Pretty soon, it won’t just be your friends asking how you’re feeling.

Dell Research, a new division of the recently privatized Dell, is conducting early experiments with brain and body sensors to detect a person’s mood for use in computers involved with education and communications. It could also be used to monitor a person’s mood while driving or playing games.The mood experiments are among others underway at Dell Research that stretch across four broad areas: security, data insights, mobility and the Internet of Things, and cloud and modern data centers, according to Jai Menon, a vice president and Dell’s chief research officer.

While I can certainly see how a computer that knows how you’re feeling and is programmed to act accordingly could be useful, I still can’t quite shake the thought of such technology as incredibly unnerving at its core. There are some places technology should take caution to tread, and I feel that in this case, the human mind may be one of them.