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Dell PCs To Be Available in Best Buy

It has long been a notable observation that when you go into an electronics store, one computer maker that is always missing is Dell. This is because Dell, for the longest time, has been a direct retailer that doesn’t work with middle men. Well, that is about to change as Dell and Best Buy announce they will be partnering up to offer Dell laptops and desktops in about 900 Best Buy locations across the U.S.

This means we will now begin to see Dell alongside models by the likes of HP, Gateway, E-Machines, Acer and Toshiba.

Earlier this year, Dell made the move to get their hardware into retail. They formulated partnerships with Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. Best Buy will be the first retail electronics store to offer the Dell hardware.

This move by Dell is a result of the need to adjust to the market. HP has been a leader in retail due to their availability in stores like Best Buy. Dell has been steadily losing ground to HP, even though they are still the leading computer manufacturer. So, Dell’s move is a matter of competition.

And it is competition I think is great for consumers. With the amount of complaints we have seen here at PCMech about HP hardware, it will be good to get a well-respected, quality PC manufacturer like Dell offering their wares in the local stores.

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