I opened the box, we took the package material out of the box and there WAS NO NANO!! The employee contacted the CSM and the CSM questioned the employee to make sure I opened it in front of her. We both said yes. They were completely shocked that the nano was not there. They handled it well and refunded my $ to the gift card and went to electronics and got the nano and I repurchased it with the gift card. No problems.
    Now, here it is 2/14 and I am still waiting for the rest of the order to ship. I’m not so concerned because they didn’t promise it until 2/18-2/24, but it makes me curious as to what happened to the 1st ipod and whether I will get the others. Just a word of caution–MAKE SURE YOU OPEN THE PACKAGE IN FRONT OF AN EMPLOYEE!!

    • I’m glad you posted this because I just ordered an ipod touch; although I may have torn the package apart immediately, I never considered that it’s best to open it in front of an employee. I had ordered items before using the Site to Store for purchases over $500 and have yet had a problem, but I do remember that I did open the packages and put everything together before I left, the employee told me to hurry up because I was taking too long. I would hate to get something and it not work or worse it not be there. When I go to pick up my itouch I plan on bringing my netbook so that I can make sure it turns on (have had bad experiences with buying ipods that are brand new and do not work). Once again thanks for posting this.

  84. Thank you so much for this post! I just ordered an itouch through this site to store process. And the advice about looking in the box right in front of the cashier would have never crossed my mind. I will be sure to do this. It’s sad that you even have to do this, but I guess thats what you get these days.

  85. Melissa B. says:

    Kudos to you for making this company accountable. Our society has gotten too comfortable with shabby customer service because we are too tired or too busy (or maybe too lazy) to make them step-up and do it right.

  86. Daniel G. says:

    I am another who will never use Site to Store again. They took 2 1/2 weeks to ship an item we had ordered as a shower gift. The shower came and went before the item arrived even though we were assured by a customer service(?) rep that it would arrive on time. And when it finally did arrive, they refused to let me pick it up for my wife! I guess that is the price you pay for “free shipping.”

  87. well thats wal-mart that is my ordeal most people have no training it hands on when something new comes in, i was fired by walmart because they hired a loss prevention kid that thought that meant he could act like a cop and when a shoplifter pulled a knife on him i had to hit the shoplifter with a cart to save this young kid from getting stab , but because policey says your not to hit people with shopping carts i got fired along with the kid, but if he had been trained right none this would have happened, and i see people not properly trained on equipment as im a retired osha enspecter . and as far as employees they do have some rude ones …

  88. Here’s my recent problem. I ordered two tires site to store, since last time they didn’t have stock sufficent instore. I ordered these because i knew i had to be ready to make a trip north to ky. to my 93yr old dying mom’s bedside. I printout the Pickup ticket and take it on Easter Morn at 07:00 to be the first customer and effect a timely install. Wrong.. The minute i present the pickup slip, the dept. manager shakes it at me..and says, YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS TO SITE TO STORE. Pardon me, but instruction no. 2 clearly states “Bring this printout to express tire and lube along with a photo ID and we will complete the order”..
    “oh, thats not how we do it now” says the dept manager curtly. YOU HAVE TO GO to site to store.. I reluctantly went to site to store, and behold. NO ONE there. I pressed the buttons on the console “someone will be with you shortly’. After about 15 min. and asking every associate on their way past me for help, A lady from the front finally shows up and says “you’ll have to wait a few minutes’. LAST STRAW because by now, i’m no longer no. 1 in line at tire and lube and i leave really pissed and cancel the order. I’m now awaiting a credit and have entered a formal dispute, along with several emails explaining this dilemma. I’m a long time loyal wmt customer, that this is the end for me NO more walmart. There ARE other choices.folks, Our particular WMT in dunnellon florida has obviously lost sales and reduced inventory shows it.

  89. Too bad i didn’t find this post earlier! i ordered an xbox 360 on april 13, it didn’t ship till the 17, and it has literally been sitting 2 hours away from my city for 4 days, and now the tracking system says that my order has been delayed. No s*** sherlock, what was supposed to have arrived on the 21 of april will hopefully arrive on the 1 of may. thats 18 days, well at least from reading this post i now know to open the box in front of the employee. the way things have gone so far i wouldn’t be surprised if some inbred moron walmart employee hasn’t stolen my 360. next time i’ll pay 10 more dollars and have my items shipped through ups which has standards and competent employees.

