Are expensive cables worth the added cost?

There are plenty of expensive cables out there, but are they worth the added cost? Find out if that $5 or $1000 cable will be the better option for you.

HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort: what are the differences and which should you use?

HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort are all technologies we hear of often, but actually know little about. Learn what they do and which one you should use at home!

What are transistors and how do they work?

We hear about transistors quite a bit, but don’t always know exactly what they are. Learn what transistors are all about and how they work.

How to disable your webcam for an extra layer of privacy

Wondering how you might go about disabling your webcam in Windows 10? Learn how to easily disable it through a couple easy tricks.

How capacitors on motherboards (and other components) work

Wondering what capacitors are? Learn how they work and why they’re such an integral part of the motherboard and other components!

What is TCP/IP and how does it work?

TCP/IP is an integral part of the internet and how it works, but few people actually know what TCP/IP is in the first place. If you want a deeper understanding of the technology that connects the planet, you’re in luck, cause we’ve put this guide together on what it is and how it all works. […]

What are the benefits and drawbacks of overclocking?

Wondering what the true benefits and drawbacks are behind overclocking? Learn how it can help you as well as the drawbacks to look out for.

SLI vs. Crossfire: What they are and how they work

SLI and Crossfire are two great ways to implement a dual graphics card setup on your computer. But how do they work? And what’s the difference?

Got problems with your home network? Here’s what you can do to fix them

Got problems with your home network? Those are always infuriating. Learn how to troubleshoot it and get back online in no time!

How to troubleshoot your printer

Having a couple of different problems with your printer? Learn them many different ways to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Cable management techniques you need to follow when building a PC

Cables can get pretty messy inside a PC. Learn some proper cable management techniques to follow when building your next PC.

Should you run a dual graphics card setup in SLI or Crossfire?

People are regularly moving towards a dual video card setup, but is it actually worth it? Learn the pros and cons and make a decision for yourself.

What is PCI Express 3.0 and how does it work?

Looking to expand on the peripherals your computer can currently offer? The PCI slot has been designed exactly for that goal — expanding your peripherals. But what exactly is PCI Express 3.0, and how does it work? PCI Express, or Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, is a high-speed bus standard, and it was developed to replace […]

How to tell if a cooling fan is dying and needs replacing

Think one of your PC’s cooling fans are dying or have died? Learn the warning signs of a dying PC fan as well as some troubleshooting tips!

A detailed history of the processor

Looking to learn a little more about CPU history? Learn all about the many adventures and rendition of the processor, dating all the way back to 1978.

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