The ATI brand name is no more. Gone. See ya. Buh-bye. It’s been replaced with Radeon and FirePro. This is one of those instances where the company who owns the brand (AMD) thinks changing the name is a good idea.

For those of you who build PCs and favor the ATI brand, future purchases will require you to know that the name ATI will soon no longer exist for new stuff. You’ll either have to search by a generic AMD term, or the Radeon or FirePro brand names. Radeon is the one you’ll most likely remember.

It should be noted that although new products from AMD will be introduced under the new brand names, existing products will still be available (such as Radeon HD 5000) – but ATI won’t be anywhere on it. Same product, no ATI branding. In addition you’ll see other instances where instead of “ATI [product]” you’ll see “AMD [product]” during the transition while AMD phases out ATI completely.

The general attitude concerning the name change is that most PC builders don’t care what AMD changes the ATI name to as long as they know what to call it by so they can find it in a store or online.

Remember, only the ATI brand name is going away and not the products themselves; that’s all you need to know for formerly-known-as-ATI products.

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