What to consider when buying RAM for your build

It can sometimes be a challenge to choose the best RAM for your build — there are a number of things to consider. Here are some of those things.

Memory Failure: Warnings, troubleshooting and solutions

Think you’re having trouble with your system memory? Learn how to look out for the warnings and troubleshoot the problem at hand!

A Quick Look at Patriot Memory’s Stellar-C Flash Drive

We’re taking a quick look at new product from Patriot Memory, the dual-sided Stellar-C flash drive. Learn what this device is all about and who it’s for!

Why Do RAM Prices Go Up And Down?

If you’re a computer tech, or you’re building your own PC, then you pretty frequently have to buy memory. You’ve probably also noticed that the prices seem to go up and down as crazily as the real estate market. In the last year or so, we’ve seen the price of RAM nearly double. But, why? […]

Should You "Max Out" Your RAM?

A general rule of thumb is that it’s never a bad idea to stuff in as much RAM as your motherboard can support. After all, one can never have too much memory in a PC (or a laptop for that matter). Do I believe in this rule of thumb? Yes, but with this condition: Stuff […]

How to Upgrade or Replace Your System’s RAM

So, your computer’s not running as smoothly as it used to? Is it having trouble performing tasks that other people’s systems seem to find menial and untaxing? It might be time to upgrade your system’s Random Access Memory, or RAM. This’ll give your system that extra ‘oomph’ and go a very long way towards helping […]

How To Speed Up Your Web Browser With RAMDisk

For those of you running computers that are older and/or slower, your hard drive may be acting as a bottleneck of sorts when loading certain web sites. If you switch over your cache or profile folder to use your RAM instead, this may speed up your browser noticeably. The use of a RAMDisk is nothing […]

In Layman’s Terms #3: RAM, Core Clock Speed/Memory Clock Speed, GDDR5

In this issue of “In Layman’s Terms”,┬álet’s have a look at some terms related to system graphics and performance. RAM RAM refers to Random Access Memory. Unlike the memory format you’d see in a hard drive, Random Access Memory is not persistent- that is, data stored in RAM vanishes once the power is cut to […]

Can A Power Supply Be Responsible For "Bad" RAM?

This is an instance which has caused many a PC builder some serious frustration – only because they didn’t know the root cause of the problem. Situation: You upgrade a component of your PC, be it the processor, graphics card or what-have-you. After the upgrade, you start getting random BSODs and you have absolutely no […]

What’s The Difference Between PC And Mac RAM?

Put a Mac-specific RAM stick next to a PC-specific stick and they look nearly identical, so what’s the difference? The difference is that picking out proper Mac memory is determined by model while on a PC it’s determined by motherboard. If you built your PC yourself, you shop for memory based on what the motherboard […]

Is 2GB RAM Now The Standard?

No matter what your operating system is, a question many ask is "What should I have to do modern computing?" In this article we’ll address RAM specifically. Should you run 2GB or can you get away with 1GB or 512MB? First, a quick look at cost. Cost-wise, RAM is the cheapest it’s ever been. 2GB […]

Installing Memory (RAM)

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Installing RAM in a Mac Pro

Dave upgrades his Mac Pro from 1GB to 5GB. It was an easy install with no issues to report.

Podcast 10-15-2007 : Cheap RAM Upgrades

In this podcast I discuss a cheap RAM upgrade anyone can do, and some insight on whether online retail is really cheaper than traditional brick-and-mortar stores.