Detecting Spyware Using NetStat

How to use NETSTAT.EXE to find potential spyware/malware in Windows XP.


  1. Thanks, this will come in handy!

  2. Dwane Arthur says:

    Great tip, thank You

  3. Once I find them how do I get rid of the bad ones?

  4. Thanks for the tip!!

  5. Chuba Menkiti says:

    Hi PC MECH,

    Due to our slow internet link, I cannot play the video via web.

    Is it possible to download the video file to my laptop and play it locally on it??


  6. I made a boo boo. I accidentally wrote the following:
    C:\>>netstat -b > netstat.exe

    don’t ask me why I did that. I wasn’t paying attention. I was listening to one thing and following the other. Now when I try to run netstat from C: it doesn’t work it says C:\netstat.exe is not a valid Win32 application. Anyone?? Help?? I just want to understand what I did.

  7. nevermind I figured it out. It created a netstat.exe file under C:\ so instead of running the global netstat, it was trying to run the one under the root and of course that one wasn’t a real program but the boo boo I made. If anyone makes that mistake, don’t worry it’s not as bad as the warning beep makes it sound.

  8. I just read this government info on spyware
    is it very accurate?

  9. Thanks for your video. It's very helpful.

  10. MackoP00h Wakatana says:

    Similar video for Linux?

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