Everyone hates being spied on, but love being the spy. With Flash storage being cheap to produce and camera tech even cheaper, you can now spy with the best of them.

Here are two examples of modern spy tech that’s cheap and affordable.

Car Keychain Spycam


Available from Meritline.com for an insanely low $13 each (you might as well go for the two-pack for just under $25), this cam will record 720×480 at 30 frames/sec, will record audio, lasts for one hour on a single charge and supports a microSD card up to 8GB.

You have to be sure to buy an above-average microSD card for use with this, else you’ll get dropped frames and poor recording quality.

Pen Spycam


This fully functional ball point pen is also a spycam. It sells for $50, has 4GB memory, records 640×480 at 30 frames/sec and also records audio. Compared to the keychain cam, the Flash storage is built-in as is the USB connector, meaning this is ready to go out-of-the-box.

Important notes about these type of spycams

Hot under the collar

When charging these units via USB, you have to pay keen attention to the charge time. On the pen in particular it notes that if you leave it on charge for over 3 hours, it might damage the battery.

Crappy manuals

These cams are cheap and as such don’t have good manuals. Usually you get nothing more than a chintzy one-page fold-out thing. Fortunately these cams are simple enough to operate so it doesn’t take long to figure out how they work.

Horrible low-light capture

These are simple cams, so night shooting is a bad idea. It’s a tradeoff of the pinhole lens.

Shooting blind

There’s no way to see what the cam is shooting because there is no viewfinder. As such you will need to experiment quite a bit with one of these little cams to see what works best.

Given how cheap these cams are and the fact most people would never guess they’re cams, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.