  90. Wow…. See…. I was afraid of this happening to me which is why I decided to do a little “research” on the topic. Before even finding this open letter, I called my local Walmart in Germantown, MD (about 20 minutes outside of DC) I told the lady who answered that I wanted to puchase something online and use the site-to-store shipping method. I asked if anyone could explain to me how this worked. I could tell from her voice she was confused and told me to hold one while she transferred me to that “department.” The phone rang for about 2 minutes, someone picked up, I explained the situation once again. He then put me on hold for another 3-4 minutes. I hung up. Being that I am ordering a 40″ plasma I wanted to make sure I would not encounter these issues. Thanks to this article and my brief experience on the phone with them, I will be having it shipped to my house or job.

  91. Monique says:

    Yesterday I went to WalMart and had forgotten how dreadful the experience can be. I shop there infrequently (read this as “only when I have to”), and yesterday’s visit reminded me why. There was no basket for the few items that I needed, so I had to use a bulky cart to navigate the narrow aisles. When I asked the greeter if there were any baskets, I was told to check the cash register area. Why, as a customer, is it my job to get a basket? Why shouldn’t the employees do this?

    Another reason I detest the store is the quality of people, employees and customers. I asked a customer in the shoe department if she knew where the ladies’ shoes were — I couldn’t find any employees, in case you’re wondering — and she said, “I don’t really care.” Isn’t that beautiful? I don’t buy the “having a bad day” excuse for any reason. It doesn’t cost you any more to be pleasant, no matter what kind of day you’re having.

    My final reason for my disgust is the lack of awareness on behalf of any employee. When an employee sees someone squinting, that might be a clue that someone is having a hard time finding something, so you might want to offer assistance. I saw at least three employees whiz by me as I was straining to find something; not one person asked if I needed help. This should have nothing to do with lack of training; it’s called “using your brain.”

  92. IF you want the truth of the matter concerning Site-2-store, you will learn as I did, the hard way, that it is factually NOT WALMART persee, but rather an OUTSIDE agency that processes ONLINE orders with printout Policys that conflict with INstore policies. IT sucks for many reasons, but MOSTLY because YOUR credit card is charged the INSTANT you place that order and it can take up to TWO billing cycles to REFUND your money. IF you don’t immediately file a MAILED/FAX protest, that charge will be subject to up to two billing cycles worth of interest on something you NEVER HAD.

  93. I am getting nervous now reading these comments. I was unfortunatly forced to use site to store because they didnt have home delivery option for my Ipod Classic. I orderd it on 5/2 and it is now 5/12 it has been “In Transit” to the store for 2 days now, and it was only 2 hours away from me. I hope I dont run into any problems with picking it up.

  94. I just ordered a toy for my granddaughter’s birthday by the ship to store, it was the only option it gave for the method of payment which was pal pal, now I’m really worried I will have problems, It is now sitting at the delivery facility location, they have the toy in stock, how come they just don’t let you have one from there in store stock. Walmart needs to be more considerate of it’s customers, so they will shop again on line

  95. omg… now I am getting worried too. My husband and I used our wedding gift card to buy a comforter set. I am tracking on it every day, today it is in transit to the delivery facility, so I should see soon it has arrived at the local store. This is our first online order. We hope it will be a good experience!

  96. Thank you! I live in carlsbad and i ordered an ipod touch which came with an accessory kit. when I went to pick it up, they opened the box and only the accessory kit was in there even though both the itouch was also supposed to be included. When the employees found this out nobody knew what to do and it was almost as if nobody wanted to deal with it. In fact, it had also happened twice before and nobody did anything about it. Now I am very confused with credit card refunds and the managers seem to not even care. I was extremely dissatisfied with site to store and don't intend on using it in the future. I'm sure not everyone will have this kind of experience, but something needs to be done to prevent this kind of stuff from happening ever again.

  97. I made the mistake of placing an order with Walmart through this “service” for a DVD they don't carry in stock since No-one else has it…

    Placed order on 7/16/2010
    and after waiting a couple of Days for a response Email, I get this:

    Your Site to Store order is on time and should arrive between Wednesday,
    07/28/2010 and Tuesday, 08/03/2010.

    12 to 18 DAYS for delivery, that's Crazy!!! And they never update their online Tracking!

    • Beast Germanotta says:

      I got the same thing! It's ridiculous!
      I used this 'service' before and got the product within 3 days. Unfortunately, it seems like that was simply excellent luck… 🙁

  98. AlyssaCranelake says:

    Thanks for the warning! Definitely not even gunna go there.

  99. Document entitled ‘Wal-Fart’.doc…… First, know that I have a bit over ten years background in Shipping/Traffic/Distribution operations. I worked for a public corporation, and part-time at both UPS and RPS while in college.

