So…your browser’s been unnaturally slow lately. Where once it’d blast you through content like a jet-pack wearing ape on PCP, now it’s more like a stoned elephant. What’s the deal? What could be causing your browser to be slowing down so much? Why has browsing the Internet become such a chore?

More importantly, what can you do about it?


Are you using the latest version of your Internet browser? If you aren’t (or that thought hadn’t occurred to you), update immediately. Not only will it probably fix a number of glaring security holes and bugs; older browsers run into compatibility issues with a wide array of websites.

Uninstall Browser Bars

If you have any search bar software, any add-ons at all which add unnecessary clutter to your browser, uninstall them immediately. I don’t care how useful you think they are, or how much free swag you were promised. They accomplish nothing you couldn’t do with a quick Google search, and they’re usually riddled with spyware and adware. Assuming you’ve installed anything along these lines, that’s probably where your problem lies.

Once you’ve uninstalled said bloatware, it’d probably be a good idea to do a virus and adware scan.

Delete Browsing History and Saved Files

Pretty self-explanatory. If your browsing history gets too huge, it can cause your browser to start getting bloated and slow. Consider clearing your history as well as deleting any cookies and saved files. If you’re using Chrome, clear your cache, as well.

Remove Unnecessary Add-ons

Even if you’re not using any browser bars, there’s a chance you’ve got too many add-ons, and it’s slowing things to a crawl. Consider what extensions and applications you’ve got installed, then ask yourself which of them you actually need. Answering that question could go a long way towards making your browser faster, and bringing back the browsing experience you so fondly remember. Should that fail, however, there’s something else you can attempt.

Install Different Add-ons

Are there other add-ons which do the same thing as the ones you’ve currently got? Try installing them, and uninstalling your old set. They might well be the problem.

Check your PC Specs

The problem might not even be your browser, truthfully. It could be that your hardware’s getting on in years – when’s the last time you upgraded your system? Maybe you’re even suffering from a malware infestation. Have you scanned your computer lately? What about your hard drive space?

Use a Different Browser

If all else fails, maybe you need to uninstall, and try something different.

Image Credits: [Laptop Mag]