How To Tell When It’s Time For A New Power Supply

Are you experiencing some unsolved PC or laptop crashes? Here are some tips to diagnose what could be a power supply issue!

How To Safeguard Your PC In A Thunderstorm

The other day I was putzing around on my PC, not realizing that outside, just a few feet away, a storm was brewing. ¬†Myself, I was only aware it was raining…at least, until my system was hit with a power spike (at least, that’s what I believe it was). Without warning, my screens began flashing […]

In Layman’s Terms: Issue 22 – Power & Electricity

In today’s issue of Layman’s Terms, we’re going to have a look at some terminology related to power and energy. Power Cycling:¬†Essentially, power cycling is a fancy way of saying ‘hard reset.’ It involves cutting the power to a device, then restoring the power. You can either do this by manually cutting the device off […]

The 3 Things That Should Be Plugged Into Your UPS More Than Anything Else

If you’re like most computer users, you have a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply); these are available at all office stores. Most of you know these things as “the huge brick-like power strip that beeps really loud when the power goes out”. Chances are that most of you have an entry-level UPS with 6 power outlets […]

Do You Need A Higher Wattage Power Supply For A New Hard Drive?

Micky writes: I need to replace my PC’s hard drive. I have a Dell dimension 8400. It is about about 8 years old. I am looking to buy a Western Digital 320 GB, 7200 rpm. I have two questions: is a 350 watts power supply enough for this drive & will it generate too much […]

When Surge, Spike And UPS Protection Aren’t Enough…

The Tampa Bay Area of Florida (where PCMech is based and where I reside) is recognized as "Lightning Capital Of North America", because we get more cloud-to-ground bolts than anywhere else on this continent. What I’m about to tell you is an extreme example of the situation that even if you have all the electrical […]

Weather Disaster Tips To Protect Your PC (And Other Electronics)

In the US, Irene is coming. Maybe. It could be a Category 3 hurricane in Florida where PCMech is based. There are many write-ups on the internet describing the best ways to protect your electronics during weather disasters, however there’s a few things they don’t cover in too much detail that are pretty important. A […]

Can A Power Supply Be Responsible For "Bad" RAM?

This is an instance which has caused many a PC builder some serious frustration – only because they didn’t know the root cause of the problem. Situation: You upgrade a component of your PC, be it the processor, graphics card or what-have-you. After the upgrade, you start getting random BSODs and you have absolutely no […]

Avert Disasters With A UPS

If you don’t have one already, you might want to consider getting an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The reason is simple: a power outage or spike can occur at any time which can wipe out not only what you are currently working on, but possibly your computer components as well. A UPS’s job is simply […]

Why Your Power Supply Choice Is So Important

Your computer’s power supply, or PSU, is a critical part of your computer. It has to supply the exact or near exact voltage at the required wattage to all of the circuitry inside your computer. The processor and memory are particularly sensitive and require an exact supply or as near as possible to one. So, […]

Power Supply

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Going Green With Your PC

The movement of going green has really picked up as we near the end of 2007. I fully expect that it will continue and get stronger as we go into 2008. Many businesses today are seeing the benefits on their bottom line by becoming more environmentally friendly. It can help save money, but it can […]

Troubleshooting PC That Will Not Power Up

This is my video answer to the following submitted question: A while back our tower randomly did not turn on when the power strip was turned on and the power button was pushed. We got a new power supply cord and it came right on. It stayed on for about a week but once it […]

Ultra 1500 VA UPS Review

Matt reviews an Ultra 1500 VA UPS unit to see if it’s up-to-par with other established battery backup brands.

Ultra Power Supply Review

There is major hardware component that is often not given enough thought: the Power Supply. Tyler reviews one (or rather, 3) of Ultra’s PSUs to see if they’re up-to-par

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