    This Wal-Mart logistical process is a horrendous joke or a terrible nightmare. Your choice. … On July 24, 2010 at around 2:30PM, we placed an online order. The website said I could pay $5 extra to get it delivered earlier, or use free ‘site to store’ for longer delivery time. Since the timeframes quoted both had a range of six days, and they over=lapped by three days. It seemed quite possible (I figured 50/50 chance) I could pay the extra $5, and still not get it before the free shipping. So, I went for the free-bee. I first noticed there might be trouble when their reply email showed an invoice date of July 30, 2010. Sure enough, they took until 7-30-2010 to hit my account. ROTFLMAO – what online purchase has anyone ever made that took a week to get billed? My local pizza place hits my account before they deliver it!

    On 8-4-10, via their tracking page website comments feature I sent this comment:
    Hi – Since your free Site to Store shipping had the same possible date of delivery as the (second level) paid delivery, I went for the free shipping. I have been tracking the rather snail-paced progress of this item.

    Since making my order, I made an online search and found very, very bad comments about customers who have used site-to-store, so I am concerned.
    Your tracking website said the item was in Sharon Springs, NY, at your sorting facility on August 2, and left for your transit facility the same day. Google shows a sorting facility in MISSISSIPPI.
    Please tell me that the item, which was in Sharon Springs, NY, which is FIVE HOURS from Boston, MA – is NOT on its way to Mississippi, then back to Massachusetts.
    I need to be comfortable with your site to store feature, as I already have another (electronic) item in my online shopping cart, and am ready to make another addition to that cart and have both items shipped site to store. But, now I wonder if that is a foolish decision on my part. – Thanks
    8-4-2010 they replied: Thank you for contacting regarding ordering Site to Store. According to our records your order was fulfilled in Jonestown, PA, then is being sent to the store's distribution center in Raymond, NH at that time will be put on a Walmart Store truck to be delivered to the store you chose.
    Your order should arrive at your store approximately 7-10 business days after processing. When your order is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email notification letting you know it has arrived at the store. You may pick up your order between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. If we may be of further assistance, please email us at [email protected]. Sincerely, Customer Care
    A woman from Customer Care / Site to Store actually call and left a message saying the package was on it’s way to the Raymond,, NH distribution Center. It should arrive there August 5, 2010. And be available at my local store on August 10, 2010.
    Interesting, their web tracking never mentioned Jonestown, PA. And, she never mentioned Sharon Springs, NY. The first and second location listed on their tracking is Sharon Springs, NY. Below is copied directly from their tracking page:
    Sharon Springs, NY – 08/02/2010 – 12:02 PM – In Transit to Delivery Facility
    Sharon Springs, NY – 08/02/2010 – 07:35 AM – Arrived at Sorting Facility
    Tracking details were last updated on 08/02/2010 at 11:30AM CST

    (As of Thursday, August 05, 2010 1000 am CST – no update.)
    The package was (?) five HOURS away, IF it was in Sharon Springs at all, ever. Who knows? She said it will take five days to get from Raymond, NH to Danvers, MA. Google maps shows that trip is 53 MINUTES. But it will take them FIVE DAYS to get it here.

    I called to see if I could pick it up at their Distribution Center…. After a half-dozen runs through their phone options menu, I just kept hitting’0’ until I got a human. She was quite pleasant, but the bad news is there is no way I can just run up there and pick it up at the distribution center.

    Needless to say I won’t use the WalMart Site to Store function ever again. They just lost two additional sales, and irritated a regular customer. Well done – not.

    A local pizza joint does a far better job with their online capabilities.

  100. Wow, I’m glad I’m in no hurry to get my hands on the camera I ordered on the 5th. The tracking site says that it left Laurens, SC at 8:03 AM on the 9th on it’s way to the “Delivery Facility” (wherever that is). Today is the 12th and there’s no entry for it arriving there. Even if they sent it to Brookhaven, MS that’s only a 10 hour drive and could easly be done in 2 days even on a slow truck.

    The funny part is that the memory card for the camera (a $20 item) was shipped to my local store by FedEx and arrived on the 9th. As I have no need for it without the camera I was planning to pick them up together. After reading a lot of comments on this page I may go pick it up sooner just to make sure it’s really there. And you can bet I’m going to open everything right there at the counter.

    I’m not shocked to hear that the local managers aren’t very helpful in these matters since the online store undercats them by a significant margin and so takes business away from their store. Who’s going to be happy to work at a store where your own corporate offices are under-selling you then using your store as a free delivery service?

