Compress and Email With 7-Zip

Windows comes with a handy feature which is the ability to right click on a file and select Send To > Mail Recipient. This really can help save you time, but it does have some drawbacks. One being the garbage subject line and text populated into your message and another being the file is sent uncompressed.

Since most files compress very well and, in turn, are faster to transfer, zipping them up makes sense. The excellent open source program 7-Zip addresses both of the issues above. When 7-Zip is installed with its context menus, you can right click on a file and inside the 7-Zip menu select Compress and Email. The result is an empty mail message with your attachment zipped up. There is no garbage subject line or text, so just fill out your email like normal.

Once you have this, you can’t go back!
Download 7-Zip here: []

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