    I understand that new systems have kinks in them but they’ve been at this for years now and have had more than enough time to optimize the routing and delivery processes. Even when shipping by truck you should be able to get something from wherever it is to a Walmart store in 1 to 2 weeks (10 business days) at the very most. And it shouldn’t take 3+ days to truck something from Laurens,SC to Tampa, FL (or even MS for that matter; it’s only a 10 hour drive).

    In this day and age this sort of a delivery schedule is unbelievable. I placed the order on Sunday and it took them until Thursday morning to get the camera out the door on a truck. The memory card arrived at my local store store 39 minutes after the camera left Laurens on a truck! That’s crazy!

  101. For every bad story about this service there are a thousand successful transactions handled by Wal-Mart’s site to store service. This service is available because Wal-Mart deals in volume. Huge volume. They can afford to be the low cost supplier of the things you want because of this volume. With a staggering amount of transactions, mistakes happen. Packages get lost. Management drops the ball on training employees. You happen to cross paths with a worker having a bad day.

    Quit bitching, things happen. You don’t praise the upside of Wal-Mart’s business model (cheap stuff, free shipping to your local store, etc) yet you will write a 1,500 essay to corporate because they lost your copy of guitar hero?

    Grow up, dipshits.

  102. The experience was HORRIBLE! Sure, ordering was easy and free, but it’s worth paying for shipping than to deal with the people at walart who don’t give a damn about their jobs.

    I ordered 2 storage bins, seemingly simple order. Not so much. The first time I went to pick them up I wasted app. 45 min in the store. They couldn’t find the GIANT things anywhere. Then, while I was STILL in the store waiting on them they called my boyfriends ex-wife asking for ME, just because I had him on the pickup person list. I have no clue where they could have even got the number from, she certainly wasn’t on the pickup list, and I hadn’t even provided his phone number. SO, that was the first time, that was unsuccessful, because they never found them.

    Then 2 WEEKS later (after obviously re-ordering) they called me to come back. Spent another 30 minutes in there waiting… they were furiously looking for them again… when they finally emerged from the back of the store I pointed out that the 2 giant boxes sitting behind the register said “Sterile Storage Bins” and that they were perhaps mine. And they were. UNBELEIVABLE!

  103. Really? Why did you read his essay then? And reply to it? ok….

  104. Walmart Sux says:

    almost 6 years later an they still don’t have their act together. I am now experiencing the same thing, declined payment twice for no reason, delayed shipping and I even paid for expedited shipping. Taking weeks to receive an order. I ordered two iPads from Apple (free shipping) and they arrived in four days from China. Walmart need to do better.

  105. 7 Years A Fail says:

    After 7 years these dopes still have not figured this out. I ordered something that took 8 days just to process. Now 14 days later it has not yet arrived. It was supposed to be here yesterday. The website says it is in transit to the sorting facility. I still have not been given a tracking number. I called the phone number for and they said it left both the sorting facility and the delivery facility and that it is most likely at the store and just needs to be scanned. The first time I went to the store to see if it was there the day it was due they said to call the 800 number… The second time I was told the same thing. Today I went to the store and they said it was probably locked up on a truck trailer in the back and would be unloaded tonight.

    Hopefully I will be able to go in tomorrow and my item will be sitting there waiting for me. Perhaps my nightmare will be mild compared to what other have had to deal with.

    After 7 years they have not made any progress with their Site to Store option. What a disgrace. Someone must be held accountable and removed from their duties. Amazon is cleaning their clock. I have items that I ordered from Amazon to go along with the item I ordered from Walmart. I placed my Amazon order 9 days after my Walmart order and the Amazon order arrived in 2 days with free shipping. Bonus: Amazon actually gave me a tracking number!

  106. We ordered Mainstays 5-Piece Wood and Metal Dining Set, Multiple Colors, and it shows the product has been “delivered at front door, signature not required.”. But we received no such product. We are new to the USA, and don’t know how to proceed ahead with this problem. Could you guys kindly guide us as to whom to contact?

    • Arpit,
      The only thing that I know that may help you is to call 1800 Walmart (1-800-925-6278). Make sure that you have your order tracking number. Its located in your confirmation email

  107. eBerelovski says:


    Can’t really be mad in this situation since you made the mistake. Once payment is made, of any value in any time frame, it has to go through the entire process. Credit and debit payments always take up to 48 hours to refund normally.

  108. I had a similar problem twice. On both occasions, my order was on the “Processing” stage for a couple of days. Only when I contacted Walmart was I told that the order had to be cancelled due to lack of stock in the local store. Yet when I ordered, it said the items were available. I had good service for items I ordered to be shipped but unfortunately some of the items are labeled “for pick up only”. I must add that the “Pick up service” is bad to say the least and needs immediate attention.

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